Poll : Do you believe that David Villa will join LFC?

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David Villa is being linked with a possible move to Liverpool in January by various tabloids and Spanish newspapers. David turns 30 on Saturday and has a nice collection of medals, the only ones missing in his cabinet are the English domestic ones. I am sure that his salary demands will be huge however if he is able to produce many goals it will offset the cost-per-goal. Do you believe that the Spanish striker will join Liverpool?


  1. No I don’t think he will. Certainly not for £40 million. It is just too much to pay for a player who may well be a good finisher but hasn’t got enough years left in him.

    However, if it was cheaper, say £10-15 million, then maybe. Still, I doubt Barca would let us buy him for that.

  2. At least not for that amount. Wish he’d come when Unmentionable was still here. I don’t feel we need Villa and can do better.

  3. No. But I really hope I’m wrong. A fantastic player who I have always admired. One of the World’s best strikers but no prima donna. He works his socks off every game just like Luis. Do you think Barcelona would take our £35 million striker plus £5 million? (LOL)

  4. Strange strange. No I do not believe we will be buying a 30 year old foreign striker for more money than one of our younger ones. That would be sublimely ridiculous. Villa is indeed missing English domestic honours (and Welsh, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian etc etc) In fact being a Spanish player maybe it isnt that surprising oO

    1. Yeah true. But I think the point about the English domestic honours was that they are of much greater significance that welsh, french, german, polish, russian. The EPL is the best league in the world and most players would love to have the chance to play in it

  5. That’s easy answer…
    NO WAY!!!
    This is the guy that was telling Torres to leave Liverpool! At his age he doesn’t have much left in him! I can’t see we NESV would pay that much!
    Why would you not buy Hazard?!?!
    Same price on their head, yet in 4 years you will get your money back if you wanted to sell him…

    1. very true.. btw he is very good friends with reina… hes too old and thats alot of money! if we can spend this much lets get someone young… he may come maybe if his wages are low…anyways… lets wait and see…

  6. or hazard will end up like gyuorcuyff or however you spell it. We need a star that is reliable, not another tallent. If we buy Villa we are guaranteed alot of goals for the next two seasons

  7. Yes, I do believe. It’s possible, everything can happen. But I don’t think there is a benefit for LFC signing Villa. One of our purposes in this season is qualified for UCL and it’s difficult to achieve looking how Liverpool started this season and the intense of competition in the league, therefore we need to sign a star like luca modric, carlos tevez, gary cahill, adam johnson, diego, rossi or hernanes etc. I would prefer to see Liverpool spending their transfer budget for those players rather than signing davild villa. :)

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