POLL : Should Stevie G. retire from International duty?

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Following Stevie’s recent injuries do you feel that it is time for him to retire from International duty and just focus on Liverpool?


  1. yes, because that would clearly have avoided the infected ankle he incurred.

    infected ankles have been widely linked to players over exerting themselves on international duty, so its a clear sign gerrard should hang up his 3 lions.

  2. I think its about time.
    He is thirty.
    Rarely makes it through season without an injury of some sort.
    Besides its new day with the likes of Wilkshere coming through.

  3. for me gerrard and all english liverpool player should be retir in international team we all know FA AND MOUST OF REfEREES are dogy with LFC YNWA

  4. No, Stevie deserves one last crack at winning a honour with England where he has given his all in winning for England and as a player as never said a bad word about playing for England unlike certain players in the last couple of months mainly Scholes and Neville.To Stevie not winning a major tournament would be up there with not wining the Premier League.

  5. I voted yes, but maybe after Euro 2012. He’s a professional footballer and deserves one last shot at an international trophy, but after that he needs to hang up the England boots and focus on LFC.

  6. No. He should retire from International duty when he wants to and not out of some belief that he needs to concentrate more on Liverpool.

    To answer Rich’s question, Steven Gerrard cares about the England team and that’s all that matters.

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