Making hard life out of good luck!

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We have recently been hit by some very unfavorable luck in recent times, but this weekend’s derby game at Goodison saw a turn of the tide in our favour. The harsh and admittedly unjustified sending off of Jack Rodwell on the 23rd minute (Ref Atkinson was only a few metres away) paved the way for a much needed and all important victory which gave all Reds fans bragging rights until the next encounter at the more friendly confines of Anfield Road.

I believe Luis Suarez got the Man of the Match award but in my book I think Lucas Leiva was our best player. Mark my words, this blonde Brazilian will become a Liverpool great. He was tremendous in midfield both in acting as a buffer in front of the back four, as well as in participating in the vast majority of the attacking moves. All in all the Reds had a decent game, but I did not get too over excited by the display. Let’s just say that once Everton were down to 10 and they decided to move back 30 metres and work on the counter, it became more of a blissful downhill glide rather than a searing derby battle.

With one player off for our opponents and a penalty (legitimate) coming our way I told myself ‘Must be the glorious British weather!’, but then Howard saved (rather than Kuyt missed) the penalty and I said ‘With all this good fortune are we going to get a slap in the face?’ Luckily Kenny thought better to bring in two fresh faces on the 65th rather than the 70/75th minute and Gerrard and Bellamy made the desired impact, even thought Stevie G stills seems a tad rusty and is really not looking to put in his famous tackles or foraying into those legendary runs of his. He’ll get there; I’m sure, for now his presence is more than enough.

Now for a quick assessment of our performers: Reina: always alert. Carra & Skrtel: solid. Enrique & Kelly: tireless. Lucas: superlative. Adam: can do better. Downing: must do better. Kuyt: is Kuyt. Carroll: trying. Suarez: Messiah. Bellamy: livewire. Gerrard: energy drink boost. Kenny: you got it spot on Maestro!

The Blue half of Liverpool is bitter this evening for more than one reason, but the fact remains that between the two Merseyside giants, the Reds remain the Best!


  1. Spot on! We were lucky than good. It was a disappointing performance until Gerrard and Bellamy came in and changed the game.

    But it’s still a win. Better than nothing.

  2. Enrique was man of the match, instrumental in moving the attack, brought good pace and trackd back to defend well. Suarez was good but ok by his high standards, should of buried the header from Kuyts clever cross. It was great to see Stevie and Lucas together again in the midfield if only because it got Adam off, besides one or two nice passes and that cheeky effort he just was not good enough again… honestly if this got as heated as previous derbys the reckless/ fiery Scot would probably have been sent off again at some point.

  3. I have to agree we were lucky. All the players seemed to do was pass pass pass with no penetration until Bellamy n Gerrard came on. Never a sending of but he did show his studs there were other tackles that got away scot free. With the mancs next we need to up our game no doubts…..

  4. I usually agree with what you say Tonio but you’ve hit the nail on the head with Lucas here. That dude was f**king Awesome!!

  5. Lucas for me played tremedeously well!! Enrique and kelly were awesome and what do u expect from our saviour SUAREZ???bella/kuyt should be given more games along side steven Gee

  6. “lucky” the was always about converting chances made by random movements of has always had the influence of luck/chance

    but in the real sense of footballing, to me at least, it seems like kenny is kinda a is as if he is drilling the starting 11 every weekend.we always some how score late in the match either by luck or creative intervention from the experienced subs we had.By bringing on spark the second half and giving playing time to the lesser experienced to gain some confidence and develop as a team player and well rounded footballer.

    easy to say he is putting in the weakest 2/3 players that could possibly manage to win a match up to the 60-70th minute and bringing on firepower when necessary in the remaining time frame depending on the scoreline.

    grinding out wins like the past few games has been a good stepping stone for the players to develop team work and game control.but its still many hours of football before we see a very strong team.

    it looks good so far.scary.bumpy. but most importantly exciting!

  7. ive said it since pre season, and im sick of the liverpool media bandwagon saying the players have to gel. Liverpool have no pace in midfield, no guile, for the umpteenth time we see how slow both adam and downing are, completely useless. Carroll scored in what was yet another unforgettbale appearance. How can Kenny spend over 100million quid and we are still talkin about Liverpool as a one man team.. Suarez. Nothing has progressed then since Torres left. Apart from the fact that we let Meireles and Aquilani go. We couldnt hit a barn door at Stoke and Sunderland we eventually beat a woeful Arsenal when they went down to 10 men, and lets be honest this had 0-0 written all over it. We we hammered last week. Reality check please. GUys here saying Kelly was awesome etc.. please, Enrique was great today as was Suarez and Lucas, but as I said we have no penetration no pace and no guile. Downing was a huge waste of money, it was also nice to see we brought the invisible man Henderson on for the last few minutes and funnily enough his contribution was yet again invisible to the naked eye. Pathetic signings in the summer.

  8. @shane : shut the hell up..could you just embrace the win??
    The game won by the team named Liverpool, not by a single person..if kuyt didn’t nod his head, big andy won’t be scoring his first..
    I know that we didn’t manage to play beautiful, attractive football, but cmon we WON!!
    Be patience u Fu#k!!


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