Who is Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva? [video]

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I have been seeing many rumours linking the young Brazilian sensation Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva with us. According to these rumours we are not the only ones in the hunt for him with the likes of Man Utd and Chelsea also chasing him. He is 19 years old and still has to make a senior Brazil team appearance so most likely there will be issues with a work visa if he decides to sign with an EPL club.

Correction : Looks like Wikipedia’s info hasn’t been updated and he has actually played for Brazil’s senior team.


  1. He has in fact played for the senior Brazil side. Wiki claims 10 appearances and 1 goal. He made 4 appearances during the Copa America (according to the official CA site).

    I actually bought him on Fifa for LFC, amazing player on there (not that that has much relevance in real life haha!)

  2. I’m from Brazil and say: this guy is the one best players around here. He helped a lot the U-20 team in qualifying for Olympic Games and in World Cup. He is fast and skilled and he play with objective, for me at least, he is BETTER than Neymar.

    Sorry for my BAD english.

    1. Your English is wonderful ;)Since you are from Brazil can you convince him to come to LFC!? I really think he is a star in the making… I really hope the influence of our spanish speaking players (and LUCAS) can help!!!
      Another LUCAS can only be great! especially if he has the same attitude of our LUCAS to keep working hard and improving all the time!

  3. For Brazil he’s a great player, better than Neymar, sure he is. I think Hazard is more prepared to Give us a UCL qualification.

    Sorry for my BAD english too

  4. Before people get carried away with yet another Brazilian superstar they need too put things into perspective. The standard of football in Brazil is very poor so when a half descent player turns up they look like the worlds best player( ROBHINIO being a perfect example) then their clubs put over inflated prices on them and big European clubs get sucked into the hype. We all know the Brazilians have a wonderful tradition of the way they play but the truth is, for the amount of players who are ment to be the next big thing very few actually go on to fill their potential

  5. This guy is amazing and he’s only 18-19 so he’s only going to get better. He’s also our Lucas’ roomate on Brazil trips which has got to help him come to Liverpool.

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