Newcomers’ Syndrome?

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If the Reds were sat in the Anfield dressing room disappointed after the undeserved draw and failed victory over Man Utd, I cannot fathom what they must have felt yesterday evening after throwing away yet another two points at home….to Norwich City!


So let me start by making a statement. The difference at this point in time between Liverpool and Man Utd is the following: Norwich went to Old Trafford, stole the show, but even though Utd played a horrifying game they won 2-0. Liverpool dominated the first 45 minutes; hit the woodwork 3 times, had twice if not three times the goal attempts Norwich had, and got only 1 point. Yes 1 miserable point!
What is this? Do we suffer from ‘Newcomers’ Syndrome’? Now let me tell you about the difference between Liverpool and Norwich City! The difference is that they went down 1-0 to a first half injury time goal. What do they do? The throw in Holt (a second striker) and they equalize. What do Liverpool do: they concede the equalizer and bloody panic. Because panic is what we did! From that moment on we barely put a string of three consecutive passes together and we were constantly living dangerously at the back!
I do not want to hear we deserved this or that. I do not want to hear we should have won 5 or 6 nil. I saw the missed chances, I am not blind. I have never been a hopeless romantic and I will never be. You do NOT climb the table with statistics: possession, passes, assists, attempts at goal, hitting the woodwork ecc, ecc, do not make you a winner. They do not propel you to the heights of the table we aspire for. We need to kill games! Even thought Man Utd scored in perhaps their only real chance of the game, it was Man Utd and that makes it a bit more acceptable. How can Liverpool raise their aspirations and draw at home, even risking losing the game to Norwich City, a team which two seasons ago was in League One!
We cannot say we were not warned. Those of you, like me, who saw their game against Utd knew what to expect!


I am not slamming anyone. I refuse to go there. We triumph as a team and we falter as a team. What I am saying however, and this at the risk of conceding the wrath of the ‘ever optimistic’, is that we are not showing signs that we are going places. We are too inconsistent, we are too inconclusive, and we are too dependent on Luis Suarez!
I was getting flashbacks of Liverpool vs Blackpool last season, and believe you me, it was a very horrible feeling…….!


  1. I was havIng flashbacks of Blackpool too!! As soon as Holt scored I thought ‘here we go again!”. No idea why Bellamy and downing went off either. We’ve been struggling to kill off the so called weaker teams for years. I will never forget being 1-0 up at home to Coventry in the 90s and they got 2 corners in last two mins and won 2-1!! This is a trend I’ve seen way too much! Home to barnsley twice, Norwich in 90s, sheff united, Grimsby, ok a couple of these were cup games and there were probably alot more but I’ve blanked them from memory! You catch my drift though…….

  2. Tonio,do you feel Lucas was badly missed yesterday? I felt as though Norwich had an easy ride with there passing because simply, nobody was there to break up the play. What does little jay spearing have to do to get a game. He would have been perfect yesterday. Andy Carroll also needs to start more. There’s much criticism about him, but we can’t throw him on just to try and win the game. He’s more of a natural finisher than Luis. Frustrating. Llets hope we can put one of our wrongs right by beating Stoke. YNWA

    1. Of course we missed Lucas! The only good thing Charlie Adam did was that run into the penalty area in the second half, otherwise he was slow, predictable and lost more balls than he gained. Stevie is understandably off the pace but the worrying thing here is that he is also unprecise!

  3. The difference between being us and champions is finishing.
    Manshitty convert 18% of their chances while we convert 8%…..yes I said 8%…….not fukcn good enough.

    THE LFC manager shall take its buggage and leave and what a waste £ 20 mn on downing and buying a player like coates and letting rot on the bench and continuing to play carragher and skrtel. glen johson is rusty and kuyt and gerrard is just grey hair hair which fall of the head. and when norwhich scored yesterday, despite bringing another two or three attackers, the mastermind DALGISH put another defender. FOR A TEAM LIKE LIVERPOOL FC TO PLAY DEFENSIVE is just out of wuestion. Dalgish your years of playing have been over and now you shall just quit. spending £100 million past just to get draws at home what s__ks. playing only one player upfront and relying too heavily on suarez and playing players which are garbage and don’t have soul to play for a team like LIVERPOOL FC, then they should just quit playing. Yesterday against Norwich, LFC should just play their youngsters which would have done better than the likes of players like gerrard, kuyt, carragher, skrtel, johnson and dowining which are just eating LFC money and just sleazing on the pitch. what a waste of money on these types of players. and to mention the style of play such that LIVERPOOL only just kick balls to safety and not play with their heads. among the four defenders, they don’t score goals or even in corners. in attack they are not lethal. LFC players are like thin and famine like people in africa, when opposition pulls against them, they easily went down. they don’t earn all headers against opposition. when opposition have corners and they defend it, they don’t have a construction, they just kick balls to safety. in attack not to mention that they are tortoise and rusty and big fattos. why LFC is just siding with such a manager inspite of scoring one, should tell his players continue to attack, but on the contrary just sit down, and take a midfielder and puts a defender. just put youngster like sterling, adam, coady, wilson, wisdom, robinson, flannagan because they are the future, and will gain useful and precious experience than to have GRANDPAS on the field. WE NEED A REVOLUTION AND THAT HAS TO START NOW AND LATER. OR ELSE CONTINUING LIKE THIS WILL BE FIGHTING IN THE RELEGATION. YESTERDAY AGAINST NORWICH, I THOUGHT WE WERE PLAYING AN AWAY FIXTURE. SPENDING £35 MN ON CARROL AND NOT PLAYING HIM. WE SHOULD OPEN A SOCCER SCHOOL SO AS TO MAKE ALL LFC PLAYERS ABLE TO SCORE AND TO BE PINPOINT ACCURATE IN THEIR FINISHING AND PASSING. AND STOP SPENDING ON CELEBRITY BUT PROFESSIONALS WHICH PLAY TO THEIR HEART FOR LIVERPOOL AND LIVERPOOL ALONE. THEY SHOULD LIVE FOR LIVERPOOL, PLAY FOR LIVERPOOL. LIVERPPOOL IS BIGGER THAN ANYTHING ELSE INCLUDING THE USELESS MANAGER WHICH PREVIOUSLY TOO MUCH PRESSURE CAUSE HIM TO RESIGN. WHAT COWARDS. BUT I CONGRATULATE HIM FOR HIS OFF THE FIELD AND SOLIDARITY FOR THE TRAGEDY OF HILLSBOROUGH. BUT TODAY HE SHOULD HAVE THE GUTS TO RESIGN AND HE IS UNABLE TO DEVILVER AND LACKS INSPIRING TOUCHES TO A TEAM RELYING ON USELESS PLAYERS WHO BOOST ABOUT THEMSELVES AND NOT THE TEAM.

  5. Oh shut up u fool or pack your luggage and be a plastic fan. we support our club and kk. and u? U will walk alone. dumb shite

  6. I am glad this happened early in the season… I have now readjusted my hopes since my initial hopes where unrealistic to say the least… now whatever happens I DONT CARE! I know we played well but… I will not be disappointed anymore, I support LFC because I love what it stands for, that’s it, not for history, past glory or winning anymore… so come what may…

  7. @ ought to be patient wiv KK I understand your frustration so I m but let’s all be realistic I KK is still trying to put together his traditional first 11 and geling the team together,I am just disappointed at some events KK should have bought a right winger instead of Henderson,Henderson likes to play in central midfield playing him on the right flank is out of sorts.we have players playing wiv commitment but not productive..Downing was awful I think this Guy needs to be put on the bench and replace him with Maxi whom is technically sound and has an eye for goal..we can not continue to be praising players that aint productive and Suarez needs to be more Clinical and take his chances this is the guy that has highest shot at goal in the premier league so far and yet he’s managed 4 goals needs to check himself.We need a striker and a right winger in January if we are to earn top four it would be catastrophic if we don’t manage top four

  8. Suarez needs to pass to his team mates more often. There were a number of times yesterday that a cut back would have provided a team mate with a chance at an empty net. We are still a bunch of individuals and not a team.

  9. Norwich deserved a point in the end. We can only rue missed chances. Lack of killer instinct ( and arguably lack of strikers) 3 years ago ultimately cost us title no 19 and until we address this then groundhog days will continue.
    If I could make comments about yesterday then they would be
    a) Downing staying on
    B) bellamy coming off
    C) Gerard looking not fit to play the 90 mins at the moment
    D) leaving substitutes too long, I’m referring to Carroll here.
    E) bad luck played its part too
    F) a spirited norwich display
    G) we missed Lucas
    Downing had a poor game. Bellamy did ok.
    My opinion was that KK got his subs wrong.
    If we have 4th place aspirations then we need to improve.

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