FA Charges Luis Suarez over alleged racism involving Patrice Evra

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The FA just announced that they will be charging Luis Suarez with racism following the complaints that Patrice Evra made.

At this time they have not announced if there will be a hearing or what his punishment might be, quite franking I believe it is utter bullsh*t as there was no evidence whatsoever to back Evra’s claims.

Here is the FA statement in full.

“The FA has today charged Liverpool’s Luis Suarez following an incident that occurred during the Liverpool versus Manchester United fixture at Anfield on 15 October 2011.

It is alleged that Suarez used abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards Manchester United’s Patrice Evra contrary to FA rules.

It is further alleged that this included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race of Patrice Evra.

The FA will issue no further comment at this time.”


  1. Absolute rubbish. They should at least claim they have evidence. This is just the FA’s way of ensuring people know they are “kicking out racism”. Im sure I heard there were no witnesses? I’l wait for the evidence thanks.

      1. understand the sentiment, but the best thing he should do WHEN he is found innocent is NOTHING.
        no interviews, no “my story” headlines, just an official comment on the website an thats it.
        obviously this is just my opinion,but there is no point replacing one target with another one?
        nothing my yet come of it, the FA either have something on him or they have to officially charge him if Evra wants to pursue the alligations.
        i dont know how it all works, but they seem the most plausable explinations to me?

  2. Also, it will now be interesting to see what John Terry gets then when they have actual video footage of him!

  3. Why would the FA release a statement that still uses the word ‘alledged’? Surely if they are confident enough to charge him they should be sure it happend! Says everything!!

    1. As i said above, it maybe because Evra wants to push the alligations, so if they “charge him” it officially brings about a hearing where Suarez can officially answer those alligations?

    1. the fa wants to look good and puling for that black gent? we all knew this was going to happen. all the ansistertry are turning on their graves on why this were brought to europe and the Americas…

  4. What the f$ck did Suarez say?

    The FA won’t say.

    So we are supposed to believe that Suarez is guilty of SOMETHING, but we won’t be told what that SOMETHING is?

    I thought they pulled this kind of crap in the old USSR. They don’t have courts like this in China or Russia anymore. They might make up charges or frame people in Russia, but at least you know what the charge was.

    Total bullsh!t.

  5. I assume if Suarez was English and went by the name of John Terry his case would have been swept under the carpet. This is a total joke – what evidence does the FA have??

    Suarez isn’t a saint, but given his own racial background I don’t think he’d be likely to abuse Evra or anyone else for that matter.

    Delighted that the Club is backing LS and I just hope this can be resolved sooner rather than later.

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