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By Rajpal Singh

I know that it is foolish to be sending “tactics” on football by contacting people on the net, I am no expert, no am I a ‘concern’ troll, but I have a tactic that has been playing in my head for a few weeks, and talking to a lot of my friends on how LFC should play, and my LFC (and even non-LFC) friends have told me to share this here with Antoine or with Paul Tomkins, so here’s a shot in the dark.

Attacking play only, this is how I would line them up, with explanation below (attacking players only):







In this system, what I do is put Carroll behind Suarez, Gerrards and Downing’s position is changeable in the sense that if Downing goes to the right wing, Gerrard moves to attacking Central left midfield.

In subs, we have Bellamy, Kuyt, Hendo, and Spearing.

If you look at this, it is quite dynamic, below in notes

1. by putting Carroll behind Suarez, our defense is not tempted to throw long balls to this big man in front. Also as shown against wolves, Carroll is good at stopping the ball and watching forward runs, that way Gerrard and Downing benefit. Being big, he can also do flick on to Suarez…

2. By having 1 out and out winger who switches sides with an attacking central midfielder, the gameplay remains balanced and throws off defenders who are marking Downing and Gerrard respectively.

3. This allows for a good use of subs too, as Kuyt and Bellamy can actually cover for Gerrard, Suarez, Carroll, and Downing.

4. Then there is Spearing and Hendo, who can cover for 3 positions in Adam, Lucas, and Gerrard…

the main thing is that this tactic allows for a lot of flexibility, while remaining true to their positioning, for example, if Adam runs up, Gerrard can cover the position. If Gerrard was to go wide, it allows Downing to come closer to center.

Also, I feel (and my friends do too) that it makes the most use of the players we have, and uses Carroll to his biggest strength, the big man in front!

I don’t know what you think, and of course I don’t want to pretend I know more than Kenny and professionals in this field. I just needed to share, no statistical analysis here, but also I want to know what you think?


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