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Brian Reece

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On Saturday we saw a fine Liverpool away performance with the outclassing of WBA in a 2-0 stroll for the Reds.

But most importantly we won without Steven Gerrard or Jamie Carragher in the squad, and maybe that could just be the start of a team at the beginning of evolution and a team that has grasped the reality that Liverpool will be without Gerrard & Carragher more and more.

For years Liverpool have excessively relied on their two finest players and given the duo’s appetite for the club and the game it’s almost short of a miracle that either one of have not had to retired already.

Steven Gerrard trains and plays the game the only way he knows how and that’s at 100mph while Carragher’s fitness levels are so impressive it’s simply stuff of legends.

But time and evolution is friendless and holds no sentiment for anyone, Carragher has been losing pace over the last two seasons and mistakes have started to creep into his game while Gerrard has unfortunately started to become injury prone through bad luck and age.

This does not mean that both players are finished as that would be a ridicules statement or judgment for anyone to imply but as a team Liverpool need to start making preparations for the replacement of both players.

Steven Gerrard in particular is a concern purely because of the type of player he is and the extra dimension he brings to the team but where would you even begin to start looking for another Gerrard, Jamie Carragher on the other hand is replaceable and will be replaced.

We all know what a great servant to Liverpool Jamie has been and all the loyalty he has given the club but Liverpool’s permanent place among the top four and Champions League ambitions do not include Carragher, and to some extent Gerrard comes into the same bracket.

Dalglish has already started looking at replacements for Carragher but also needs to discuss the continuing problems with Daniel Agger with the owners which means Kenny must cover both defenders positions, the capture of Coates is a good start and all the early indications are that the Uruguayan will become a fantastic buy.

Kenny Dalglish faces a challenge to replace Gerrard simply because he is such a fantastic player and with abilities that simply are not available at present, the only fortunate side of this situation for Dalglish is that he has time to find the player he wants to replace Steven with.

Carragher has at least one more season in him but I feel it wont be as a regular and Gerrard has about two to three seasons at most, so does Dalglish go out and spend a large amount of funds on a replacement for Steven in the next year or run the risk of being without Gerrard and not having a world-class replacement?.

Both players are loved by all of us and are legends within Liverpool Football Club but we have to learn to win without them just as we did on Saturday, we need to be competitive and that means finding replacements for star players.

We are heading in the right direction in terms of squad quality but it is paramount that Dalglish adds another class defender and a world-class central midfielder either in the January transfer window or next summers one.

If Liverpool are to capture a top four place in the Premier League on a regular basis we have to learn to beat teams when our star players are not available, the way we controlled the game on Saturday was refreshing and one of surprise due to the early news that Gerrard was not going to feature.

Liverpool would have taken nothing from this type of game if Gerrard and Carragher would have been missing in the past, which is why Saturday’s performance was special for me, it showed we can compete and work as a team even when your captain and defensive rock are missing, did we or could we have shown that sort of fight under Benitez or Hodgson I think not.


  1. Under Benitez we came back from being behind more times in one season than most Liverpool sides I can recall, so I think its unfair to group him with Hodgson.

  2. A tough but honest and fair piece which addresses a truth many of us don’t want to but Kenny has to (and is)

    One thing you sort of mention but don’t really bring out is the impact Stevie has emotionally on a game. Look at Istanbull… The best LFC players, even the ones that came in from outside, seem to absorb an element of this club passion – look at Lucas, Kuyt, Reina… they feel the passion of the fans, the club, the manager and play their hearts out for the Liverbird.

    I spent several hours last night trying to think of another current league player that has given his all for a club the way Stevie has. I failed

    That kind of impact cannot, I’m afraid, be bought and there’s no coincidence that 11 of the Barca first team squad are products of their academy …

    I have no fear for the future of LFC with or without Carra and Stevie any sadness I feel is for Stevie – the man that has laboured for years to build a magnifcent cathedral but may potentially not be there to fit the last stone when LFC lift the title once more.

    I only hope we do it sooner rather than later!

    1. I Love your comment… You can’t buy passion, passion for the game is one thing but PASSION for THE CLUB is something else… Steve and Carra “were in love with this club”… and the fact that they are true scouse adds to it too… They WANTED to succeed not only for them but for the fan… they understood it all.. We need to find that, we need to find people who’s passion exceed only passion for the game but for the club as well… our academy needs to produce that.. we also need people who’s heads won’t turn in the sight of money when Man City show up with all that money to buy their success…

  3. Agreed on th central defender bit, but I think we need a genuine world class right winger ( miles better thn the 1 v have on th left right nw), someone who can dribble, cross and shoot! Also, a young forward with explosive pace n shooting ability wouldn’t hurt, someone in the Torres mode, diff frm Suarez n Carroll!

  4. Took look ahead unemotionally would be the best way forward. I’m sure Kenny is doing that and would keep doing it. With Kenny incharge of the process, I’m sure we’ll never find ourselves in Chelsea like position where the old guard is too old but still remain the better performers on pitch however little they contribute (except, maybe, Mata).

    Over-reliance on Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres in 2009-10 had left us where we were in January 2011 and Kenny witnessed it from box seat and knows it only too well.

    While we haven’t really missed Stevie this season, Jamie is a rock at the back and we need him till we have some real quality there. Back wings are in good hands with Glen and Jose but the Center Backs in Agger and Skrtel are either too brittle or inconsistent or both. Coates is simply just too new but may become a permanent feature on the squad sheet.

    Without the emotional perspective on Suarez’s contribution, it is still fair to note that he has been the axis of our attack in the past 9 months. While there are no parallels to best, we’ll still have to learn to win without him which may be a case sometime or the other. Although his past record shows that he is a fairly robust bloke.

    Another great write up by El Toad

  5. Good article brian, no player plays forever but gerrard and carragher will be sorely missed. Both have inspirational players and as leaders were the men everyone looked to when games weren’t going our way.

    I think what saturdays match showed is we now have more players willing to step into their shoes and lead by example!

    The future looks red to me!

  6. Brilliant Article Brian!
    Although I disagree with one thing.. Carra will not play a bit part role next season!
    Carra being Carra.. will walk out when he says that he will not be able to play every game (He says so in his autobiography as well) or that his being in the team will be bad for Liverpool… Legend that bloke is I tell ya!
    Only problem is, how tough will this decision be for Carra when he sees that Liverpool are in striking reach of the title… Will he want to move out then?

  7. Lets get Tevez!!!!!

    We all know he dies to be on the field, he has the same attitude as Suarez and he will become an Instant Legend for us, He has the hatred for Man U and City and like Suarez just does not care about anyone but to play and sweat and bleed his jersey each and every game….He is loved at Boca for that……Kenny can control him……Carrol is quiet this season after so much BS he went thru at Newcastle, he was even made to live with Nolan….Suarez was the World Cup Villain and even bit someone in Netherlands and now look at him……Tevez and Suarez up front will be better than any front line of any team in the World…His family is happy, place them next to Maxi’s family, SUarez, Coates, Reina and Lucas to be even happier……Tevez will be loved at the KOP …Please get him Kenny and Commoli…..

    1. He dies to be on the field…so when asked to come off the bench in a Champions League game he says no? £200k a week isn’t enough to convince him to play the rest of a game in the CL?

      Tevez is the opposite of the type of player we want at Liverpool. He’s a complete mercenary and will cause a lot more harm than good. Not only that but he’s got Man United in his history, which I prefer Liverpool players to not have when they come to us (or leave us).

      I’m sure you were joking about him though…no sane person could ever think he’s suitable for Liverpool FC.

  8. Tevez….don’t make me laugh.

    The guy is an idiot who has no loyalty for any club he has played for and would not for us. Liverpool DO NOT need a player like him.

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