POLL : EOTK September writer of the month

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Trying something new by request of some of our writers. I took all of the ones who have contributed to EOTK in the last month. I took myself out of the running for obvious reasons.

To view the list of articles you can click here.


  1. Antoine….. Every time Tonio Bone writes an article…… I feel like as I’m on the same wavelength as him…. He is a Quality writer…. I’m looking forward to reading his articles every time they are Published… Keep it up Mr Bone…. You know what you are talking about….. YNWA! :)

  2. LOL, can we have a poll where the Old Fat Toad is not competing with us. I’d vote for Tonio myself, though.

  3. Kaushal Goyal – Without a shadow of a doubt ! There is sheer quality in everything he writes ! Way to Go Mr. Goyal !

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