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Now that was one draw I will not complain too much about! Why? Because we played with the intensity we played against Man Utd and Chelsea, because we played against a team that is leading the PL, and because that team cost two or three times as much as ours to build!

I woke up telling myself I’d be happy with not losing to Man City and I ended up going to bed unhappy that we had not managed to take all three points. I still had that feel-good factor though, as now I know had I needed confirmation, that we can mix it with the best! So here are my considerations on the game:

• First things first! I was pleased to see Dalglish prove his coherence in playing Agger and Skrtel again as the central pairing. I had thought he might be tempted to play Carra but it seems the Scot is looking at facts and stats and not at hierarchy. Agger and Skrtel are not the future, they are the present! Prophetic.
• Lucas is a rock. Adam is getting better, much better! These two are fast becoming the best midfield pairing in the PL and with their mates making a concerted effort they dominated the park’s engine room for the majority of the match. Indestructible.
• Joe Hart showed today why he is England’s No.1! He was superlative but Reina was, in my view, even better. We had three centre backs against Man City, Pepe was the third. More of a sweeper really but I really don’t think that there is another keeper with the sense of positioning and distribution as our shot-stopper. Extraordinary.
• We were lucky to get back in the game so soon and even luckier for having Lescott stick out his foot where he should not have! Kompany scored with his shoulder but our fault here was that Kuyt was marking him on set pieces and he was making a complete mess of it. A complete mismatch in my view. Risky.
• The general performance across the board was very satisfying. Everyone, including Henderson, was pro-active and there was intensity about our play and a win would have been entirely legitimate and profoundly deserved. No one would have cried ‘scandal’ had we snatched the winner, even in injury time! The level of fitness seems excellent and this will be a determining factor in the congested fixtures which the Reds will face in the coming five weeks. Tonic.
• With 51.3% possession, 6 shots on target against 3, 24 tackles to 20 and 502 passes to 489, the Reds showed they can battle it out with the best. Warriors.

The Reds have just played two very tricky fixtures against two top sides in succession. Four points out of a possible six are a very good tally against sides that are challenging for honours and that aim for high standards. Tuesday we play our away League Cup tie at Stamford Bridge and it is possible Kenny with ring the changes. Let’s wait and see what these changes will consist of.

A final thought. Rest in Peace Gary. You have our prayers and our thoughts go out to your family. Brad, your Luca is in heaven. May you find solace in all the wonderful memories and smiles he brought to your faces when we was here with us. Amen.


  1. Whilst I did like the way we played, I was (once again) disappointed by how late Dalglish left to make changes, and I still think that if Balotelli had not been sent off, he wouldn’t have changed the team at all. I cannot understand why he left on Henderson for the whole game while he was absolutely awful and left Maxi sitting on the bench after he scored in the previous game and has been proven to be a danger coming out the bench.

    I cannot be the only one who is upset at how little Dalglish changes the squad during the game. Someone has to tell him that we have three changes per GAME, not per SEASON. We could’ve won this game, and Hart isn’t the only reason we didn’t. This is two more points dropped at home because the manager was too scared to change the line up, for me.


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Yesterday we lost two points because KK was scared to put fresh legs and ideas into the game. I think he should have put in 3 subs (AC, Jay and Maxi in place of Kuyt, Hendo and SD)ALL at once in the last 20 min to kill off the prey. During this time the lads were really smelling blood but did not have bloodhounds to finish off the prey. Also the frontline lacked the intelligence of Bellars which beautifully dismantled Chelski….that was a move-and-half! I stand to be corrected, in any case.

        1. But 20 min would not have fatigued those fresh legs and I am they would have conjured something different. Imagine if AC would have had time to make two or more header chances – certainly one could have got in. In addition the last 20 min or so would have given the fresh legs the right warm-up tonic for Tuesday’s game. But in all fairness, game-changers need no less 20 min to make a meaningful impact.

  2. Yet another quality performance, Hart saved City from a beating. That is 10 games unbeaten and long may it continue??, good football in every game is a good sign. It’s still early season and if we can win a few now we are laughing, defensively we look fine, It’s just finishing things off that needs some attention!!!


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