Manchester United’s soothsayers had predicted this day

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We all saw how Man Utd fans unveiled a banner with 19 at Anfield last May.

Today I was able to break the code and reveal what that 19 meant, by zooming on it and turning over the picture I can see 6 1.

Got to give it to the United soothsayers, simply brilliant piece of work. Keep it up lads.


  1. Hope the people in Manchester are ok. Just heard a big bang coming from the other end of the East Lancs Road. Sounded like an enormous bubble bursting.

  2. Hope united fans are ok after that crush down. by accusing our startlet suarez of abusing evra, now they see that what goes around comes around. WELL DONE CITY

  3. It was great to see M City scoring six but we should worry about our club and not them. Were still behind them and the fact that we throwing points away is very worrying indeed. YNWA

  4. It’s about time that Liverpool to seek for a playmaker in January, coz we haven’t had one for a long, long time. At the moment, I’m satisfied with the partnership of Adam and Gerrard in midfield, only our strikers cannot convert chances to goals. Lucas? nooooo…

  5. CITY made my day!!! Man U truly are average! DE GEA really saved their butts at anfield! Come on back the team, it took Man City 3 years and alot of spending to get into champ leagues so we should all be happy we are on the right track!

  6. Forget the Mancs we are now sounding like they were 15 years ago….or the Bitters for that matter. We need to concentrate on ourselves and drawing 1-1 with Norwich doesn’t give us alot to brag about. This very average United side are still miles ahead of us….

      1. yes we are Antoine – Manure were ther for the taking at Anfield and as usual we were not up for the challenge. We have an evergae team that is developing, but we are miles behind Manure, Citeh, and Chelsea. Tottenham are also better than us.

        We are a top 6 side only … live with it

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