What Suarez said is a term of endearment in Latin America [video]

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I received the following clip from Newsy.com on an excellent report they did on Suarez’s charge.

Luis has been in the UK for 10 months, he is just learning to speak English and you can’t expect someone who has been in a foreign country for such a short period to understand the culture fully. It took me more than 5 years to fully understand the American Culture when I emigrated to the US and I had the help of an American wife. I also didn’t have to deal with a language barrier like Luis did.

What Evra and Manchester United are doing is hurting the race issue more than helping it.

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  1. But that is just it Antoine, Evra/Fergie are not doing this to aid the race issue or help the kick-it-out appeal.

    They (i.e. Fergie) are doing this simply as they are threatened by us and, in particular, Luis. It is a way of getting to Luis and hopefully, for them, driving him our of this country.

    Ferguson knows that he is edging towards retirement and with Man City’s current position and with us growing with our new owners, he is threatened no mistake!

    My view is totally validated by what happened during and after our game with Man Utd. Evra was supposedly livid/fuming with what Suarez said to him… and yet he did not once mention or complain to the referee, not ONCE. Yet he had been in the dressing room a matter of minutes after the game, when Ferguson escorts him to the referees office. SURELY if you are SCREAMING WITH RAGE that you would AT LEAST ONCE mention the incident(s) to the referee during the game, but no it was only brought up after. Hmmmm…

  2. And we now know that Evra’s teammates use it as a nickname for him, so he knows full well that its not a racist comment. Definitely a case of Ferguson seeking to intimidate and disorientate Luis and LFC.

  3. On twitter, Daniel Pacheco recently referred to Thiago Alacantara as negrito : dani37pacheco

    @Thi_Alcantara91 negrito! Pero que grande eres!!! Disfrutar por ahí, y si necesitas algo, el león acude al rescate! Jiji. Il capitano!!!

    But there you have it! Pacheco was saluting Thiago. It was a friendly comment in a friendly context. Suarez and Evra were obviously facing each other in a whole diferent context. Certainly NOT friendly!!!

    SO my point is, if you use that word “negrito” on a tense discussion between two rivals looking to tease each other, it automatically takes a derogatory tone, therefore.. racist. Im sure Suarez is not a racist but using that word to tease someone its a racist way to defend.

    Im from Chile (from south america)and i KNOW you always have to be carefull using ANY of the “N” word derivatives..
    Its universal knowledge!

    Apologises for my bad english.


      1. Tienes razón, en Montevideo dimos la hora… pero la selección estaba pasando por un duro golpe anímico..
        en la copa américa pudimos disfrutar de uno de los mejores paridos de ida y vuelta cuando nos vimos las caras..
        no tenemos la historia futbolistica de Uruguay pero garra también tenemos.
        Ahora el tema es sobre Suarez y el “medio quilombo” que dejó al usar la palabra negrito (si es que la usó) en un país donde los términos clasistas y racistas no pasan desapercibidos como en la mayoría de Europa y Norte América.
        Admiro mucho a Suarez, admiro mucho el fútbol de Uruguay, pero a los racistas me los pasó por la raja.
        Ojala no sea el caso de Luis.

  4. LFC, YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE. Evra and Alex Ferguson should keep quiet. The FA ia a master puupet in the hands of FERGUSON for acting in Evra’s case. Concerning Evra it should be noted that in FIFA 2010 in South Africa, he was the star that has led to the conflicts between The then manager Domenech, was confronted with hot heads including EVRA for INSUBORDINATING behaviours on the pitch. that was a professional foul anf for a player who is aged 29 or above. so Old man you better seek politeness and ask for forgiveness to LUIZ SUAREZ and also the FA should do the same and Ferguson should do as well, and not to forget the media for publishing and demonstrating photos that do not show that the player has said racist words to EVRA (or i take that the MEDIA has SUPER EARS for having heard racist words that came forth from Luiz suarez or by reading his lips) For god sake, USE YOUR BRAINS, and stop this folly from agravating. LUIZ SUAREZ should be acquitted from any charges and Evra should be banned from football

  5. Thank you for finally giving the full explanation and word that I have been dying to know! Clearly he said something and I have been worried about it BUT this, to me seems a reasonable explanation. I spend a lot of time with latin guys on the pitch and in traveling and, without fail, I am Pelon (bald guy),or Veron (unfortunate link to MU) never do I hear my name. Guys are called Pelon, Gordo, or any other descriptive term…even terms referring to race and it is never taken as an insult in my experience. If I were called Baldy or someone was called fatty by an american, there would likely be a fight, but it is nothing more than a descriptive term and I certainly don’t mind it.

    Sure, if you are looking to make something out of negrito you can, but I know that it carried no true similarity to the use of the true “n” word…it is apples and oranges. I would advise Suarez to stop saying it given that he is not in a latin country and I suspect he will learn that lesson now.

    Again, this is my experience and my opinion but I think there is a way out of this for Luis…unless they want to make a sad example especially after dumbass Blatter’s comments.

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