Liverpool lineup vs Swansea

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Pepe Reina skippers the Reds and we host the Swans.

Starting XI :  Reina, Johnson, Enrique, Agger, Skrtel, Lucas, Adam, Downing, Henderson, Carroll, Suarez
Subs : Doni, Spearing, Bellamy, Kuyt, Kelly, Coates, Maxi.

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    1. Was hoping Kuyt would start there as well with Bellamy on the left flank. Downing and Hendo have been disappointing of late.

  1. have to agree on the bellamy front. not a fan of keepers being captains either. prefer agger or lucas, who are out field. fair enough they may not be ready.

  2. Was really hoping bellamy would start today. He deserves it. Anyway, We will win today for sure! Come on you reds! YNWA

  3. Just watched the 1st half against Swans. I hope we can scrape a draw out of this as there is simply no finishing talent in the least in Downing,Henderson and Adam!It will be a pity to see Suarez leave in January as another round of buying absolute rock-bottom English talent comes up!!

  4. This comment is after the game FT. I just wonder what would have happened to Benitez if he spent all this money on some unknown players and then played as bad as we played today!!!

    This is a disgrace to Anfield and to all Liverpool supporters, we are playing the worst football in the league now. We have been lucky winning games thanks to some red cards and some awarded penalties and also not forgetting having someone like Suarez on the team. We are a mid average team, I haven’t been so upset by a performance like I was today.

    Right side was completely out of order, terrible crosses and bad game plan. And to be honest from the way we always play in the second half just shows me how handicapped is KK’s tactics, and what bugs me most is how the media and our LFC golden oldies defend his football.

    Don’t get me wrong I love LFC and I have been following them since the eighties from Iraq on the radio on BBC which back then in our country you can barley get a decent reception just to know the fixtures and results, then we had to build our own table on paper to followup.

    I am just talking facts on what I have seen in the season so far, getting rid of our best player last season, Raul, was a big mistake, I just dont want to see what happens to the team if Lucas or Suarez get a long injury spell!!!

    I am not sure what will happen to us the next 2 games, and all this and not forgetting that we have only the EPL to focus on. This is so bad.

    I am not sure what is the right thing now, but based on performance alone not results, I dont see us going anywhere. I really hope I am wrong but day by day I believe more.

    Good Luck to all LFC fans as we are gonna have some crazy days ahead.

  5. Actually a really unacceptable performance. Bellamy and Kuyt should always start. There’s more inventiveness and football brains on show when we have Suarez, Kuyt and Bellamy on. If Bellamy is going to be our supersub then why not give him more time on the pitch. To me I think 20 minutes is the minimum you should afford a sub to change the game. They have to get into the rhythm, and that’s where I feel our management fails. Bringing on subs to effectively change the game. So many games you can see the fans wondering why on earth a sub had not been initiated. like today watching Charlie puffing and getting nowhere past the 70th minute mark. we can’t be made to look like a MIDdiocre team but we have. And the amount of goals we are missing is almost ridiculous. Now for another useless international break. We need another striker to partner Suarez. A modern day RUSH. Because with the players around he just need to pop them in. Bad Result. Hope no one comes back injured from this useless break.

  6. I still blame the elusive lady luck!
    If Carrol’s shot in the 7th minute had hit the goal, it would have been a completely different game.
    Anywho, not much can be said after the game. Although, I am getting a little impatient now. We are playing good football, but the connect between the players is somehow missing. Too many hollywood passes, too little conversion. I hope we gel soon.

    Anways, the League is decided only after January. Hope we are not out of the race by that time!

  7. I see no reason why dalglish should remain as liverpool manager, he has succeeded in turning liverpool into average team. benitez is far more better than he is.

  8. Norwich and Swansea at home, 4 points lost, away to Chelsea next, than home to Manchester City! With performances like we’ve shown recently, we’ll be facing another non European campaign next season!

  9. the mistake dalgish made was allowing Aquilani and Raul Miereles to go even when Aquilani wanted to leave KK should have persuaded him to stay and give him more game times,that was the major reason he left because KK couldnt guarantee him game time,same as Raul he was so effective and instrumental for us last season still KK allowed him to go just like that they couldnt review his wages and couldnt offer him more game time disgusting…Here they are talking about use of statistics in buying their players didnt their statistics tell them that Henderson,Adam,Downing would underperform at time goes on,you cant be playing all these players evertime especially Downing i m disappointed at him could one imagine a 20million player is yet to open his scoring account pathetic isnt it..As for Henderson the lad admitted he would prefer to play in the middle but our kk that knows more than us all and is bigger than the club sees something negatively different by playing this lad on the right where he would receive more stick and criticims pathetic yet again isnt it..KK should have bought a right winger instead of buying a midfielder i m just skeptical that KK’s blind sight wouldnt cost us top four..many top teams in the league have got two wingers how many have we got??1 i mean the ineffective and inconsistent downing..Maxi is better off him so Bellamy..As for Adam that is so slow and sluggish in the midfield kk would continue playing only because he’s scottish..thats why carrol is always frustrated because they dont get the ball to him quickly i wonder what our players do in training..i m so gutted i know if it was Rafa that did this the whole nation would have been calling for his head,body and soul but it’s kk no one can criticise even our golden oldies see’s every step of kk as correct instead of them to draw his attention to his mistakes to avoid re-occurrence they wouldnt but would praise and praise him as a perfectionist

  10. Utterly frustrating yet again. I hate the fact that my team is the most painful to watch week in and week out. Other than some Suarez magic once and again there is little to be excited about out there. If Kenny doesn’t pull Adam aside sometime really son and inform him that “crosses” from 40 yards out and slightly off of center are utterly useless ( maybe 1 in 100 produce anything) then he has no ideas…he does them constantly…get the damn ball down the flank! Henderson ” earns” yet another start??? We wait til 14 mins left to sub in Bellamy? Jesus Christ we look terrible and it really ruins my weekend with this apathy. We need to buy some talent and fast!

  11. If you could win the premier league on possession we’d have it wrapped up. What i’d give to have robbie fowler back!

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