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I often am one of the first, if not the only, to spank the Reds on their ass when they churn out a performance which I feel is way below their standards. Frequently, my reality checks stimulate condescending comments such as ‘We are still works in progress’, or ‘Give Kenny some time’, or better still, ‘The team is only beginning to gel’. The best ones are ‘Go support someone else!’ Objectively all reasonable reactions (minus the latter one which is the epitome of stupidity), but is this the same perspective with which Henry, Warner, Comolli, Kenny and all our players view this season?

I feel that the plan was, and still is, a quick return to Champions League football. That is priority number one! The Club wants it, the owners demand it, the manager believes in it and the players crave for it! We have witnessed that the Club is finally giving the domestic cups their due importance and respect, and even though we played Stoke the other day with 8 changes from the previous game, the starting line-up was jam packed with quality players and the performance reflected this quality in depth, playing a full strength Stoke team at the Britannia which is renowned to be a difficult hurdle for any visiting team.

So let’s not beat around the bush. Those that believe the Club is not targeting this goal are either living in a parallel world or else have their computations completely wrong. Competing in Champions League football has a multiple ripple effects that all point towards positivity: top tier of European football, substantial financial benefits, brand exposure leading to stronger sponsorship deals, helps keeping your best players from wanting to go elsewhere, and helps you attract quality star players to the Club. Indirectly (so to speak), the same target helps you remain within striking distance of landing the Premier League title, unless of course the team leading the pack is flying at unreachable heights.

Those who believe that Henry & Co put in the money they have (and I am not referring to the purchase of the Club) just for the Reds to finish ‘a bit better than last year’ think again, because you are mistaken. The money has been provided and the team has been radically overhauled. The players that did not ‘sell’ but either did not want to stay (see Aquilani), or were not part of the plans (see Cole) were sent out on loan for three reasons: the first not to remain a heavy burden to carry, the second to keep their careers and their value on track, and the third to have them half-way away from a guaranteed commercially viable sale.

There was good turnover of money which resulted in some good business for the Club. Seven new players coming in and almost double that moving out is, in effect, an overhaul! New owners, new management and a squad with depth are the foundations on which success is built, and not one, not least us passionate supporters, will be happy with finishing one spot better than last year!

We need to be bold and brave, and we need to be consistent. We need to remain humble but we also need to foster ambition. We ‘avoided’ Europa League this season to concentrate starting with a fresh slate. Let’s make the most of it, because if the PL title may not be within our sights, Champions League football and the domestic cups most certainly are!

And, lest we forget, the January transfer window is only 60 days away, and yes, there might be a couple of pleasant surprises around the corner……!


  1. very nice blog, mate
    we share the same hope. every liverpool supporter want the team to back as the “european hero”, like the previous seasons

    1. Sorry to disagree the Champions League isn’t our ‘inherent right’ that right has to be earned. And whilst we have a fantastic European history it is just that ‘history’. We have to now raise the bar just to compete with City, United, Chelsea, Aresenal and Spurs….. a tall order but KK is the man to lead us there.

      1. I have to agree with with this comment. We do not have a right to be in any competition, we have to fight our way to win honours. City have started strongly off the blocks but Utd have been riding their luck at times. I do believe Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs are on level terms with us and Newcastle, although playing good football, have no started facing the big guns yet!

  2. It’s a big ask to finish in the top four but I’m sure we can do it! We need our captain back and we need to continue playing good attacking football. Tottenham r starting to become a nuisance and rarely drop points and now arsenal r starting to perform. So we need to improve a lot more and keep to our strongest 11. YNWA

    1. Definitely a big ask and not just for the Reds. The competition is fierce and as you said teams like Spurs and Arsenal are getting into their stride. Everyone will drop points, I just hope we manage to drop as little as possible, especially against ‘weaker’ opposition.

      1. It looks bad to drop points to ‘weaker’ competition but assuming we have the same points at the end of the season it would be better to drop points to wolves, blackburn etc than to chelsea, tottenham, arsenal or any other team who could oust us for top 4 finish.

        1. Dropping points will damage the cause whoever we drop them with. With Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal we need to win our direct encounters possibly, because that is what should make the difference.

  3. I think this artical is spot on i agree that a return to champions league is a must for us cause of the revenue and the best teams are in there so to be considered any good we must be in there. I also fully agree that we should give the domestic cups more respect because realistically their are best shot of winning things and to disrespect these competitions when the league cup and fa cup have gave us some fantastic memories is silly you never heard our great managers and players ever say its just the league cup and fa cup abd at the end of the day there is only 5 cups up for grabs i.e. premiership, champions league, europa league, fa cup and league cup and considering where not in europe and the league is a long way off the domestic cups are a must for us.

  4. Agreed wit you tonio,we need to be in d ucl come next season,but mind u we are in d right hand,u can see we ranked no3 in chance creation this season,but missed the chances and i think work has been done by kk,i see no reason of not been in d ucl,and blive we can compete for Epl dis year.put a strong faith and see where we end.lol.follow me on twitter @Femi18lfc.ynwa

  5. I do agree with everything, especially staying humble and working HARD to be CONSISTENT… However, do you really think we will get anybody in Jan transfer window? Players are usually more expensive in Jan? any thoughts and preferences on all the speculations we all hear about?

    1. With Agger injury prone and Carra beginnning to squeek and showing the will to hang his boots, I can see the Reds going for a solid central defender, with Gary Cahill being my obvious choice, because he is good up front as he is at the back. Then with Aquilani and Mereiles gone, and Stevie G also faltering with injury issues, we are going to be in need of a attacking midfield vistuoso to give our game the tempo.

  6. I wouldn’t be so worried about the idiots commenting Tonio. It comes with the territory. You are obviously a passionate red. Just write how you feel you’ll always get good comments as we see above.

  7. I would rather see us build a team that challenges for the title in the next few years than be pre-occupied with the champions league. Domestic dominance is much more important for me.

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