Derby Day Disgrace

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Liverpool v Everton brings to mind so many great matches and events to the memory.

Over the years this fixture has divided families, friends and neighbours alike for 90mins, but it has also in recent times provided us with a new kind of hatred that borders on the despicable.

At Goodison Park on Saturday Everton fans were calling Liverpool fans “murders” and in turn some Liverpool fans were chanting about the Munich disaster directed at Philip Neville, some even went as far as making reference to the 96.

What on earth are we doing? Both events were tragic days in footballing history and to insult the dead is beyond comprehension.

Liverpool is a city that has a footballing rivalry that used to be called “the friendly derby” well am sorry its far from that in 2011.

We witnessed coins and bottles being thrown at Liverpool players and children being subjected to verbal abused just because they support Liverpool.

It started even before the game kicked off with Evertonian fans chanting “murders” in the streets, so the tone was set for the entire 90mins.

These are the same Everton fans that you live next door to or work alongside, but are happy to label you a murder for 90mins on a Saturday afternoon in the name of football.

What makes the hatred so intense and so personal? Does it also mean that your bother, sister or best friend is a murder because they support Liverpool? What makes fans so bitter and twisted that they are prepared to insult the dead and feel its an acceptable part of banter.

The utter disgusting chants came from a section of fans that even the most fanatical of supporters would have to look twice at, it wasn’t the youth as some might expect but from adult fans in their late 30s early 40s, the one section you would hope and believe should know better.

So what’s the problem that Everton fans have with Liverpool? Well one evident problem is jealousy, is it because we are far more successful or that we a greater support globally? Could it be that we have better sponsorship deals or could it be that we are vastly superior both financially and in squad size.

Also I didn’t witness Everton fans jealousy when they claimed to have the best young talent in the league only to sell him to Manchester Untied at the first jiggle of Ferguson’s pocket and effectively pave the way to become a feeder club to the top four.

But what is strange is that last year it was Everton fans who were chanting about our financial situation our poor position in the league and how we were going into administration, funny thing Karma.

What the Evertonians need to understand is firstly deal with your own clubs well documented fiascos and get yourself stable both financially and squad wise.

All of the above reasons could be some ingredients for the hatred but I suspect its not the complete reasons for this, I don’t have any hatred towards Everton fans simply because I don’t have any reasons to dislike them and I certainly don’t hate anyone.

It will be interesting to see if the Everton ownership ban or take action against the vile thugs who chanted obscenities or the moronic dinosaurs who threw coins and bottles at players, but given the situation at Everton today I doubt any action will be taken at all, am sure any loss in revenue will have catastrophic consequences.

I enjoy the banter with the Evertonians but a line must be drawn as to when the banter stops and hatred begins.

Liverpool have been involved in two of the most horrific footballing tragedies and should never chant about another clubs disaster, no matter who it may be or how much rivalry there is between the clubs, so to see our fans chanting about the Munich tragedy is just as disgusting as the Evertonians calling us murders.

What these incidents achieved was to overshadow the great result for Liverpool and a goal for under pressure striker Andy Carroll which was the highlight of the match.

As fans we have a degree of responsibility towards our fellow supporters and those of the opposition, chanting abusive and disgusting comments reflect on the club as a whole and you as a person, the simple answer to this behaviour is not to chant the utter ridiculousness in the first place.

We have been lucky in some ways, we have witnessed some fantastic derby matches played and supported in the manner which we enjoyed and were recognised for as a city.

Do we really want our derby game to be labelled the same as Celtic & Rangers or Barcelona and Madrid played under a Culloden of hate? I certainty don’t.

Yesterday was a great result for Liverpool but a Derby Day Disgrace for fans.


  1. I think things have got worse under Moyes. He is as bitter and deranged as Ferguson who also generates much of the LFC/MU hatred

  2. I do not care what other fans chant about our club. They can lower themselves to whatever level they want to. I am disgusted though with our fans chanting “Munich”. You see the idiots saying the other fans started it. well isn’t that how Heysel started? We as a club should know how to react to fans taunts. We should be bigger and better than them. To lower our club to their level, which ever club it is, is just not acceptable.

  3. Dreadful behaviour from ADULTS. I’ll never forget what I witnessed in athens. A group of so called fans causing such a forceful stampede it buckled steel gates. It has to stop. We love the game but at what cost to others? The fans involved should be utterly embarrassed today.

  4. I was with my 14 year old daughter. The abuse from the bitters was vile – spitting with anger,hatred & jealousy they were. Their loudest cheers were when we missed our penalty and when Lucas got booked. Deluded, small minded fans for a small indeed club.

  5. The Merseyside derby has become the pinnacle of the Everton season, they never have anything else to play for so the derby becomes the biggest game. Unfortunately the biggest games become the targets of hatred and jealousy and the knowledge that without the stability of a good manger at the helm Everton would be playing in a lower division by now. If Moyes left Everton they would be relegated, the Evertonians know it and they hate Liverpool FC for it. Despite all the turmoil LFC has been through in the last few years the club is still stable and growing and the Evertonians are so angry that their very small club is sinking year after year.

  6. While I totally agree that ‘munich’ chants should never be heard, the ‘murderers’ chanting doesn’t suprise me one bit, I have heard it numerous times from younger evertonians with whom I work it all stems from their belief that they would have won the European cup if heysel hadn’t happened – which can only come from what they have been told by older evertonians.
    The day before the anniversary of Hillsborough one so called fan turned to another and said “well all the reds will be crying tomorrow” , if Hillsborough had caused the death of 96 Everton supporters how would they react?

    It has to stop now or it will spiral out of control and we will end up with a Rangers/Celtic situation.

  7. i think both sides are disgusting, made worse by the fact WE should know better. Dont get me wrong, i dont want to tar people with the wrong brush…and to add to that i wasnt even there,i saw it all at home.
    But seriously, the LFC fans involved are giving the rest of us a bad reputation an if it would be possible they should named,shamed and banned. One of KKs buzz words is RESPECT and these fans showed none of it and have no right being associated with our club.
    As for the Everton fans…one the one hand i feel for a club that is up against it, however i also hope in that same breath that the FA throw the book at them for the fans antics during the game. Throwing anything at players is bad…but COINS! thats out of line and in the past has really hurt people. Maybe thats or Moyes/kenny spoke out against these actions an just maybe these sad individuals,on both sides, will realise their own club is not proud of them.

  8. Hillsborough and Hysel generation is being replaced by the
    PREMIERSHIP generation in which the Derby has nearly been total warfare with the number of sendings off and controversial decisions and this is what the fans talk about now and not how the City came together.
    The last time Everton played real football in the Derby must have been the 4 all in 91!

  9. Hard to believe a few seasons back we found it in our hearts to honour murdered Everton fan Rhys Jones Anfield, by playing Everton anthem. Everton fans have no class in the way they mock our deceased fans and even using other clubs dead as a poking stick

    1. Nothing about everton fans surprise me,they are not what i
      call normal human beings,and i think that this stems from the fact that as a small minority within the city of liverpol they have to stick together and have reverted to
      inbreeding,and we all know the biological results,this
      causes all manner of physical and psychological disorders
      including severe malfunction of the electomagnetic waves within the brain which cause making basic simple tasks
      like talking,and eating food almost impossible,another
      major problem is irreversable madness which is clearly
      on display during match days in and around goodison park.
      This problem can also be found in the american state of north Georgia and was turned into a fact based novel writen by James dickey called “Deliverance” the only difference being that as far as we know evertonians
      dont eat human flesh though you can hear “dualing banjos”
      blasting out at half time,so maybe its only a matter of time?….

      1. This was a serious well written piece untill you piped up! You are just what we are talking about. Vile hatred which has no place. I for one am ashamed of those scousers yesterday from both sides and you epitomise them with your outburst. Grow up and look in the mirror. Alan. JFT96!

  10. I’m sorry to say the Evertonians get more bitter and twisted every year, I have a nephew who is vile and totally bitter this was taught to him by my his father my brother in law and in turn they are teaching it to their offspring. to be honest the sooner they are relegated down to the Bluesquare the better, then their fanbase should diminish, the older ones die off and hopefully they can start again with normal human beings supporting them.

    1. Sorry to hear that bill! but if you read my message above
      you just might understand the true nature of these sub-human inbreds.

  11. scum,remember”matrix blue officers?”.you tube of lads lost by goodison?experienced it in town,merseyrail.pure uneducated of facts scum.80 s there fans where,remember boro cup games?generations of misguided post heysel,twisting of facts,chipmon shoulder culture.passed down.myth of their demise gets more twisted/chinese the lobotomised,easily led blue,were the only scousers,follow and point the ill educated minority,is now majority.moron manc u feeder club.really need education of events.after that-look at board,kendal,lineaker/stevens vile numpties.gone are days i travelled to milk cup with 4 blues.even in jamies book,he mentioned how sick theyve become

  12. It’s sad disgraceful derby game I ever seen, behaviours like kid disrespectful from both fans.

    for God sake grow up and be humane and sporting fans.

  13. The peoples club ?? ha thats a joke, i watched an everton/blackburn game about 8 years ago an it was a very threatening atmhosphere, the blues have some seriosly messed up fans, fuelled by bitterness, hatred, lies and alcohol.

    Any asshole that uses threatening behaviour in front of kids needs weeded out, fined and barred for life


    1. The peoples club adage,gargoyle took from Shanks”Bastion of Invincability speech anyhow.When he stated Lfc was built by the people,for the people.Something else for their vile fans to get wound up about

  14. I don’t think the Sky coverage is helping the situation much either.

    The few 10 or so minutes of the broadcast was about the fact it’s not the friendly derby anymore.

    Sky want to be a hugh part in the Premiership, so they need to act resposibly.

  15. I was actually convinced they had a player called Boo at one point because instead of actually supporting the team that was all they seemed to want to do.

    That said, we can’t claim all the moral high ground . There are still idiots who chant about Munich.

    It wasn’t all 30-40 yr olds either. Have a look at the tv pics of Bellamy taking the corner. You can clearly see a young lad bend down pick up a bottle and throw it. Everton will easily be able to identify him but they won’t and as a result it will continue.

    1. I thought my earlier piece about evertonians being inbreds
      was pretty funny, and was writen with no malice,though some fans who were born with a humour bypass wont take what i stated with a pinch of salt i meant every word! f…..g blue retards prove me right with every derby we play.

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