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Many managed to find comfort in Man Utd trashing this weekend at the hands of merciless Man City, however the debate on the Reds’ performance against Norwich remains vivid and actual, and I thought that writing some considerations would not harm anyone. There is no intent to lynch; there is no intent to slam. The intent is to look at things from a different perspective!

Before I proceed further, allow me to make one thing perfectly clear. I firmly believe and am entirely convinced that Kenny Dalglish, at this moment in history, is the perfect manager for the Club hands down. I also believe that post-Dalglish, the Club should look at continuing the legacy. It’s a different age, and it’s a different game today, but I am not for another foreign manager whose prime aim would be to bring a hoard of players from his country because they are the only players he knows. We’ve been through this twice in our recent history and hopefully we will not go through it again. This does not mean that we should by local talent ‘at any price’. We should, and we will, make sure that our Academy produces the kind of talent and quality without having the necessity to always look elsewhere.

Now let’s get back to the reason behind the article. After Saturday’s game, Kenny said that we have everything in place and that the only thing lacking at the present time is luck! Unfortunately luck is not something you can work on at Melwood, and though good or bad decisions often have an effect on the final result, there is no doubt that luck rewards the brave, and maybe, just maybe, at times we are not being brave enough.

Take Saturday’s game. The first half was almost (I reiterate the ‘almost’) perfect. Having been bold and brave and adventurous, Lady Luck did reward us in the final attempt of that period with Bellamy’s attempt which ricocheted off the opposing keeper and defender before hitting the net. Objectively, we should have put the game to bed and came out with a bigger margin, but we didn’t. Personally I do not think it was bad luck, we just did not convert the multitude of chances we had, period!

The second half proved to be a different animal. It was Lambert’s turn to become ‘bold and brave’, and if one does not consider introducing a second striker against Liverpool at Anfield bold and brave, then I don’t know what is. The move proved to be a winner. Not only did they grab the equalizer, they sent us into a frenzy of panic and we lost the tempo and flow of the first half. We did create chances, but we did not convert, not because of bad luck, but because we lacked the finish. When we were on target, their keeper out-classed himself.

Now I would have expected Kenny to respond by bringing on Carroll immediately, I almost demanded that ‘bold and brave’ reaction. I would have thought that by taking off Downing, he would have moved Johnson up that flank, shifted Carra to right back, and brought on Agger as centre-back. Why bring on Henderson and place him on the right when we all have seen how ineffective he is there? If you want to bring Henderson on take-off Charlie Adam, who was not having a field day anyway and was losing more balls than he was winning, apart from seeming suspiciously out of puff. Even Bellamy’s substitution was unconvincing because although Lambart had taken precautions by double-marking him, he was still being a nuisance and creating chances. It’s very hard to pin down Bellers!

It’s all a matter of opinion of course, and by such claims, no one is offering his candidature to do Kenny’s job, yet it’s useless to imprecate luck when we seem to be wary of taking brave decisions. My hope is that Kenny and Co are not insisting with playing their acquisitions just for the sake of justifying the investments made! It wouldn’t be fair and it wouldn’t be right.

EOTK is a think-tank for Liverpool fans. It’s were we express our joy and vent off our frustrations. We may not all agree on matters, and we probably may be talking more out of passion that outright technical knowledge, but there is no harm in making your point, sharing your views and expressing your concerns. Ultimately, being critical is one thing, being offensive is another: there is zero tolerance for option two in my book!


  1. There is still something very important missing. The belief that we will win the game no matter what. We are lacking in so much confidence at the moment. We’re poor away from home and are afraid of other teams. We need some more team spirit to enhance belief.. We need a run of good results.. With that we are very capable but there is too much unsirity at the club at the moment..

  2. Those only players he knew got us closer to the Premier League title than we’ve been in 20 years. I’m not sure what nationality has to do with it to be honest. If they’re good enough, then let them play for us. It just happens to be a fact that most English players are just not good enough.

    1. Andrew the point about the foreign players was that when Houllier was in charge the acquisitions were predominantly french speaking, when Rafa too over they were spanish. In the space of 10 years we went from french to spanish to british. Get my drift? The was no continuity.
      Compare that to Man Utd that had the various Beckhams, Nevilles, Scholes, Giggs ecc, ecc that served their club for a span of at least 10 years…..that is continuity and the point is not nationality!

  3. Luck? Well, sure we were unlucky in the 1st half. But the draw was not entirely down to luck. In my opinion, our defense sits too deep just outside the box. This is a recurring problem. We need to push up further creating less space for the opponents in the midfield area.

    And our players are not quick enough to close down players. There is also not enough players in the box when attacking to pounce on the second balls.

  4. I agree there is more to it than just luck…
    1. I know that we bought English players but i am sure they are not quite settled in yet… they haven’t played alot together they dont know what the other is able to offer, football is a team sport, and to win you need to play as a team, and to do that you need to be on the same wave length and they are not all their yet, some are quick and get it fast, others are slower… they need time. it is a new team…
    2. it could also be fear. Maybe they see what they are capable of doing and achieving, they realize it, and many my not have had that before so they are panicking and freezing…
    3. Mainly, I think its the fans… we are increasing pressure on them… we have been waiting for soo long that we are tiered of being patient, we want to win… but lets be honest, we cant and wont win EPL this season, there is alot of rubbish that the past owners have left us with that needs to be cleared out… the club is fighting on so many levels and ew are not really being supportive…so lets just win a cup this season and then wait until next season for the PL… I am sure many players read our comments and many feel extra pressure when they are negative… we as fans need to understand the important part we play in football today, especially with all this media and flight of opinions everywhere!
    Anyway this is my analysis of the situation…

  5. i think our main problem is dealing with crosses at both ends of the pitch. with carra and skrtyl at the back teams know they just need some good crosses and our guys wont deal with it. start coates and aggar against stoke or we will concede a headed goal. i believe kelly and coates could be a great partnership in the future. at the other end do we have anyone at the club who can whip in a good ball cos if we do we dont see it much but maybe the wide players know theres nobody in the box to cross to. we need to flood the box alot more if we want some of that luck. i hate to say this but if skrtyl plays carra cant cos skrtyl needs someone to bail him out all the time and carra too slow and small to do it.

  6. KK’s first substitution killed the game I knew Henderson would be ineffective on the right and he didn’t disappoint me when he came on he was less effective this is a player that did admit he prefers to play in the middle but KK wouldn’t listen..there are players that fits in our wide area quite well and that would do a perfect job there and got adequate substitutes for them.Adam should have been taken off in the game he’s just too slow in the middle,Bellamy was doing well KK took him off and killed the game.Downing up till now hasn’t scored disappointing isn’t it?how could you buy a player for 20Million and hasn’t scored yet even players that was bought cheaply has scored imagining it was Rafa that bought a 20million pound player and hasn’t scored the media jury would have been out on him.Downing too was ineffective we need to start playing Maxi he’s technically sound and good and we are guaranteed goals..KK said what he said to justify himself let’s see what he’s gonna do 2day

  7. there were games like this , even during the times of Shanks & Paisley, when we did everything..sure we have to be more clinical, but the team is also “favoured” with several new players that dont quite know each others game yet..the pressure of 20 seaosn without the league shoudl not deny us a little bit more faith…with a little more “luck ” and better finishing..that fortune often brings..the games against sunderland, stoke, mancs & norwich could all have been won comfortably.. and 9 points better off would see us leading the table..its a shame if we are already “out of patience” ?

    1. Agreed Chris, only difference is that during the Shankey and Paisley era, even the Fagan era if you wish, we were winning titles and trophies left, right and centre! I agree with the ‘patience’ argument but only on the grounds what we will not aspire to win anything. If we, as fans, are all ready to make this another transitional year than I will promise not to come on here and point fingers! :-)

  8. Very well put Tonio. I think Kennys subs at the weekend were strange in that when we needed service to carroll both our suppliers,bellamy and downing had been subbed.
    My biggest criticism of kenny in his first reign as manager was that when he tried to be too cautious it often backfired,particularly after hansen retired and i hope he remembers this.

    1. I think that his ‘caution’ is a big factor here. We are not taking the ‘risk’ when risk is required, and as I said, luck rewards the brave.

  9. Nobody has mentioned coaching, to put chances away as a team it also takes high quality coaching. When Dalglish managed in the 80’s he had Moran and Evans with him and Liverpool were like a finishing school for players. You would go to LFC and improve all aspects of your game, is that the case now? I’m not so sure although i accept Kenny has only been back in the job 10 months and needs time.

    1. Lest we forget that Kenny has Steve and Kevin with him, although they do not come from the Liverpool mould like Moran and Evans did. There was a deep legacy with Shankley, Paisley, Fagan, Moran, Evans and Dalglish and when that legacy dissolved everything went south!

      1. How many players have improved their all round game under Keen and Clarke? They’re not in the same class as Moran/Evans. Bergues and Ayesteran were important in the Houllier/Benitez eras.

  10. Hi Tonio, :)

    Keep the articles coming :)

    I can see why you wrote and constructed the article the way you have done. I read your articles whenever they are written, without fail. I also read all comments from people, and unfortunately the comments from idiotic ‘so called’ fans don’t have a clue what they are talking about. I read your article after the Norwich game, (as I always do) and agreed with most points you made about each player in the bullet points format that you used. I disagreed on Charlie Adam…. I was very impressed with him on Sat to compare all the matches that I have been present at Anfield this season.

    Point of the Comment Mr Bone….. Don’t justify yourself to try and stop the abuse from a clown. Ignore them. I agree with a lot that you say, you clearly know the Liverpool way.. and also your footie. I don’t have the privilege of remembering the Shankly, paisley, fagan days, not even kenny’s days to a point as I was only 6 when the Hillsborough tragedy unfolded. So to me yourself, Antoine etc, Men in their 50’s (haha)basically the old school of football fans, I do envy you, as I would have loved to be around at that time.

    You keep on writing Mr Bone…. and don’t think you have to explain yourself to a 16 year old idiot :) This is coming from a 29 year old young gun lol :) YNWA m8

      1. hahahahah C’mon Tonio…. I’m not far off lol :) As for the support….. no…. it’s thank you for the articles….. and keep them coming :)


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