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Yesterday’s game at The Hawthorns not only gave the Reds an important three away points and a welcome clean sheet, but it also gave us a glimpse of this and that, some for the present, some for the future, worth churning up some considerations on.

Let’s begin with the medium to long term one. Yesterday we got a realistic glimpse of life without Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. Now, before anyone comes out guns blazing, I am conscious of the fact that both of them, especially Stevie, have a couple of more years of football in their legs (albeit not at the level we had been accustomed to!), but yes, we played a solid game in a venue which is never easy for anyone and I think we did a pretty decent job of it, without both of our living legends. Consequently, I think Adam improved a notch not playing in Stevie’s long shadow and gave an improved performance: and how can you not perform when you have someone like Lucas Leiva in support and tying up all the loose ends?

We also saw a much improved tandem performance from Suarez and Carroll, not that ‘El Pistolero’ has not been delivering the goods game in game out. Our ‘worry’ was Carroll, but goal aside (born out of pure persistence) the lanky Englishman’s game is in effect gaining momentum! Suarez is a guarantee, the player everyone envies us, but if Carroll’s progression is constant, we will all, me included, forget the price tag paid and we will start reaping the rewards. Andy Carroll may well become another Liverpool legend in the making.

I don’t know if it was a case of microphone positioning or anything of the sort, but with Carra’s terrifying screams not on show yesterday, Pepe Reina’s marshalling voice was very predominant and it could well be that organizing the defense from his position (with all four plus defensive midfielder in full view) could well have fruited us a rare clean sheet. Another glimpse into the future is Pepe Reina’s inheritance of the captaincy post-Gerrard. Possibly Lucas will be name vice-captain and boy does the lad deserve it!

I cannot avoid a mention of Daniel Agger here. At this point in time, the classy Dane is the only centre-back we have that offers the class and vision worthy of a rock-solid defensive formation. Carragher evokes concentration and passion, Skrtel is rugged, Coates is a still a rough diamond, but Agger remains the only one capable of providing that touch of class and finesse that puts him a span in front of his colleagues. If he can miraculously stay away from injuries, I see him and Coates (or Gary Cahill…..) forming a formidable centre-back partnership for the next five years minimum!

A last mention goes to a subject that has been front-page as far as the Reds are concerned: luck! I have been writing that for me, luck rewards the bold and the brave, and yesterday, bold and brave we certainly were. We took the game by the scruff of the neck and aside from an understandable latish resurgence from Albion, the Reds were in control from the word go. We might have been a wee bit lucky getting that penalty, not because it was or it wasn’t, but because the referee waved play on while his assistance had the balls to flag it: now how many times does that happen? For the sake of the argument that favourable decision was compounded by a clear hand-ball by Reid from a Carroll effort which the officials preferred to ignore. We were bold, we were brave, and we deserved having luck on our side!

Final note! Why is it that we play Stoke City on Wednesday and then we play West Brom on Saturday, while our Wednesday opponents play Monday night? Probably a TV or fixture related glitch but does not seem fair does it? But then we are Liverpool Football Club, and that is why we spent well to have depth in squad, right?


  1. Well said Tonio, but Glen Johnson looks a bit accident prone, committing unnecessary fouls and giving Albion dangerous set pieces. Kelly looks a sharper right back.

    1. I have written that as far as I am concerned Martin Kelly has made the right back position his own, but Johnson remains one notch above him in the pecking order. Let’s say we have the right back position covered threefold (if you include Flanno). Johnson seemed to get a bit hyped up in the last part of the game and was losing concentration having a go at the ref and his teammates every time th ball came his way. Did not have a bad game if you tell me, but that is his characteristic isn’t it! He is a bit better than Kelly on the attacking front, but you feel our Kelly is stronger defensively!

  2. The WBA games demonstrated that the best is yet to come from Liverpool given time though Johnson was not up to espectation.

  3. We have all seen how well the squad is doing now, the lads are clicking together. We have real quality on the bench, Hendo, Adam, Carroll all doing better and Bellamy is just class!!!. No Gerrard or Carra yet we stil bossed the game, at Stoke we made 8 changes and still won well………….happy days!!!

  4. Happy at getting the 3pts, keeping a clean sheet and dominating possession away from home. All in all a strong performance.

  5. “stay humble & take it on game by game”, I like that a lot. Just like how things always used to be.
    Great to pick up three points, I think pulling 10 back on City is too much but I do believe we can finish above manure, shame that useless lot could not give everyone a lift by losing 1-0 at home!
    We should aim to pick up maximum points to end of November.

    1. Hey Sharde. The plan this season was to get back into Champions League football. This for many reasons of course: because all the best players want to play in the competition, because there is good revenue and because Liverpool deserve to be amongst the elite of football! It also helps attracting star quality players to the Club.
      Landing a spot amongst the top four this season will NOT be easy, and if we make it (and I believe we have the right material to land it), it would be a great achievement! I’d be very happy with a top four finish and perhaps either the League or better still the FA Cup.

  6. Daniel Agger could quite simply establish himself as number 1 CB this season. So impressive when he has played. Big thumbs up to Pepe as skipper also. I think the last two games have shown how vital Lucas is for us. YNWA

  7. liverpool must concentrate on buying the skillful striker

    – david villa
    – jovetic
    – higuain and so on

    – then sell andy carroll = useless donkey!

    Skillful winger

    – adam johnson
    – eden hazard
    – luuk de jong

    – Sell dowinng = overrated
    – Sell Maxi

    New Central Defender

    – Skrtel isn’t good enough – sell him
    – carra gets past it (becomes slower and more crap)- on bench
    – agger is good but extremely injury-prone

    New Holding Midfielder

    1. Well Sean. Let’s put it this way: Villa, Jovetic or Higuan not coming to Merseyside anytime soon and your valuation of Carroll as a ‘useless donkey’ is both unfair and offensive. As for the wingers the only viable option is Hazard but the Reds will face stiff competition from half of Europe’s great to seal his signature. Downing is not going anywhere and Maxi is possibly too comfortable to ask for a move (remember to sell a player he needs to want to go!).
      I’m surprised you did not mention any centre-back replacements given your dead-certain choices for the other positions. I do agree that we need better than Skrtel, and also that Carra is on the eclipse. New Holding Midfielder? Any candidates? And to replace who? Lucas, Adam???

    2. Oh good, championship manager season is back. Get real lad, Carroll has scored in the last 2 league games he has started. Downing has been perfect minus the goal drought. Maxi has done nothing wrong when he has played. And all of a sudden our squad has 1 recognisable centre half according to you-Coates, who has only just arrived and yet to break into the team! New holding midfielder? Sigh. Why am I even bothering. YNWA

      1. Hi Curtis. My concern when I read such comments (referring to Sean’s) is that many suggestions are just unrealistic! Can one honestly see David Villa leaving Barcelona or Higuain leaving Real Madrid? And Stefan Jovetic, should he ever decide to leave Fiorentina, is contended by Inter, Juve, Milan and Napoli to mention a few, and his first preference is to stay in Italy! Would not be bad for some guys to get informed before throwing in names.
        With Carra having already suggested his time may soon be up, I do think that Gary Cahill may be a viable option for the Reds. Not only is he an exceptional centre-back that deserves a better Club, he also will not need to change home and playing for Liverpool will only boost his England carrier where he is most certain to take over from the now infamous Terry. Like you, about the new holding midfielder mention, I will not even bother……………!

        1. Hi Tonio, it just baffles me when readers like Sean above, honestly believe the likes of Villa/Jovetic and Higuain are realistic targets. Let alone why we actually need them in the first place, the “new” squad hasnt even had half a season together yet. My honest opinion is that we are doing just fine as we are, and as you have posted yourself-top 4 is the target with a domestic trophy or two, which we are well on the way to fighting for. I hope you are right about Gary Cahill, I could see him and Agger forming quite the partnership at the back over the next 5 years with Coates and Kelly waiting in the wings. I wonder if the comment regarding the holding midfielder was thought about before Lucas was pretty much instated as future vice-captain. YNWA

  8. Yawn!
    Downing is bad, Mata/young were better
    Carroll is bad, Aguero was better
    Handerson is bad, a sheep would be better.
    My suggestion to people who say this:
    Real Life is bad, virtual is better.
    Supporting Liverpool is bad, Manchester would be better!

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