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With all their millions of pounds and wealth beyond imagination Manchester City are effectively trying to buy their way to the Premier League title.

But don’t start condemning them for it, this is not something new to the premiership is it. Blackburn and Chelsea have done it so why be so upset with City? Did we as Liverpool fans condemn Dalglish’s Blackburn on the last day of the season when they pipped United to the title? No we didn’t, and when Chelsea stopped United winning the title did we despise the Russian owner for spending all that money? No we didn’t.

If City beat United to the title will you be upset or will you say “better them than United” I think the latter, it’s just the same as when it was Blackburn & Chelsea.

That aside what makes Man City different from Blackburn & Chelsea is the way they go about their recruitment of players and how they manage their public image. When City’s owners want a player they use every trick in the book to land them. It seems that no methods are exempt from the pursuit of getting what they want. But one must also question the calibre and character of player which they go for.

Wage hunters and disloyal mercenaries normally fit the bill for City but still players of fantastic quality, there are some exemptions to the above criteria but not many.

Some fans mistake a clubs fortunate financial standing with jealously, simply because we cannot be on par with them to afford the best players in world football. But just absorb this thought, you can buy many great players but you cannot buy a functional and coherent team, that is something only the character of the players and a sense of togetherness can bring you, and that is city’s Achilles heal.

Mancini has tried to manage a squad of egos the size of the universe, and its clear to everyone that certain players either don’t respect him or want out.

But is it all the players fault? I don’t think so, Mancini cannot manage the players under his control and neither can the players handle Mancini.

Not only do City seem to buy players for fun but they hamper players development as well, why? because they sit for months on the bench waiting for a chance to show, look at Adam Johnson what a waste of talent, City only seem to buy assets and not long-term squad solutions due to the financial wealth they have.

But in Munich Manchester City had a complete wake up call on every front. Firstly Mancini realised that his team were not in the same league as Bayern, and neither was Mancini or his tactics, it’s a realisation that the owners of the Eastland’s club will simply have to accept and address with Mancini.

But if the match was cause for concern then the ill discipline within the team must make the board consider suicide.

Carlos Tevez refused to even warm up in front of millions of viewers and more importantly Mancini did nothing, What does that say about both involved?.

The fact that a player who earns more a week than most supporters do in 10 years can feel justified in refusing to play simply demonstrates the obvious disrespect for both manager and club, and total disregard for the travelling fans who paid money to watch the embarrassing show.

But it’s not the first time this has happened to City and you just know it wont be the last. Just look at the pre season trip to the USA when everyone’s favourite moron Mario Balotelli decided to kick off after he got substituted, all because of a trick that went incredibly wrong.

The fact is City have only themselves to blame due to the type of player the club wants to attract, if they want real passion and pride then you simply don’t buy Tevez or Balotelli, you go and get Van Persie, Raul, Hyypia or Fowler, people with pride and honour not wage hunters who don’t give a flying hoot about the badge or fans.

You have more chance seeing Robert Mugabe & Margaret Thatcher together on X Factor singing Ebony & Ivory than you do of City looking for passionate players.

This is what makes Liverpool different, we have owners who are wealthy but are not stupid or overeager to spend on every player that their fantasy football team sheet recommends.

Only time will tell if City and all their money will meet what the owners expect the investment should return, but one thing is for certain is that am glad we are not City.


    1. that’s why Mascherano isn’t playing for us anymore. Good or bad when a player doesn’t want to play for a club just let him go and focus on what’s go for the team. That’s definetly something Mancini needs to learn beside his insane chase for talents

  1. I’m Uruguayan and what Tevez did is disrespectful but let me tell you something this is not the first time Tevez does it.
    He did it in Fulham, ManUtd and even in Argentina, when he was not called to play with Argentina he went to song together with the fans of Boca Jrs. (his team at that time) singing:”La Seleccion, la Seleccion, se va a la puta que la pario”, something like:”f@%# the National team, I care only for Boca Jrs.
    Couple months ago he went to a program in Argentina and the host (Susana Gimenez) asked how was the life in England and this troglodyte was laughing telling the entire public how horrible was Manchester and England, even saying that he doesn’t care learning english, showing no respect for the country and the city.
    Horrible England? my God, this guy came from a “villa miseria” in Argentina, the worse place to be.

  2. Exactly right. When you have Dzecko, Balotelli, Aquero, Tevez, Sturridge fighting for 2 spots plus all the others – high calibre world-class players sitting on the bench it is really worth asking why do these players put money before the game they love. Of course they can’t have a coherent team as they need to give all players a chance to play from time to time. Then the players become frustrated – why did they go play for money then?

  3. Wow how biased you know nothing of the team tevez is an exception he will go undoubtably the rest of the team are happy

    1. George, oh dear George…
      Do you more usually go by the name of Roberto?
      On what do you base your assumption that the rest of the team are happy?
      Happy for a game changing player to refuse to put in a shift when they’re 2 nil down? i don’t think so! Get real George. We’re not biased we just know how a team feels when a link in the chain lets the whole side down. Man City fans wouldn’t come close to understanding that!

  4. we should totally go in for adam johnson in january if he is still stuck in limbo by then. wether hr will give up a charge for 4 cups in favor of a better SQUAD and manager an 2 cups will remain to be seen.
    i for one will have my fingers crossed.

  5. About Mascherano. True he refused to play for us but let’s not forget that he knew he was on the way out and he still speaks with pride about his playing career at Liverpool which is more than what can be said of Tevez!

  6. Tevez has been wanting out of Manchester for ages. His Euro 9,000,000 a year retainer does not seem settling enough for him. Has he played champions league football yet? He might be offloaded come January.
    Then when you have a team of so called stars which outrageous wages you cannot expect any different. Too many primadonnas at Eastlands if you ask me.
    Money can’t buy you love, can it?

  7. Since when did Van Persie have pride and passion?! It was revealed by a couple of ex Arsenal captains (Henry and Gallas) that RVP was a divisive, difficult character in the dressing room.

  8. Hate to say this but Suarez had a dummy spit with a water bottle when coming off against Wolves! This was because he was ever so passionate! I agree Balotelli may had different reasons but the same crime!
    Also Man City have the cash! I wish we did! The only thing I agree is that they can kill off players! There have been plenty bought and tossed out… Let’s hope the same happens to Johnson and we land him!
    I’d be happy with that!

    1. The only thing I agree is that they can kill off players! There have been plenty bought and tossed out… Let’s hope the same happens to Johnson and we land him!

      lol.. so agree with this..

  9. rosa (Liverpool)
    ref. m. atkinson will have a decisive, negative influence on liverpool`s match on saturday. like h. webb he interpretes the rules correctly but HARSHLY against liverpool – which has cost the club fx. fa-cup and euro league……… they are both 100% anti-liverpool – m. atkinson fx. gives lfc early yellow cards to destroy their game.

  10. Mancs are mancs. Detestable scrotes, all of them. Manchester City have always lacked class as a football club, and will always be small time, just like Chavski.

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