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Luis Suarez has been a terrific signing for Liverpool, what an impact he’s had. The supporters love him, Torres and the absent Gerrard have been virtually forgotten about.

I remember the great sense of loss and despair I felt when the news broke of Torres leaving us, although I knew Suarez was coming to us I was so gutted to think that no player could replace Torres. How wrong I was, Suarez has lit up Anfield so many times with his mesmerising skills and his never stop running work ethic.

OK so far he has not been as clinical in front of goal as Torres but he has brought so much more to the team that the supporters appreciate.

The first I knew of him was in the last World Cup where I thought he was a real pest of a player, constantly niggling away at defenders but with great ability, and I was left hoping that somehow we could sign him and I was so pleased when we did as I thought there would be so much competition for his signature.

Suarez is one of those types of players that you love if he is in your team but you would hate him if he is playing against you, a bit like what I thought about Paul Ince. Suarez is loved at Liverpool but already he is being victimised by other teams and even referees.

We have had people making comments about him after matches which is going against him and giving him an unfair reputation, like when Paul Scharner commented on him going down too easy after our win against West Brom, when the following week he got no protection from the referee at home to Norwich when he was kicked all over the park.

But the start of the conspiracy came from who else but Sir Alex when he spoke about Suarez diving all over the place, after our 1-1 draw against United, and I’m sure he was the instigator in making Evra accuse Suarez of racial abuse.

The FA are now charging Suarez and he could now find himself with at least a 6 match ban that would hurt us deeply. In my view its Sir Alex and his fear of Liverpool’s resurgence that has brought him to delve deep into his large book of “dirty tricks” which has made him so “great” and well respected over the years.

The FA also backing his team once again, with the charge against Suarez, where little, or no evidence to back up the claim. It will be interesting to see if the England Captain receives the same punishment, I think not, the FA will show hypocracy and racism by hammering a foreigner and let the Englishman off the hook.

I just hope that Suarez is not driven out of our club through this “witch hunt” that could drive him from our shores as he must have a strong feeling of injustice and believe he is being victimised for doing nothing more than giving his all in every game.

Luis Suarez you have the backing of all the Liverpool supporters, we just can’t get enough.



  1. Please remember that Suarez himself has reported that things were said at the heat of the moment. Now one can understand that and the matter should be over just like when Carragher apologised to Nani at last years game. Here, Suarez firsrt denied it and then went to the media and gave his remarks. Dalglish supported the player because ‘nothing was said’. We know that Suarez did say something according to his own statement. How could this be conspiracy? How can Liverpool FC support him if he had said such a comment? What will happen if he is found guilty? Answer: Support him with a fine to be given to a charity in liverpool to make him even more popular! We must agree that Terry is in more hot water and deserves to be punished more than Suarez and could be convicted of a crime. As for your comments about Ferguson’s dirty tactics, your are just lowering yourself here.

  2. lol, what a ridiculous article. Yes Suarez is a great player but Sir Alex instigating the Evra issue? Have a word with yerself mate.

    As for the FA charging Suarez with no evidence. How do you know what evidence they have? Suarez himself has admitted saying “something” to Evra and it is widely believed that the word is “negrito”. Suarez is claiming that word is used commonly in Uruguay which is a country where black people are treated differently according to Gus Poyet (Suarez’s fellow countryman)

  3. Suarez just admitted to calling Evra “negrito” at least 10 times you nutter. How’s an admission for evidence?

    1. Nothing wrong with the word negrito if it’s used in the right context. In Uruguay it is considered a term of endearment. Similar to the word mate. I’m a black Uruguayan.

  4. Yes interesting that Evra never sia a word on the pitch to the ref nor when he came off. It was only after Ferguson(he doesn’t desrve the Sir) spoke to Evra in the dessing room that they both went to see the ref. Yes it is Ferguson one again manipulating the FA to suit his needs. Might I also say if and iys a big if Suarez was guilty then yes he does deserve what pumishment he gets.

  5. Ah well it seems that is life.Here is what I fully expect to happen… Suarez with NO evidence to show will be fully punished, dragged through the press and banned for 10 games . This will show that footballing authorities are taking a firm line. After this a certain Chelsea player with ALL evidence of what he says will be charged and as the first case ( Suarez) was harshly dealt with and he IS a foreigner Terry will be cautioned , wrists gently slapped. This then will show how the authorities can show mercy and forgiveness on the other hand! There will be then a rash of accusations and counter-accusations week after week in the “hope” of other players who are too good being summarily dismissed with similar outcomes to that of Luis.

  6. Hopefully the full story will come out in the hearing – well done Gus Poyet for saying something about the situation

  7. YNWA Suarez

    Its incredibly stupendous to see an organization such as the English FA ridicule itself in this manner. I am a black South African with first hand experience on racism just as any but the rational and the utter reverse racism dished out to Suarez is mind warping. I have watched the game seven times and also having watched many liverpool games, I find these allegations completely baseless. Suarez never speaks to defenders, is always smiling and often gets provoked. With regard to this Man United clown accusing Suarez of racial slurs, I dare say he was the one verbally confronting Suarez. Who is to say he wasn’t attacking Suarez racially???
    Can the FA stop intimidating Liverpool players and allow us to get on with the business of winning the premiership title please, before we come and toyi-toyi in front of their Man United decorated pompous buildings.

    In support of Suarez-7

  8. This in no way comparable to the John Terry case, this is about cultural nuances at best and linguistic parlance. We saw the evidence of Terry slating Ferdinand, there is no such evidence of overt racism at all. Surez has done nothing racist!!!!

  9. Yeah, Suarez is such a nice bloke. That’s if you ignore the fact that he has admitted saying something to Evra & ignoring the fact that he bit a player, during a game, not too long ago.

  10. Whatever was said Evra is a fanny and it is typical Man utd trying to unsettle our best players. This is reverse racism, suarez south american culture is not being understood.

  11. Contraversy seems to follow Evra where ever he goes.

    I’d love to know what he said to (I my memory serves me right)the trainer in South Africa.
    I don’t know if you remember the scene where he stood with his hands behind his back, while pushing, confronting the trainer guy.
    I remember thereaction of the trainer when he threw his pass into the ground. It was if he was reacting to something Evra said to him. It was very odd.
    I bet it would be an interesting interview finding out what he said…

  12. A foreign player is charged for using a non-racist term on the basis that it sounds like a different word in another language which would be racist.

    Meanwhile, an english player and FA rep is caught on camera using racist language of the most direct kind. His only defence is to say he “only said it to say i hadn’t said it”. No charge made and no ones holding their breath…


    1. There is a police investigation concerning the Terry case. Quite rightly the FA are holding off until that concludes.

      I dislike Chelsea. I too hope that Suarez is completely innocent. Lets not start making up or ignoring information to suit a particular view because that’s exactly what you’re complaining about ;)

  13. If what Suarez said is ‘Negrito’, then the issue is double ignorance, one for Suarez not having had enough of an education in English (after all he’s only been learning it for 8 months) and two for English FA and ManU refusing to understand that this word in the Spanish speaking world is not racist, it is descriptive and it’s sense is not racist. After all you wouldn’t call someone racist for describing someone as ‘black’ or ‘Ginger’ (although in this country you’d question why colour had to be mentioned due to it’s ‘blind’to colour utopia). The stark translation of the word and the beliefs in this country are what are making it racist. It is disgusting that the spanish speaking players at Man U are not speaking out about this, after all, it is essentially an attack by Evra and Man U on the Spanish speaking culture and it’s world. I applaud Gus Poyet’s comments, he hasn’t forgotten his culture. We are not blind to colour and unlike the English world don’t pretend to be blind to it either. We are not inherently racist and don’t go around denying the differences that exist between us. South America in particular has been a multicultural, multi diverse world a lot longer that most countries, with it’s high mix of black and white and indigenous populations. Denying colour and difference is what will perpetuate racism. Race is not racism, attacking someone for their race or difference is. All that the ‘blind to colour’ approach is doing is ‘brushing it under the carpet’. My grandad used to call me ‘Negrito’ as a form of affection as have friends and family even strangers. My mother is often called ‘Negra’ by her friends and my uncle was known by the name ‘Negro’, I am dark skinned and I have never felt that friends were being racist or racially abusing in my own country.I always accepted that I was dark skinned and that others were different. It is the English world tha perpetually creates the culture of racist words. In the UK I have been called ‘Paki’, that was racist! Yet I have learned from my ‘paki’ friends that the word was not originally racist, it began to be used by english racists that way. This is not to deny racism in our world or that it exist in the spanish speaking world, just that the word ‘Negrito’ is in no way racist or used in a racist way in the spanish speaking world. You’d have to add expletives, it’s akin to adding these to the word ‘black’. So the FA can stick it’s racist charge to Luis Suarez up it’s ignorant arse. YNWA

  14. … the worst thing about this fiasco is that it have people focusing on what is SAID … and uses it to label someone a racist.

    The CEO who refuses to hire Hispanics and blacks is a bigger racist than a person who might use foul language … and that’s the part of the debate that we are losing focus of.


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