Liverpool vs Man Utd – View from the other side

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I asked Dale O’Donnell a few questions. Dale is a Manchester United fan and runs the popular United blog Stretty News. He also asked me a few questions and my replies can be found on his site.

1)What is your feeling on the reduction of the tickets allocated to Man Utd supporters for the Liverpool game? Who do you blame?

Disappointed to be honest, but there’s a section of idiots within every fan base. One or two people could easily give a bad name for a thousand others. Although, I don’t understand why so many clubs are picking on us. There’s other clubs with worse reputations. Liverpool, for example.

2)Do you think that issues with Wayne Rooney’s personal life will interfere with his performance?

I don’t think recent issues surrounding his dad and uncle will distract him. He has gone through worse and bounced back strong. However, you can say whatever you like about Rooney. I honestly don’t care as long as he’s scoring goals for United. Priorities.

3)Manchester City have always been in your shadows but seem to finally have two legs to stand on. Do you believe that they can be serious title contenders?

I’m not sure about this season because they still have a lot to learn. Mancini deserves more respect than what he’s getting from his players, who appear to be a classless bunch at times.

4) Speaking of City what is your opinion on the whole Carlos Tevez fiasco?

Tevez was just being himself. A complete liability.

5)When do you think Sir Alex Ferguson will retire? Who will take over? Are you concerned about that?

I’m not in the position to answer those first two questions, but I’m certainly concerned about it. What United fan wouldn’t be after what he’s done for our club?

6)A year ago this week Liverpool got rid of their despised owners, do you think that United will get rid of Malcolm Glazer soon?

Another hard one to call. We all know how reluctant the Glazer family are to come out and talk to the press, so it’s hard to know if they’re hiding any secrets. The sooner the better, though.

7)Last season Jamie Carragher did get a few studs marks on Nani, Jamie tried to appologise but Nani refused. Do you think Nani is out for revenge?

A few stud marks? It was a deep gash almost making his shin bone visible. Nani was right to refuse because Jamie doesn’t know the meaning of the word apologise. Nani can bite back by scoring a goal or two. That would surely shut Jamie up.

8)What is your score prediction for the game?

2-0 win for United, the real Reds.


    1. He seemed that way to me, too. I’ve seen interviews like these before where the interviewee showed respect for our side, perhaps with a bit of banter. This guy just struck me as classless.

  1. The mancs having a laugh! the real reds ? sorry mate thought your shower were known as the red devils? the mighty reds of liverpool to win 4-1!

  2. Did not expect anything better from a Manc. Antoine, I still do not understand why still see Carroll costing Stg 15 million. I really do not get this reasoning. The lad cost us Stg 35 million whether we like it or not and that is pure fact.

  3. Deep gash, see his shin surprised he didnt liken it to saving private ryan with nani wondering around the beach I mean pitch carrying his leg!
    He probably thought roy keane career ruining tackle on haaland was ok fair play. Hope we give him something else to be bitter about on sat!

  4. its been very easy for us at Anfield against manure the last few years. The atmosphere in our stadium and aggression of our players does seem to get to them. united will go for an early goal, if they don’t get it, three points are ours. winning these games gives us a huge boost for our season and you can see that lasting a few games afterwards. I think 2 nil home win.

  5. deep gash havin a laugh when i was watchin that game i was laughin at the fact that he was practicly crying on the floor and i think it was very big of jamie to go and appoligise to him because if it was me i would never appoligise to any united player!!!

  6. The difference of class between both LFC and MUFC fans can be seen from the title of the posts in both the sites.

    LFC Fan Forum’s Title for the topic:

    Liverpool vs Man Utd – View from the other side

    MUFC Fan Forum’s Title for the topic:

    A view from the enemy: Liverpool fan on Dalglish, vile chants and the £35m flop

    Now who is class, i will leave it for you to decide.

    1. An adaptation of one of their own slogans seems to fit him perfectly….

      Man Utd….not arrogant, just bitter!!


    2. great point mate.
      what a joke. where is the respect. I’m sure a bit of banter is OK but most United fans are know are arrogant pricks. I’m sure many of you will agree!

  7. I tried to leave this comment on his post but their comment system seems to be down……
    Antoine showed class in his answers to you, shame the same couldn’t be said about your answers….

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