Its not just football anymore.

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Purpose of this article is to discuss/point out a whole different point and nothing much to do with the game we won, There is a trend among some of our supporters that any comments criticising the players or the manager is met with such vehement attack its little disturbing to watch/read. Let’s get one thing straight, everyone has the right to his/her opinion it’s up to us to accept it or reject it just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean they are anti LFC. You guys need not attack them just because some section of the fanS do express what is felt by them. I do agree this past 20 years has not been the best of times for a Liverpool fans in terms of trophies or bragging rights but we are ( at least most of us) still with the club and proud of it.

Some of our diehard fans also needs to understand today its not just about football anymore, it’s all about money!!!! Whether we like to face the facts or admit it, for the popularity/existence of every club it  needs silverware in the showcase. It’s also  about how many new markets(countries) the club can be promoted, sell clubs merchandises, they can play exhibition matches… and that’s is where we have the clash of culture/outlook. Some of us have been supporting the club for ages while there are lot of new people who has been supporting the club for less than 4 -5  years. liverpool is one of the biggest clubs in England but look at it from the new generations point of view, how many of them has seen the club lift a cup in the last 3-4 years or so while we do have a large fan base has anyone looked at the age brackets of the same ?? I live in India and I have hardly come across any Liverpool fans who are below the age of 25,  while clubs which I will rate 2nd grade like Chelsea, Man City, Hotspur… are getting more popular while traditional clubs like Man U, Arsenal enjoy their good share of fan base in this part of the world while our fan base is shrinking. While others are winning trophies we cannot just keep talking about our achievements 20 – 30 years ago.  And the way we have been out of the champions league for last 2 years running has dropped us from the European map a little as well, so it is understandable when a section of the fans do get vocal about the performance and vents their frustration on twitter/EOTK/FB…

The other day I came across some comments by some of our fellow supporters that they don’t want any supporters who are critic’s of the club, manager, players. I honestly feel that is so totally wrong and people who are taking such draconian stand must refrain from turning our fans into a foe or turning them away from the club. ( now don’t argue that we don’t need such fans, they criticise because they care about the club and its future and they are trying to contribute in any way possible or sheer frustration) keep in mind we managed to get rid of Roy with the same way and had we criticised Benitez for some of his squad choice in 2009 I am sure we would have been champions that season instead of the runner up position. With all due respect to King Kenny I am sure some of us remember he left LFC, managed team against us… but we did welcome him back with open arms and If he had made a mistake ( perceived by someone ) there is nothing wrong in pointing it out, no one is above the club and its interest.

Let me point out one thing, our current owners I am sure did decided to buy LFC not just for the heroics of the past but for the potential for the future silverware. Under Hicks and Gillett’s ownership also initially they did spend money and gave a free hand to Benitez when he wasn’t delivering that’s when the money flow stopped  and then the slide from the top began for LFC.

Not that I am trying to be a peace maker between the critics and the diehard fans just wanted to to point out we are setting a bad example to our young fans by discouraging them to engage in the various social media interactions and do try to empathise with some of them and try to understand where they are coming from and i did write to get the bad feeling it out of my system. YNWA


  1. We need Banter.
    Once the game is over, so is the rivalry.

    Yes many players are overpaid, but so were gladiators in Roman times to keep us from killing each other.

    If you dont like LFC and critical to massive extreme, go support someone else.

  2. i understand wot you are saying but as kk said we all must pull in the same direction and some ov the comments i have seen swearing at the players calling them shite and thats one ov the nice words iv seen kk is a racist playing to many english players thats wot makes my blood boil even when we are winning orb andy carrol is scoring they are still getting slaged off chelsea or manure win when they are not playing well they say thats the sign ov champions we do it our own fans av a right go at us im in the kk school ov thought stick together and work as one will be alot more better for us all lfc

  3. Theres a vast difference between being critical of a player and slating the hell out of a player since day 1 purely because of his price tag.
    The latter in my opinion are utter idiots.

  4. too much of anything is bad..gotta keep it to a level…its just the extremes that are making it look bad =/

  5. i do take your point. BUT if the critique is not constructive, if you are calling for a player or manager to be sacked if they don’t perform in one or two matches, if you abuse players halfway through a match if the team is losing – all of which i have seen happen in social media – then this is damaging to both the team and the fan base. there is a fine line between offering critique and just bitching because the game’s not going the way you want. leave the bitchy, nasty comments to the opposition fans and SUPPORT your team in good times and bad. hold them up in the hard times as well as the glory days and the silverware will follow as the boys play to their death to uphold the fans who uphold them.

  6. This is a good article but what a lot of fans like me ( whoe have supported the club for 10 years) is that there are fans that are so fickle its crazy. Like slating of Jordan Henderson because he hasn’t lit the world a a light yet and should do automatically because he cost 16m. It dosnt work like that though, give the youngsters time and they will be great!

    1. The problem here is that 90% of liverpool fans know that Kuyt is more important and useful than Jordan Hederson!!u can never compare KUYT’S workrate,,style,,dribbling,,penetration and relationship with that of JORDAN…so if he can’t deliver and King Kenny continues starting him then people must criticize the king’s selection…we all want the best no matter what!

      1. completely agree with you on that one Kennyjimmy, Kuyt is far more effective than Jordon and for crunch matches i rather we play with a set team than experiment n loose or draw the game.@Dominic- i do agree on your point that there are very fickle fans, but i am a fan from 1986 onwards seen the glory days and seen the worst slump possible still i am a fan, but there are days when we question which direction are we heading, esp when we loose to the bottom half of the table teams. it is frustrating n some people are lil too vocal n disrespectful about unfortunately. i guess we need to take good with the bad.

        1. Under the two clowns, money stopped because rafa was not delivering? wasnt it just the other way around? check the facts before u criticse the man who built a team so close to winning the league.

  7. there is a way to make a critical analysis, with respect and using logic.
    I’m sorry, but some of the statements coming from so-called fans, who are using extreme words of the violent nature have no place at any time, at any place, at any event.
    so they use violent words, and dont use any logic in there statements.
    as some of the posters have already mentioned, Kenny wants everyone to pull in the same direction, and that’s exactly what we need. but some pathetic muppets want to go in another direction, and as far as I’m concerned they have a different agenda.
    I’m sorry, but they are not supporters, they are disgusting muppets.

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