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As Liverpool supporters we’re always optimistic. Although we’d be more pragmatic deep inside but we like the air of positivity around us and believe in it as well. Despite that, a Liverpool-United game is beyond form or strength or anything else for that matter. The believer in us thought we’d spank United while the pragmatist in us was worried about United’s form, their strength, the additions they’ve made and how well they’ve played this season.

Yesterday’s game encapsulated all of those feelings together. United knew Liverpool are better than what the so-called pundits have said. Everyone has been quick to pounce on our new and atrociously labeled overpriced signings. Now I am personally sick of this ‘overpriced’ being thrown around all the time. It’s not as if the people who utter that term paid. The price is only what the buyer and seller agree. It’s not a video game for hell’s sake!! Coming back to yesterday’s game, it was nice of Charlie and Jordan to have silenced some of those idiots. Some would keep saying it. Let them. They too will be silenced soon.

What yesterday’s game did best was cool the pragmatist inside me. The last 20 minutes or so went on to show everyone that we can compete with anyone in the league. While some would argue that the United team for most of the game wasn’t their best, the last 20 minutes had their best available players on the field. And we totally had them on the mat! End of the day if United go away with a draw thinking ‘Phew’ and Liverpool think ‘If only..’, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t keep our hopes high. We were better than United on the day and it is not as if they had a bad day. We were might be a little lower than we desire on the points table but bear in mind that most of our tricky away games are out of the way – Arsenal, Spurs, Stoke, Everton. Only United and City away games remain. The points per game are going to go up.

Away from the game, it really speaks volumes on why people support Liverpool and not United. While King Kenny has always been respectful of the opponents, Fergie didn’t do himself any honors by calling Suarez a diver. If only I had a penny for every time a United player dived, I’d be competing with Beckham in terms of riches.

As if the rivalry wasn’t enough, what came a few hours after the game was disgusting. Racism? I am not here to advocate for Luis Suarez. I mean, ban him if he’s guilty but assuming he is a racist and someone who would be vocal about it, would he also really be dumb enough to say what is alleged when he knows that he is the star of the game and atleast 2 or 3 cameras would be on him almost all the time apart from the fans who would be shooting him? I don’t think so sir. Anyway, what happens if it is established that Luis didn’t cuss Evra? Shouldn’t Evra be penalized for his version of racism? Wouldn’t that qualify as trying to harass someone because of the color of his/your skin and trying to get undue advantage/pleasure out of it? My appeal: please have a fair enquiry and please delivery a f**king harsh punishment,  either way!!




    1. Agree. He has a list of issues like with france at the world cup starting a mutiny. Also starting a punch up with chelsea ground staff. Nasty piece of work.

  1. Ok ,lets get this right;
    Fergie is a total fucking ass hole, why do you even bother to write what that mother fucker thinks anyway, did you expect anything different?hell no, so don’t waste your time.
    I don’t know whether you play football or not, winding up players, putting them off their natural game, getting them sent off is now very much a part of the game. Suarez was being shoved and bullied by their back four+ their skinny keeper, all I can say is that it is a shame he was too far for Jamie!
    There is NO CASE to answer here unless you have a tape recording of the allegation.
    So, Evra should also shut the fuck up and not become another vindictive ass hole like the brother of whom plays for the third team in Liverpool and now commentates (!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!) Sky Sports must be fucking desperate!

    We must aim to finish above manure, lucky fucks got away with it again, smash & grab rather like the old Wimbledon FC.

    We have a chance to pick up 18 points in November with which we can kiss CL good bye.
    Oh yes, we can & will get BETTER.

  2. I am not 100 % confident about our abilities yet,we have to be more clinical in front of goal,we have to take our chances,we have got to defend very well,our keep needs to step up he’s been underperforming of late otherwise come the end of the season it might cost us especially for 4th place..Tottenham is doing very well at the moment if we have got to earn 4th place come the end of the season KK needs to have a review of his team we want 100% result players wiv heavy price tags can’t be costing us points we crave for this 4th position eventhough if we can’t contest for the title yet….

  3. @ Kaushal : I usually enjoy reading ur articles particularly since they have a hint of sarcasm, but nice one anyways… One thing I agree though is that if no charges are found (which m sure) against luis, then that dumb fuck liar should face repurcussions….

  4. He’s got previous regarding racism allegations too – against a Chelsea coach. He’s conveniently forgotten, after him and Luis squared up when he fouled Luis and Luis offered him his hand to shake on it – only to have his hand knocked away by Evra, for which he was rightly booked by Marriner. In fact, he was clattering Suarez all match but got away with it – lying twat !

  5. We were unlucky,,we should ve won @least 3:1 and Rio should ve been sent off….also kenny should ve brought bellamy and carroll into the game for d last 10mins

  6. Only 2 clean sheets for us all season, since sammy lee left its gone wrong defensively. I would get rid of kevin keen and find somebody else. The coaching isnt good enough.

  7. while a little under a year ago we had a club that was falling apart, kenny is right on what he said, if it means we are disapionted and drawing at home to man utd then thats progress, he sais something like that.

    but for me we have to take into the fact we are still work in progress but we cant go on and on about that for ever, yes we have new owners and a new manager – well a old one, new players and nearly a new liverpool but its time to keep pushing for more.

    Enrique is the best signing of the summer for under 6 mill, and still is not getting the praise he needs.

    adam has been a 7 out of 10 and will only get better with gerrard with him, suarez is up their maybe even better theh aguero for a new striker, i wouldnt swap him for anybody bar messi and thats bang on. for 22 odd mill he has been just amazing.

    We are getting their but as good as our bench was yesterday as to that bench last year, we still have massive work to do, man utd proven that by bringing on 3 quick young players who helped make them stay in the game and even draw it!!!

    we are still well sort on all round pace, down the right side, while kuyt is a great team player, there may be some games we need more pace and out right power.

    we are still light up top, look at utd have 4 strikers that can do a job and 4 wide men thet they can choose from!!!!!

    id like to see us bring a in a great wideman who can beat people with outright power and down right pace, like the look of the blackburn man –

    we maybe need to look at another attcaking option from deep and a player that can play in all roles within different team shapes and team systems and i like the look of this lad; –

    lucus will not go on and play ever game for us, he is great but we need more, gerrard has only just come back and henderson is not good enough in the cneter for me, not yet anyway.

    a striker is a must if carroll keeps failing to be able to play football, he must start to do more off the ball and run into space and think more about the game,m for me he is behined even bellamy in choice and if suarez gets a knock we are in trouble, and i mean big trouble,,,, i like to see a good frontman with class brought in like lavezzi or cavani.

  8. “sometimes in life its what you miss then what you have gained that can indeed bring you the best outcome” ynwa!!! love for liverpool fc.

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