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What a difference Kenny has made since his return back in January, it has been quite remarkable the transformation of the club’s fortunes. With superb backing from the new owners who gave Kenny the much needed finances to rebuild the threadbare squad, things at this great club are starting to go in the right direction.

No promises or shouting from the roof tops about Liverpool going to win this or win that or sign him or build a new stadium tomorrow. Everyone at Liverpool is pulling in the same direction and singing of the same hymn sheet, it is just like the good old days, when Liverpool went quietly about their business, collecting scores of silverware in the process.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and nobody at the club is promising instant success, and the supporters understand this as well. If success does come then this season then the club will just take it in their stride and not blow their trumpet about it like other clubs do. There is a great sense of purpose and sense of daily improvement at the club from on the park to the hierarchy.

Kenny brought in a lot of new faces in the summer and in my opinion this was needed as too many youngsters were asked to step up to the plate last season, maybe a bit too soon, although in no way did they look out of place as Liverpool have some great talent flourishing in the youth teams. But to ask youngsters to play week in week out at the highest level is a very big ask, so Kenny went out and brought some talented individuals in with great experience with the likes of Adam, Downing and Bellamy.

The squad now has quality in every position with competition for places in every position which is very important. Reina has Doni as back up and I saw him at Ibrox the other week and he looked very good. At right back we have Johnson, Kelly, Flanagan and Carragher who can all play there. On the left there is the impressive Enrique, Glen Johnson, Agger, Aurelio and young Jack Robinson who is a tremendous prospect. In the centre of defence we have Carragher, Skrtel, Agger, Wilson, Coates and we also have the option of Martin Kelly to play there also. On the left side of midfield we have Downing, Bellamy, Aurelio and Maxi who has been unlucky to miss out in so many matches this season. On theright side we have Henderson, Kuyt, Johnson and Downing and Gerrard can also be used there. The centre of midfield is very strong too with Lucas, Adam, Gerrard, Spearing and Henderson another option for the middle. Up front we have Suarez, Carroll, Kuyt, Bellamy and Gerrard can also be used higher up the park. So personally I am very pleased with the squad we have as we look to challenge for trophies and at least a top four place.

But what I like best about Liverpool over recent months is our style of play, we are now playing a far more attacking style of play compared to our defensive style that we have played over far too many years for my liking. Yes we have been losing more goals than we are used to and so far we have not scored near as many goals as we should have, but the amount of chances we are creating is superb and the goals will come. The football we are now watching is similar to the style of play Kenny had his team playing in his first stint as manager. The passion and work rate of the players is much better to see and the players look as if they are enjoying there football.

The new signings including the much maligned Andy Carroll are starting to gel and they will all be important players for us this season and for the future. So I am very pleased with the progress we have made over recent months and I think we will at least finish in the top four this season, with hopefully a trophy in the cabinet too. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season with continuation of the Liverpool Way.



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