New ePetition to force The S*n newspaper to reveal their source

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Following yesterday’s hearing in the House of Commons a group of Reds have started a new ePetition to force The S*n to reveal their source for the Hillsborough lies.

The petition was just started this morning and so far no celebrities or football players have endorsed it yet however I am sure they will soon. I am sure that Joey Barton will soon be on board, he has been brilliant in pushing the other ePetition through.

2,850+ and counting.

Sign here if you live in the UK or are a British Citizen.


  1. Appreciate all the effort can’t we have a system where non UK citizens and non residents who feel just as strongly as those there. Hope you can do it.

  2. politicians make the law, the police enforce it and the judges implement it. Unfortunately parliament do not have the power to force the s*n to name its sources. This is a very difficult subject, recently the police attempted to obtain a court order and force the Guardian to name its sources relating to the phone hacking of Milly Dowler. Fortunately they were unable to achieve this as Journalist need to be able to protect sources who reveal information that is of the public interest, otherwise sources might not come forward in future if they couldnt be sure of such protection. Having said that I do not feel the same with regard to the ‘source’ used by the s*n on that day, as the information they brought forward was in fact false and was an attempt to hide the truth. Similar lies were spread by police officers who where trying to escape blame relating to the shooting of Jean Charles De Menez. The difficulty lie in creating a law that protects journalistic sources who are acting in the public interest and also exposes those who are acting in their own.

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