Everton 0-2 Liverpool: Instant Match Reactions (The Redmen TV.com)

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  1. Hey boys what about lucus? he was the dogs bollocks! my man of the match all day,felt sorry for everton it was a even game till that point.

  2. gutted everton went down to 10 men. would really like to of beat them with their best team out so i dont have to listen to the moaning about their sending off.

  3. Everton fans are a disgrace for Bottling and coining the Liverpool players, out of order and they should be done by the FA, I thought Carra was immense and Liverpool did not panic under the clogging of Everton, class won the day and a bench with Bellamy, Gerrard and Hendo is a good one!!!!

  4. Everton should have had three other legitimate red cards, (as highlighted on motd), i don’t know what they were complaining about, they got off lightly.

  5. Nobody gave a toss when we had 2 players sent off at Spurs, so why give a toss now????. People are worried about Liverpool, especially that MANC DEFENCE……ha ha ha

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