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Hello Reds,

Since the begining of the season, i’m making a comparison of our performances, from last season to the current one. Match after match.

By performance, i mean: ranking & points.

From Hodgson to Dalglish: we are at the 5th place with 13pts (from 18th with 6pts last season). Only one place and 2pts separates us from our target: the 4th place. And even if we lost two matches we have always been better than last year.
You can see that Man U & City have improved too, unfortunately. Chelsea almost performed the same and with one match late, Tottenham are now back in the business.
Only Arsenal are late.

I only compared the 6 clubs aiming the top 4.

If we beat Man U at home next match, that could be a huge lift.

Thanks John Henry, Damien Comolli, King Kenny, his staff and all palyers for the hard work. But it’s only the begining…

Support and believe is the way.


  1. 6 points behind, we still could win EPL. Kenny just didn’t want to put too much pressure on players.

    1. Well said need to spread some of this positive vibe to LIVERPOOLKOP website.
      He has done a blog comparing our spending to Uniteds in the last decade!

  2. Hi Denis. A comparison with Hodgson is a little unfair in my view. The parameters are so different that quite frankly a attempt to give a comparative view is highly unlikely!

    1. Hi Tonio,

      Finally the manager doesn’t really matters. It was Roy last year, but it could have been anybody else it would have been the same comparison. I’m just comparing ranking and points. We all know that maybe the King will not do the same second half of season than last year. But we don’t really care: we want to see now what he can do on a complete season…
      I didn’t appreciate Roy’s reign. Take a look: WBA are 5 pts and 17th place. Last year with us: 18th and 6pts. Roy was only the Fulham’s man…

  3. Why is it unfair? Hodgson was manager of Liverpool FC and treated us like we were Fulham.
    Did n’t have to send Aqua on loan should of been kept to see what he was like fully fit,could of spent the Raul money on a forward to have cover for a sulking Torres.
    Kenny came in and turned results around because he had faith in football and the players and we have carried on this season with a squad of players that is still developing.

    1. If you look at it that way even Kenny sent Aquilani out on loan. Truth is the italian wanted out last year and this, and its useless blaming Roy for everything.
      Kenny turned things around because the players and fans wanted him. For the same reasons, Roy could never make it at Anfield!

  4. im not trying to hate. it is obviously better than last yr. but i dont think comparing us to last year would be any productive. last season was just hell for any liverpool fans. lets just work more on improving our games(i still think we need more improving =/), so we wont lose to any likes of tottenhams…and ofc beat the crap out of the manscums.

  5. Why dont you also add to this comparison chart the season we came in second with rafa? it would be interesting too…

    1. you mean a comparison with the season we finished second under rafa ?

      I could make one if you want, but is it only to compare LFC performances or top 6 too?

  6. I also think comparing to last season is a bit pointless as we completely under performed! A comparison should be made when we finished second and also in relation to the top6 clubs at the moment! I honestly feel there’s still a lot of room for improvement based on our current form! Still a lot of work to be done especially with bringing henderson and carrol up to speed but we should be aiming to finish one better than what we achieved in 08/09 and not just a top four finish!! YNWA

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