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There is no doubt that if there is one aspect that the Reds have frequently come out tops in this season, this is called statistics. We usually dominate possession; have more shots on goal, more corners, and more passes, more tackles, you name it and we’re there at the top. We are even Number 1 at hitting the woodwork! It is converting these pro-active statistics in positive results and points that seems to be the stumbling block.

When a team goes from a game of total dominance to another with long periods of submission to lesser opposition, aptly described by a no-nonsense Daniel Agger as ‘running around like headless chickens (case in point first 35 minutes of the second half at home against Swansea) there is only one word that can summarize it perfectly: inconsistency! Consistency is pivotal in any sport, and in a highly competitive environment such as the Premier League it is the prime factor between success, failure and mediocrity.

Let’s face it, deep within we all feel we have the right ingredients to do well, hence the irrepressible frustrations when we don’t. We begin to ask questions: did we spend wisely, did we get the right players, are they good enough, are they being played in their position, why are certain players not being utilized? All legitimate questions and as fans we have a right to voice concern and reiterate our perplexities.

Let’s get more specific! I often ask myself why Maxi Rodriguez is not even taken into consideration after having finished so strongly last season. I also wonder why Craig Bellamy, who has shown his hunger to serve, is left on the bench. Is Kenny justifying his signings by playing them at all costs? Are we aware that with Gerrard out, we have no one to effectively dictate the tempo of the game and to efficiently link the midfield with our forwards? Who was the ‘chosen one’ to take on this task knowing Stevie G was still far off optimal fitness? If Kenny believes so much in Henderson’s youth potential, why was Shelvey shipped out to Blackpool?

Allow me to take you back to the last few months of last season when the Reds were prolific playing with the likes of Flanno, Robinson, Spearing and Maxi almost game in game out. Allow me to state that with Gerrard absent, there was a certain Meireles who was moved to a more favoured position just behind the strikers and not only proved an effective link, but was also on the scoreboard on more than one occasion. Okay, so Aquilani wanted out and Meireles left in questionable circumstances, but with Gerrard’s physical condition still precarious, was it not the case to prioritize this position to make sure we havea suitable back-up? Could it be that Charlie Adam was seen as his possible substitute? Is he up to it?

The Reds were marching on championship winning pace post-January 2011, so is the Redvolution of the summer (where we can comfortably claim the squad was overhauled) not leaving the desired effect? Is it the players, is it the game-plan, is it tactical, or is it the management? Questions, questions, questions!

Objectively our defense is joint second best with that of Man City (and better than Utd, Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal). We have lost less than Chelsea and Arsenal and only 1 more than Utd. The other side of the coin is that we have scored fewer goals than the first 9 teams in the table.

We need to reverse this trend and strive for consistency. We have to be bold and brave and we need to prepare our games better, much better. Whether the Reds will resort to the transfer market to make the necessary corrections come January remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure: we need to sharpen our finishing, and we need to utilize the players, outfield and current perennial benchwarmers much better than we have done so far, as failure is not an option!


  1. Just to pick up on your point about Henderson and Shelvey. Henderson has first team experience and more importantly in the premier league and Shelvey has very little of both. With the depth we now have it would have been increasingly hard for Shelvey to get a sniff this year so to loan him out where he will play week in week out is probably the best for him. Just my opinion.

  2. Kk should stop tryin to prove his mega million signings. I think kuyt bellamy maxi should play more games also spearing cause they proved good enough for the team. The likes of adam downing henderson can come in slowly, building a team from where we left off.

    I.m …… every time i see henderson on the right he is central.

  3. I agree we are in a very good situation, we just need some fine tuning that’s all. Nobody seriously questions the gaffer as the boss, KK just needs to be fair to all of our quality players. Yes we need to play Maxi, Bellamy, Kuyt etc more often, Gerrard will make huge difference too.

    Now we look very solid defensively as well, I would play Kelly at RB as he is secure there. We know that Carroll is a problem, everyone can see he does not fit into our best system, 4-2-3-1!!!!. These are not huge problems at all and we know KK can see we need a change in formation, picking the players to suit.






    This is the best way forward for Liverpool, pass and move with a real threat!!!!

    1. Hey Gano. I love the 4-2-3-1 formation. The problem I see is who replaces Gerrard in that crucial position when he is not available!!!!!! That is one of our major diliemma in my view. We just do not have a player with that vision and talent to substitute him with.

      1. Maxi can do it no problem……….he scores and creates a lot, Adam can do it also.






        No worries at all with that, when attacking we go 2 up front, when defending its 5 in midfield. It’s the perfect system and we can inter-change all of the lads in this flexible system!!!!

        1. I certainly would not mind trying Maxi in that position. My only worry with Adam is that he gets caught in possession too many times. Spearing and Lucas did well as holding midfielders towards the end of last year so yes, I would give them ago any day. Only issue here is that we will keep persisting with the 4-4-2 system……

          1. Carroll is the reason Tonio………….he is the total problem and as a result we should sell him and bring in a top player instead, a number 10 to play off Suarez longterm………….Gerrard can also play on the right as well as off the striker, so many options but that is for KK to decide!!!!

          2. Henderson can replace stevie g. Henderson for me is good at central midfield. Jonjo is also a good canidate there. If the worse comes kuyt can play there

  4. Jonjo would have been a good option last week. Maxi has been frozen out too. In SG’s absence then hendo or shelved seem the obvious pick. Imo.

  5. I think we can see that Liverpool have it already at the club………….we must use our playing squad better, It realy is that simple!!!!.Then we come to the vast amount of youth talent???, at some point they need to get into the team too, are we brave enough to pay them………Sterling, Suso, Silva, Wisdom, Sama, Coady, Morgan etc etc etc!!!!

  6. Hey T-Bone,
    ‘with Gerrard out, we have no one to effectively dictate the tempo of the game’, I don’t think Gerrard has ever been able to dictating the tempo of a game, he’s been more effective up front. Would like to see Henderson there, as having watched him for Sunderland, he’s always looking for give and go’s or tyring to bring others into the play.
    On a seperate note, what do you think of the type of players we’re being linked with?
    Keita, Chivu, bit old, no?

    1. Hey Damo. Not only beyond our age limit but do you we really need them? I would not mind Henderson given that responsability and frankly speaking I think he would render himself much more useful. Personally I think we need a real playmaker and a real right wing.
      I also think we should move from 4-4-2 to 4-2-3-1 with immediate effect!!!

      1. Yeah, but Downing has proved ineffective for us on the right, Kuyt does a job there, not to mention Maxi, but most obvious option would seem to be Johnson. I think Kenny will try him there in the next game, because he looked good going forward in the last one.


        Kelly Carra Agger/Coates Enrique

        Lucas Spearing

        Johnson Adam/Maxi/SG Bellamy/Downing


        I like the look of that! I’d prefer giving Coates a chance above Skrtel, because he always needs a minder and Coates has been v. impressive in Copa America, would like to see more.

        1. Yeah I like your forward thinking. With regards to Johnson I am baffled why he is not given a game on the right in front of Kelly. What does Kenny have to loose??? Agree on Coates too.

  7. That didn’t come out right!






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