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A day before the derby, Paul Parker, a columnist on Eurosport wrote the following statement:

Upset of the weekend: Everton v Liverpool
I don’t really know if this would still be considered an upset or not at the moment, but I can see Everton beating Liverpool in the Merseyside derby this weekend.
Liverpool travel to Goodison Park with their defence having all sorts of problems, and David Moyes will be looking at the two sides thinking that the hosts have a real chance.
Kenny Dalglish’s side shipped four goals against Spurs, then could not keep clean sheets against either Brighton or Wolves. Everton could well have enough to claim a big victory.

A quick analysis of the above statement shows how this ex-Mancunian got it all horribly wrong. He starts by claiming that an Everton victory would not be much of an upset given Liverpool’s prospects (always according to him), and through his renowned expertise in the sport he ‘could see Everton beating Liverpool ‘.

Taking the Spurs game (in which we made them look like Barcelona) as a measuring stick, Mr Parker claimed that the Reds had huge defensive issues and that for David Moyes, it would be the right occasion to go for the win.

I would like to point out to Mr.Parker that Liverpool won the derby, so there was no upset. They also kept a clean sheet, and even though Ref Atkinson got the Rodwell decision ‘slightly wrong’, it takes absolutely nothing away from our victory. As for shipping in goals, the Reds have conceded 8 goal in 7 PL fixtures (4 against Spurs), just as much as Chelsea and 2 less than Spurs. Only three more than Utd and City and 8, yes 8 less than Arsenal. So apart from a horrid afternoon in North London, I don’t see the Reds as having ‘all sorts of problems’ in defence.

Another ex-Mancunian should think before he talks. Paul Scholes claims that England’s failure to land any success on the international scene is mainly due to the rivalry-cum-hatred between the Man Utd and Liverpool players forming part of the national squad! First of all, he is the last person with a right to express himself on the subject because he retired early from his International career to lengthen that with his Club. Secondly, England’s failure to land anything is not due to what he claims, but to lack of commitment and a nonchalant culture, WAGS, and the players’ obsession with preserving themselves for their Clubs, ours included! There is just as much rivalry and hatred (if you want) between players of all the other top football countries, but when they play for their country, they play for their country unconditionally and as if their lives depend on it.

But then these are ex-Mancs , so we really cannot expect sympathy from them can we? What we need to do is show them what we are made of when they come to Anfield!


  1. Are these unintelligent Mancs the reason why hardly any one from my college is applying to a university there?
    Hope United are prepared for some major ass kicking next weekend.

  2. His column pops up automatically when you log into Yahoo Sport- waste of money & stops me logging into my email every Saturday as I can’t bear to see his comments. He’s a footballer who didn’t have a retirement plan in place so publishes his crap opinions on line-if his employers actually read the comments they’d feck him off out of it.

  3. I hope KK gets the team selection right as we have seen that with Adam in the team Carroll has to come back to defend. Stewart Dowing is also under performing, he has in 3 games now. No need to discuss Henderson!
    If KK remains foolish to believe every player applies themselves equally and have equal ability and contribution to the team and on the ball by their hard work in training, then we will lose that match, simple

  4. Hey there Tonio, I pay a lot more attention and thought to what YOU write than those two idiots. Who cares what they think,I am rather surprised either can write or may be they are just lending their most valuable names to their respective columns!! Do newspapers actually pay these guys? and I thought it was hilariously bad enough for the insignificant brother of the other one that still plays for Everton to be a Sky sports commentator, OMG, Andy fucking Grey all is forgiven!!!!! On the the other hand they can both go & suck up to their master.
    Parker was a waste of time and cost England dearly turning his back on THAT free kick. So he can f off back to the obscurity where he belong. Then again you are a better man than I since you can bring yourself to call him Mr.
    As for ginger dog, he was a great example in proving one cannot teach old dogs how to tackle, or least not be half an hour late! He should look at the current world champions who are basically made up of Barca & R Madrid, oh I forgot in the land of mancs & their banana Republik they are all in DENIAL & Avoidance of having anything to do with Barca.

    It is a shame the internationals are once again getting in the way. Whiskey nose was immensely relieved as his poodles were exceptionally lucky not to get stuffed at home by Norwich.
    Now Mr Parker that SHOULD have been an upset, still don’t upset yourself too much as we will upset you all at Anfield without pleasure, now go & write about that boy, as the Empire of the Kop will bring down your REPUBLIK.

    Come on you REDS- YNWA

  5. did some idiot above call our manager foolish.. ?? unbelievable that we have ppl callign themselves Lfc fans that insult our players or legendary manager ..we battered the mancs 6 months ago with a weaker squad than now, and i dont care what the biased media write.. I dont care about the national teams and dont like our players being risked on games that interupt the flow of the season..the english FA has always been a sick joke.. and have had little respect for our club or our players, so i hope little Montengro beat them on friday and Andy and Stewart avoid injury..and i certainly wouldnt get worked up about a manc writing rubbish our us either!

  6. Scholes has suddenly got a big mouth, the thing is he contradicts himself, he recently said in another interview England players were just using internationals to get moves to bigger clubs?! So all players at small clubs were to blame for Englands failings then, eh, Scholesey?! AND the LFC/MUFC rivalry was also to blame for Englands failings?! Whatever next?! He’ll be blaming the weather next. Hes clearly as dumb as he looks.

  7. Im not going to comment on the Scholes bit though i do think Rodwell’s departure helped us in our cause..I wouldnt say Everton were nailed on to win 11 v 11 but the game was neck to neck and could’ve gone either way.
    Some people will say the only away victories we’ve got in the league have come against 10 men..I think we’d be lying to ourselves if we said we dont need any work at the back.

    & as much as i hate the mancs and Chelsea,youve got to see the table mate,their GD is 19 or sth,while ours is only 2.
    that 17 goal difference,thats massive man,that too after playing just 7 games.They usually concede goals when the game is effectively over,the defense gets a bit complacent and they leak in a miserly goal,doesnt matter coz theyve already got 5 in favour of them.
    At the same time,ill say we’re a rebuilding club,its wrong to compare our stats to the ones which are soaring through the roofs right now.

    This is my own opinion and im not supporting what Paul Parker said.

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