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With Liverpool’s game 12 days away, we need to keep the debate going and the passion alive. The Reds have 3 tough encounters on the trot (and I am not saying that playing away to Fulham will be a joyride) not to mention that following that we will be hosting the third and final newcomers QPR (OMG!). So unless we up our game a couple of notches, we will be seriously risking another season that started with hope and promise but that might end with not joy and no silverware.

Optimistically speaking, there is still scope and there is still hope. There have been signs of greatness and then we have exposed signs of inherent weakness and lack of resolve. New owners, new management and 8 new players were a solid base to turn things around. Let’s see how the 8 newcomers have fared so far:

1. LUIS SAUREZ – definitely the best signing under the new regime. Luis is a breath of fresh air but it is a shame that we are becoming so dependent on his performances. This man not only scores, he creates goals out of nothing. A bit hasty with some of his finishing and it is the only side of his game he needs to refine. He stepped into the shoes of a huge Liverpool idol that was Torres, and did such a fine job of it. Compared to other signings this year, his purchase price is a bargain. Messiah!
2. JOSE ENRIQUE – without a shadow of a doubt the buy of the year. Not only was his purchase tag reasonable, he slotted in the team like a dream and resolved our left back sorrows in the blink of an eye. His move to Liverpool will certainly gain him a place in the Spanish squad which is no mean feat for anyone. Technically gifted and physically strong, the Spaniard can only get better. Bargain!
3. CRAIG BELLAMY – some say Bellamy has a dodgy knee and that he can only play once a week. If that is the case why is he not in the starting line up each weekend? Liverpool strayed from their policy of ‘buying young’ because the Welshman came on a free and because he wanted to come to Liverpool where he felt he had ‘unfinished business’. Five years older but still faster than Downing, Bellers is our third best acquisition of the year. Restrained!
4. ANDY CARROLL – the huge price tag he carries on his shoulders does not help much, but the lanky 22 year old forward may still have a point or two to prove. He has shown glimpses of raw power and talent and on many occasions has not had the service that could bring the best out of him. Liverpool fans seem 50/50 on whether the Geordie will make the grade at Anfield, but he has age in his favour and he needs someone like a fit and tonic Steven Gerrard behind him to give him with the right ammunition to inflict serious damage. Promise!
5. STUART DOWNING – often played on the right at Villa because Ashley Young was the preferred choice on the left. Seems to have lost that blistering speed that was his main characteristic and those rasping crosses from the left come long and far between. The Reds spent Stg 20 mil for him and many have been questions whether this was a deal worth the cost. He is perhaps one of the best strikers of the ball in the Reds’ squad yet he seems wary of having a go as much as many would wish him to. He can do better, we expect better. Unfulfilled!
6. CHARLIE ADAM – we waited almost 8 months for his signature, but the Charlie Adam we have seen in action so far is a far cry from the marauding captain of that Blackpool side that dazzled so many with their total football style and for which he was the undisputed ringmaster. Adam seems slow on the ball and looses possession on much more occasions than he wins it. He has a habit of getting on the ref’s book too early in the game which then conditions his performance. The Reds did not go out of pocket to get him but so far has not lived up to the promise. Disappointing!
7. JORDAN HENDERSON – our first summer signing and our first Stg 20 million investment for the same summer window. Many were baffled at his signing; many remain baffled to this day! Dalglish insists on using him on the right instead of playing Downing there and Bellamy on the left. He’s had only a few performances worth noting but like Carroll, age is on his side. Not a first eleven selection in my book, but then I am not the manager. Gamble!
8. DONI –  He came to Liverpool knowing that he would only play if Reina was physically unavailable, and since the Cups have become a priority, Reina is playing those too. Ex-Selecao international and had a good stint with Roma, the Brazilian will hopefully fulfil his deputy duties well when called upon. Patient!

9. SEBASTIAN COATES – Last but not least in the true sense of the word (and only because it was late in the night and I had an amnesic moment!). This is one classy defender who with Agger can form a strong central defensive partnership. Number 1 choice for his country (who incidentally are South America champions) and will soon be Number 1 choice for the Reds. Imminent!

Needless to say, the above assessment is my own personal view and I have tried to remain as objective as possible. Should you, my dear friend, have different views from mine, which is natural, there is a small box where you can go ahead and unleash you thoughts!


    1. Had an amnesic moment. Thanks for the heads up……was very late in the night when I wrote that (am I am not fishing for excuses). :-)

  1. I was at the game this weekend and Henderson and Carroll were very, very poor. Henderson looks completely out of his depth and he is simply not a right sided player. Carroll on the other hand was lazy, slow, didn’t really have any movement, didn’t get into the box on occasions. His touch is better suited to a lower division.

    He is simply not going to make it at Anfield. Bellamy had 20 minutes and looked sharp, up for it and ran into channels creating space. Adam is playing far to deep for me also.

  2. another arguenent in hendos favor would be that of the fleeting early performances of a certain other central midfielder who became arguably the greastest player of our clubs history.
    Stevie was unproven and not prolific out on the right at the begining of his career…go figure?

  3. Good assessments Tonio. I don’t know what the problem is with some of the signings. I think they seem to be lacking a bit of confidence at times. I said it at the time and I still believe it – it was a mistake to choose Adam over Raul or Aquilani, I know there may have been other factors but we’ll never know. Adam hasn’t exactly helped us forget them either. And you are spot on about him tempering his game too, it’s just frustrating because the times when he is getting carded he’s no where near the ball. Downing needs to improve as well but he’s definitely been better than Henderson. But Hendo’s young and has shown glimpses, but he must improve if he’s to make it at this club.

  4. Well, upon purchasing Suarez, we still had Torres and were unaware that he decided to go. The actual acquisition meant to feel Torres’ shoes was indeed Carroll. In my opinion, that makes Andy Carroll more of a disappointment than any of the signings we’ve made. He isn’t scoring many goals and often times we leave the 35 mil pounds aging on the bench.

  5. Apart from the signing, Lucas is not performing and so much handicapped. As a defensive midfielder, he cant win a decent tackle, he cant dribble past one opponent, easily gets shoved because of being lightweight, can head the ball well or cant slear high balls during crosses, cant cross a ball to the strikers,score just 1 goal a season and his presence doesn’t not strike fear among opponents. He only roams around the park and chasing behind opponents.

    1. you need to check your stats mate, lucas has the highest pass and tackle completion rate in the league…

    2. Ashfah, are you sure you aren’t a MANURE fan posing as a LFC fan. LUCAS IS THE DON AND ROCK OF THE TEAM! People like you make me despair.

      1. Ashfah, you are definitely not a LFC fans. Not only LFC, Lucas is also the absolute starting-lineup of the Brazil international team. There is no better footballers in Brazil ?

        1. Sunny, no need to get all heated up. Ashfah, I’m afraid, is a supporter but have no technical knowledge of the game. If a player like Lucas is a first team choice for the brazilian selecao in a country were they ooze talent then he must be more than just a decent player, and we have the honour and priviledge to have him playing for us.

  6. I somehow feel that Henderson will come good! But Carroll looks completely lost he’s not strong in the air as he was in his time at newcastle.. Absolute waste.. And downing has completely lost his head.. To all my fellow LFC fans.. We can forget champions league football if we can’t beat teams like swansea at home.. Tottenham are playing much better than us now

      1. LOL! It doesn’t matter what username I use! I just want 2 see my Liverpool team improve.. And with chelshit and Manshitty our next two games,, we could well drop below Arsenal in the league! *sigh* The king needs to change his tactics.. Otherwise his job is on the line.. And btw.. In Kenny I trust!!

    1. Have to agree with this assessment. Spurs have won 7 out of their last 8 games. They are looking sharp, hungry and dangerous (like ravenous cheetahs on the serengeti plains) whereas we just look like scared lemurs on the pitch. It is well infruriating. After all that pre-season buildup, £110 million outlay, and expectation only to have a) Newcastle and Spurs (with a resurgent Arsenal in close pursuit) to emerge as genuine challengers for the 3rd and 4th spot (i think Chelsea are no longer automatic choice for third), b) Tier 2 teams like Swansea and Norwich outbattling and out-thinking us at HOME. WTF is going on at Anfield and Melwood!?!?! How many more ff’ing years do we have to wait for success?!?! How many more months should we give to these second rate players to settle in!?!? Look at Mata and Kun Aguero – they settled into their respective teams INSTANTLY!!!!!! Look at Nasri – settled into the MANshitty team instantly. We should stop making excuses for these overpaid also-rans. Fact of the matter is, we overpaid for Carroll (35 million and he has only scored 4 or 5 times WTF?!?!! – he needs to benched instantly and kept there until he improves!). And Downing was meant to solve our problems on the wing. Plain fact of the matter is that he is well ordinary. Look at the impact Mata is making at Chelsea. He terrorises defences and scores goals plus he is well hungry in games. And Charlie Adam???? Over-rated and belongs in the Championship. He must have thought that he won the lottery when Daglish brought him over to Melwood. Plain fact of the matter is we are serial UNDERACHIEVERS. I love Kenny Daglish but football is a results business. We aren’t in the history business. Legend is built on results and we want results. Asking supporters to keep on supporting mediocre performance after mediocre performance is simply BS. Why is Maxi, Kuyt and Spearing being frozen out? Why was Raul Merieles sold? So many ff’ing whys?!?! SOOOOOO FF’ING frustrated with Liverpool at the moment that it is physically painful. KING KENNY DO SOMETHING!!! GET THIS TEAM TO START WINNING!!!!! ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!

      1. Scousedude, I totally agree with your opinions except one point: Carroll should be starting with Suarez. Once the midfielders (without Adam and Henderson) can play more tactically and give more follow up to the strikers, I am sure Carroll can score a lot of goals !

      2. Carrol hasnt himself been lighting the pitch up with dazzling displays but so far this season every goal Suarez has scored in the league has been while Carrol has been on the pitch. We need Downing to start delivering or we should change formations and forget about the wing till we can get reinforcements in January. The formation we played last year was much more effective given our potential line ups and if we go back to that then we still have Enrique and a now fit Johnson to attack down the wings if we decided we want it

  7. Agree from top to bottom. Suarez – class act that needs the rest of the squad to raise their standards and performance to his. Enrique – looks the part and doing a consistently good job, Bellamy – a capable back up that will cause problems for many a defender when given his chance, Carroll – potential in spades but just not doing it. Personally I blame those around him rather than Andy. he needs service and is just not getting it. Downing! Adam land Henderson – all look over priced and out of their depth. Downing was meant to supply ammunition for Carroll and a threat on goal. Has supplied neither. Henderson looks scared to death but is being played out of position (quite why is anybody’s guess). Adam has clearly got an eye for a pass and a great shot on him but seems a shadow of the player that pulled the strings for Blackpool. Doni was bought as a back up and can certainly fulfill that role. Don’t expect much more and there’s never an argument for more of a role while Pepe’s at the club. Coates has not had enough playing time to really judge but has shown a good touch and work ethics and has a pedigree that suggests a potential star in the making. Fingers crossed for that as Carra esteemed service seems to be approaching the end.

    Just haven’t seen the return from the huge investment made. The owners have shown their commitment through spending and supporting KK. The fans will always be with the team and manager, we just NEED to start seeing a return from all of that, and soon. CL next year is fading fast and we really need to see a consistent run of wins not draws to make that a reality. I believe it’s what everyone at LFC wants and is working towards, we just need to try and be patient and hope that the pieces start to fall into place soon.

  8. it’s intriguing how alot of Liverpool fan use the term ” His signed for five years”. “he has age in his favour” for crying out loud, if u sign a player for 35million or 20million u don’t come out at use the age excuse. if u have to then sign them for less and use leave them in d reserve. players signed for such huge fee are expected to perform. We are over protective of this players because they are english and were signed by the king of some group of liverpool fans. everyone needs our players to succeed. but i have been saying this and i will say this. Daglish wn;t be given an extension of his 3 year contract. his too old and secondly he will get the boot sooner are later. sorry daglish what worked in the 80s wn’t work now. u dn’t expect me to me watching black and white tv now when LCDs and plasma coloured TV’s are available

    1. how about appointing u as the next manager when kenny gets the sack. Please change your name. If you can’t support us when we draw or lose, don’t support us when we win. – Shankly

  9. We need to play 4-2-3-1………..











  10. well written article Suarez is a good option giving freedom to play from left to right wing but needs to improve on his finishing and instinctive finishing..Carrol is good option he needs more quick service from wide areas and midfield Carrol is not a player that dribble past one or two players but links up play is improving,has an eye for goal and needs to work harder in the box by getting in scoring positions..Bellamy is a better option to downing on the left we all know Bellamy is very effective in the left,tracks back,has an eye for goal has already scored 2 goals,faster than downing but Kenny wants to be playing downing on the left all the time where he is very very in-effective..Henderson is a good player whom is effective in the middle but Kenny is being sentimental for sacrificing his position for the sluggish and feet dragging Adam maybe because he is scottish or other reasons which is yet to be known..i was saying right from the beginning of the season that we shouldnt have allowed Raul Miereles to go give him pay rise and tie him down his performances towards the ending of last season stands out but Kenny did allow him to go maybe because he’s not English disgusting reason..Aquilani as well should have been kept maybe till january perharps would give us more option and more depth but because he’s not English Kenny refused to play him and couldnt promise first team action disgusting decision isnt it this is a player that was our best pre-season outfield performer but stil Kenny couldnt assure him and prefers Adam over them two..Kenny’s player selection has been too predictive and sentimental he’s not playing players on merits,he’s playing players out of position why is he always playing henderson on the right?we have players better than henderson on the right Maxi,Kuyt and maybe bellamy on the left and lets see if he’s Knee is really dodgy or not even with his dodgy knee he’s better off downing whom is yet to score…..

    1. 1) Henderson is class in CM, it is not fair to keep playing him wide right.

      2) Adam is a quality player who can play off Suarez ala Gerrard if we use him wisely???

      3) Downing was Villa’s double player of the year on THE RIGHT WING.

      4) Spearing and Lucas would be very strong in front of the back four, Jay has the pace to get about the midfield.

      5) Kelly is a better defender than Johnson.

      6) Carroll is a donkey……

      What are your thoughts?????

      1. On point Gano and agree with most of the comment’s. Kenny is showing resemblance of rafa being to stuborn to change his tactics which are obviously wrong…

        lmao at Carrol being a donkey…

    2. @brao, “because he’s (aquilani) kenny refused to play him”? Then explain why he played suarez? Agger, enrique, reina, lucas? i would love to hear your twisted logic

      1. @ Cal…there is nothing twisted here..Reina,Agger,Lucas are the spine of the team…Aquilani was our best performer in pre-season i remember vividly Aquilani did admit during the summer transfer window that he would like to stay and prove his worth in the premier league as people often misjudge him on his abilities but kenny chose not to play him even before he was loaned out..Even Joe cole is better off Henderson on the right Henderson is never a right winger he is a central midfielder..can u explain why?

  11. This weekend there wasn’t one time a central midfielder got beyond the forwards. Not once. Adams and Lucas are not really ideal for this. I think if Henderson is to play he sould be playing centrally and further forward. The amount of times Adams received the ball on Saturday and nobody to pass to forward wasn’t good to see. Carroll was a panick buy and he will never make it at Anfield. Suarez and Torres would have been a much more mobile, skillful attacking force sadly.

    1. Agree Carroll was a bad buy so lets get rid??? use the Aquilani money,(AC Milan)?? and get what we can for AC and buy Bent…a real poacher!!!!…….It’s all possible in January!!!

    2. Actually Lucas received the ball and laid it on for Suarez blistering strike near the end, he was inside the box at that point.

  12. 100 mil plus on players and we cant unlock the Swans and Norwich defense ???? whereas the likes of Newcastle and Spurs cant stop winning … boggles me mind … will continue to be diehard LFC but me-thinks KK days are numbered !

    1. Please don’t be silly, we just need at change our tactics and drop Carroll, then watch this squad really kick on!!!!

    2. Kennys first 11 games of the season have yielded more points from a tougher run than either Houllier or Benitez did in their first seasons. Under Houllier we finished fourth that season and we’re 4 points better off than we were then. Under benitez we finished 3 points shy of 4th, and we are 2 points better off than we were under him at this point.
      Plus each of them had a larger squad of players whom were good enough to be squad players so had to do less in the market and relied upon their no
      new signings less.
      What Kenny has achieved so far this year, though disappointing in ways, is impressive

  13. Make send to play hendo in cm and SG rt midfield.
    Kelly, agger, skrtel, Enrique,
    SG, hendo, downing or Bellers,
    AC, Suarez

    Maybe we’ve been over optimistic and gotten carried away but half the signings are under performing and dropping them may give then a nudge.

    1. Tim, with the money spent and the Redvolution well and truly accomplished damn right we were optimistic! It could be some players and underperforming, but it could also be that some players are not being utilised the way they should be, while others are not being utilised at all!

  14. Yet again players being played out of position. That may of worked in their old squad but they aren’t seem to be cutting it at Liverpool FC.

  15. A CM must have good technic in passing and dribbling, it is a good CM basic requirement. Henderson is far from standard containing the skill. How come he can be a good CM ?

  16. I agree with liverpoolfan… With the money we spent these players are expected to perform well…. N also most of the newbuys were epl players. So they are not new to the game.. I feel kenny must play johnson in rt wing n kelly as rt def… Make suarez captain when steve g s not there…let his energy level get transmitted to the team… Play kuyt in front of suarez for ANTE andy… At least he knows to be in the rt place at the rt time…Praising lucas comparin the statistics s bs… He must be compared with xabi..we saw where brazil reached in COPA… .Hendo n adam.. I dont wanna add anything more bad abt them… N KK i hope the owners to have lots of patience… Even N the way we play, most borin game in epl… Sorry guys, i only voiced ma feelings n frustrations here… I am sure 90% of lf fans are like me only… I am no pundit of football.. But senseless decisions like playing players out of their positions n cashing on the theory ‘UNCERTAINity’ WILL ONLY MAKE OUR POSITION IN THE LEAGUE UNCERTAIN…i too play football in field not on fifa Or playstation…

  17. I really hate to hear this but if things go this way we all may hear t “no player s bigger than lfc… No coach either”

  18. I agree, tonio. Bellamy is a class act and starting him ahead of downing may have a positive effect. Henderson is worth a punt in the middle too. I can’t help but worry that SG isn’t going to reach his old form and fitness so I’m thinking ahead , I guess. I’m still pleased we signed AC but pressure is in him. Lucas is pivotal to us now. I think he can help give Adam more ball time and space. I think KK would be best advised chasing a rt wideman in January but its a tricky time to buy.
    I think that as fans we have to accept that due to high player prices, the PL has tightened up a bit and there are more teams that compete on their day but fade over the season. Spurs look the dogs bollocks though and we will have to go some to get past them.
    But from a season tucker holders perspective the answer is no, we are too inconsistent at present. We will get better but 4th may be too big an ask.

    1. @tim 4th place is never a big ask,the owners was giving the impression if they spend big and back kenny on the type of players he wants we would finish in 4th place.the owners did admit sometimes ago it would a huge disappointment if we dont finish in top 4…i dont just know what normally goes wrong with these managers buying players where they fit in and playing him in their best positions..i m surprised why we couldnt have bought a right winger in the transfer window i could tell many observers was shocked when we bought henderson because of enough quality we have in the central midfield no disrespect to Henderson he’s better off in the middle of the park than on the right wing,Adam for me is feeling too confident and complacent he has a spot in the first eleven…i m disappointed in downing people say he doesnt like playing on the right he was being played on the right in his Aston villa days and he performed quite well there we need to give Bellamy more game time because of his experience and enthutiasm maybe he would bring the best out of carroll with his aeriel crossing..

  19. After reading everything, this is my opinion.
    Suarez is sometimes the only spark on the pitch.
    Enrique has been solid in defence and exciting when he gets forward on his runs.
    Yes, Stewart Downing has been increasingly inefficient in the last few matches.
    Andy Carroll looks better every game imho.
    Suarez needs support in the box so Hendo should be playing centrally more in the mould of a box to box mid. I.e. when he starts because if he’s competing for a CM spot, he’ll lose out to Adam and Stevie (when he does return).
    Bellamy has been used too little off late. Either brought in too late or not at all. This just cannot work. A simple solution would be to start him on the left, Downing on the right and the 2 forwards up ahead.
    This would of course mean Kuyt has no place in the starting line-up, but seriously while I love the guy, his work ethic and loyalty, I admit it’s difficult to see him start many games.
    But also starting Bellamy on the left would mean that we would have no impact sub on the bench. If the options fail, we will be unable to bring on somebody who would make an impact!
    Lastly, contrary to popular belief, Dalglish’s job isn’t in danger. We trusted him with our club and Stg110, we will persist because he will come good.

    1. KK is very much the right man, disagree on Carroll…………4-2-3-1 is a must for this squad………..sell Carroll ASAP!!!!

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