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This season has already provided us with some surprise results but what is the most surprising aspect of this season is Arsenal’s complete fall from grace.

This is not something that has just happened, this has brewed for some time and now it has come to light due to the departure of Arsenal’s two best players and the failure to replace them with any sort of quality.

Many fans are comparing this seasons start by Arsenal to that of Liverpool’s last season, but please don’t, it’s a totally different set of circumstances and cannot be related due to some key facts which I will explain.

Firstly Wenger has been at Arsenal for some time and has been successful, while Hodgson was simply the wrong man at the wrong club at the wrong time.

Also Liverpool had an ownership issue and financial problems due to bad debts and mismanagement while Arsenal apparently had none and declared neither.

Wenger has known what its like to win the title, where Hodgson will only know relegation battles, so any comparison between the two teams from last season and this season cannot be taken seriously due to the difference in circumstances.

The fact that Spurs have overtaken Arsenal as the main contender for four spot can only emphasize the gap between Wenger and Redknapp.

Spurs also have retained their best players while Wenger has not, and the fact that Arsenal believe that replacing Fabregas and Nasri with Per Mertesacker and Mikel Arteta can keep Arsenal in contention is a deluded fantasy.

Arsenal, Everton, and Spurs were all laughing at Liverpool this time last season but I firmly believe in Karma and it has proven me right, Arsenal in current form are a mid table team, Spurs will not overtake Liverpool and Everton are in meltdown both financially and squad wise.

Arsenal’s main problem is the new stadium, the gunners gave up Highbury and moved to the Emirates stadium with all the financial problems that come with it, this move has led to the squad and the transfer budget being decreased year after year with no replacements being brought in, and a new transfer policy of sell before you buy, which can only add to total frustration to Wenger.

The gunners manager has now adopted the blame and rant role that Rafa did before leaving, it seems that Wenger knows he is fighting a losing battle with the owners and is just trying to keep calm and carry on.

It is almost certain that Wenger will go at the end of this season and quite frankly I don’t blame him.

Arsenal’s problems only exists because they sold their history for greed; it’s as brutal and factual as that.

Liverpool on the other hand are now ahead of Spurs, Arsenal and the lacklustre Everton who seem destined for a relegation battle but are in denial about their status.

The Arsenal supporters would have you believe that all is well in their sunflower stadium and that major signings are just a sprinkle of gold dust away but in the real world Arsenal are in deep trouble and the supporters know it.

Spurs never signed anyone of meaningfulness during the transfer window and that rises the issue if Redknapp will still be in charge next season and Everton will have to see if Moyes gets an offer he cannot refuse next summer.

So if any Liverpool fan is still worried about us qualifying for the Champions League don’t, we are in far better shape than our competition and take on board that we have the right owners and the right management to get us there without the drama or stress that some of our challengers have.


  1. I’m not sure I fully share your assessment. Spurs literally took us apart a few weeks back and also dismantled Arsenal. They have got a solid team and will definitely give us a solid run for 4th place. Newcastle are also unbeaten this season and are shaping up under Pardew. We’ve got quality in the side but we need more consistency and also solid away form to beat mid/low table teams (even when we’re necessarily playing well). We also need to spread the load on goalscorers/creators in the team – there’s too much reliance building up on Saurez already (in as much the same way as it was on Stevie G and Traitorres). Need to get Carroll, Bellamy, Maxi and Downing to start firing in some goals more regularly. Also need to start trying out some of the academy potentials like Sterling.

      1. Tottenham did not dismantle arsenal. Arsenal deserved a draw, which should scream out to us that we just weren’t in the right mind frame for our trip to the lane. There’s no doubt in my mind that that game is opening our eyes and that it won’t happen again. Wait until the return fixture, were gonna set spurs straight.

    1. Newcastle maybe unbeaten now but it wont last. I actually think it will be tight between Spurs,us an Arsenal.
      Yes Arsenal are having a bad time of it, but most of their talent is on the injured list.

  2. Well that’s a bit unfair to Tottenham. Scott Parker and Emmanuel Adebayor are quality signings/a quality loanee. They beat us 4-0 too. Plus, they have one game in hand. But don’t get me wrong, I love to see Liverpool ahead of Spurs, it’s just not fair to them I think.

  3. I think it’s way too early to say we’re definetely in top 4. It IS a long run, it’s a whole season so consistency is what we need.

    1. Good point Gloria, but i think over a season we have got what it takes to get CL next season dont you?

    1. Me too Gloria, what’s your view on the changes since last year? and do you agree with what i said about Arsenal and Everton?

  4. Wow, erm, I think I don’t know enough about the Arsenal situation. I think I can’t say how it IS, I would have to take a look behind the scenes. But I agree with you when you say their drama was already annunciating over the years.

    And just ph, why should Everton laugh about us? Have they ever been in for a top 4 challenge recently? Or ever?

    1. Yes…. 2005. Everton finished 4th we finished 5th. Not to mention the titles they have won but I assume you are referring to the recent history of the premier league when you say ‘ever’….

    2. Yes. 2005. Everton finished 4th we finished 5th. Not to mention the titles they have won but I assume you are referring to the recent history of the premier league when you say ‘ever’

  5. OOOh the champions league nights!! I miss the nervousness and adrenaline that would kill me slowly on those nights. We will b a force again!!

  6. Liverpool last year were terrible but we had a lot of things to improve upon – 1. Manager (let’s just say he wasn’t suited to us) 2. Ownership 3. Some unhappy players.

    Arsenal are sharing the league position we had last year but – 1. their manager is a proven one, 2. Ownership is settled 3. They are in this position even AFTER selling their unhappy players.

    Our problem area as well as silver was our troubled ownership. It is because they took loans is why they bled us but it is also the reason that RBS could find an owner at a cut price and hence the owner could spend on building the squad instead of paying the ownership cost. It’s only going to get worse for them before (and if) they do something about it in January. Selling £60m worth players but not buying without even having interest payments to fall back as excuse indicates as much.

    While Everton might not actually get relegated, I agree to the essence that they are not our competitors. Hope they’d be strong enough to shave some points off our competitors though.

    Tottenham – Spurs are a hot and cold club. They’d be brilliant one day and absolutely pedestrian the other. Abebayour for Crouch and Parker for Palacios would be a step up but they have to play the more arduous Europa League while we don’t. Most of their players are international players too. I’m just disappointed that Defoe didn’t make the England squad. 2010 was arguably our worst and I remember how dependent we were on Torres and Gerrard. On or two injuries to Spurs players on international or European duties and they’re done.

  7. I agree, we have the strength an depth over spurs we will out last them over the season get top 4 or 3 at least, arsenal are outta the picture all together YNWA

  8. good article some interesting points, yeah spurs do have a game in hand and do look pretty good this season so far, i think what we have going for us is we are not in that poxy europa league, which means; i dont have to be bored to death on thursdays, LFC’s fixtures wont be messed about and we will have less games than spurs depending how we do in the domestic cups. People say we should have fought for europa i dont agree the only europe comp we want is CL end of. YNWA

  9. Arsenal?

    I thought this was a Liverpool site.

    Sorry to say this, but I could care less about Arsenal, West Brom, Preston North End, Hearts, Ipswich, Marseille, Braga, Dynamo Kiev, Boca Juniors …. and 2,000 other clubs around the world.

    1. just bringing attention to Arsenals fall from grace as they where doing last season mate YNWA

  10. I’m not sure where your assessment of Spurs comes from? Not overtake Liverpool? They’ve finished above us for the last two seasons. If anything we’re the ones who have pushed back into contention for a top 4 finish.

  11. I do not think Arsenal are falling from grace, they are having bad spell and thats it, and do not know which part present that they sold thier history for greed ? if you refer to the emirates, well sorry i see it moving forward to a bigger stadium with higher match revnue.
    I wish we over take them and spurs for CL but it is not as easy as you are suggesting

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