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A massive 18 points is up for grabs for Liverpool FC with six upcoming fixtures in December, all of them which could be seen as “winnable.” With Liverpool currently sitting at 6th in the table, and out of any European contention, Kenny Dalglish’s men have a set of games coming up that could present them the opportunity to take what Dirk Kuyt thinks will happen this year, a spot in the Top 4 heading into January.

LFC midfielder Dirk Kuyt in an interview with ESPNSoccernet, was quoted saying, “We are on the way forward. That’s what we want and we need to keep going and hopefully we can do enough to qualify for the Champions League at the end of the season.”

But could Dirk see his clubs in the Top 4 before the end of December? One could say it’s possible…

But first, let’s have a look at the two teams above Liverpool stopping them from the Champions League spot they’ve been yearning for:

Chelsea is sitting directly above us at 5th place just 1 point off of the top 4, but have a fairly difficult schedule going into December. The Blues open up the first week of December away to a Newcastle side that showed their strength at the end of the United match, and sneaking out with a controversial 1-1 draw. Chelsea then plays host to current top of the table club Manchester City, a team in which they have struggled with in the past. Manchester City could easily walk away with a win. After a seemingly easy game against Wigan, Chelsea face current top 4 and on the run team Tottenham away at White Hart Lane, another opportunity for them to drop points. Chelsea end the month with Fulham and Villa, both home games, but the combination of Tottenham, Fulham, and Villa are games that are played within just 9 days. Chelsea could have a rougher December, allowing the Reds to take over the number five spot.

The other team LFC could catch by the end of December is Newcastle United, a team enjoying a current surprising run with 26 points and just one loss. Newcastle also doesn’t have the easiest December schedule, something that LFC could pounce on when the two meet at the end of the month. To open the month, Newcastle host Chelsea, a game that could be beneficial for LFC depending on the outcome (draw would be best). After Chelsea, Newcastle travel to a fairly on form Norwich City before home games with Swansea City and WBA. Newcastle travel then to Bolton, another team struggling to gather points, but then travel to Anfield to face LFC.

Overall, for the two teams directly above LFC and the two teams that are preventing them from a top 4 slot, it is a difficult month. For Liverpool, December should be a friend.

Fixture List: Fulham (A), QPR (H), Villa (A), Wigan (A), Blackburn (H), Newcastle (H)

Six games, with 2 of these games against teams in the relegation zone, and  4 of these fixtures against teams in the bottom half of the table. Statistically, Liverpool struggles to pick up points against teams that are struggling or newly promoted, but will that be the case this time around?

To open December, LFC take on Fulham at the Craven Cottage. Last time Liverpool went away to Fulham, they came out with 3 points and a 5-2 victory, with goals coming from Maxi, Kuyt and Suarez. Next stop on the list is newly promoted side QPR who come to Anfield captained by Joey Barton (a man who deserves a standing ovation for his support of the Hillsborough families). QPR have been struggling to find results and have been very hit and miss with their results, something LFC must take advantage of. Villa is another club that have been seeing results going against them in the recent fixtures, and will be coming off a home match against Utd and an away game at Bolton. LFC should see them off if they do things their way, and avoid how last season’s ending tie went. The two fixtures after that are away and home to two teams that are planted in the relegation zone respectively. Away at Wigan last season saw LFC come away with a 1-1 draw, a result that will not hold well this year. A home match against Blackburn should hopefully be the easiest fixture of the year, with LFC looking to build as much momentum as possible heading into the home fixture against Newcastle. Speaking of, Newcastle will be coming in to the end-of-the-year fixture having had to perform against Chelsea, WBA, Swansea, Norwich, and Bolton respectively. Who knows where they could be heading to Anfield at this point? All that needs to be known is that they will be fighting just as hard as LFC to get points from this game.

Overall, I say LFC win five and draw one, the match against Newcastle, giving us 16 out of a possible 18 points. Without jinxing LFC, I think they could enjoy a very successful December if all the cards are played right, and could even be in the ideal spot of 3rd or 4th by the end of December. After all, where you are at the halfway point usually tells where you’ll be at the end of the year, and hopefully that’s in a top 4 spot.

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  1. You buffoon. You don’t even know how many points you get for a draw so what are you going on about? 5 wins and a draw is 16 out of 18 not 17 out of 18 you cretin. Shut up with the ifs, buts and maybe’s and do everyone a favour.

    1. Wonderful sense of support here. No wonder LFC fans get a bad name. It’s from fools like you who point out an obvious mistake for absolutely everyone to berate me about. I honestly don’t know which is worse, your lack of support or your thoughts.

    2. Like Camus said, “Three years to write a book, three minutes to criticize it”

      Ok, so the guy added wrong. Whoopee. I challenge you to write something of substance. I really don’t think you can.

  2. 16 out of 18 points Scott

    & to be honest,id like us to get all 18 of them..we really will have to win all of those games because we would want to catch up to the likes of spurs and chelsea..Lets see how things pan out,gotta take one game at a time i guess.

  3. Ah typos. An amateurs worst opponent. Obviously you get just one from a draw, @Kewy thanks for the abuse. Love it. But I honestly think 16 out of 18 maybe even all 18 points is possible.

  4. You know, if someone writes an article and you voluntarily read it, it is a bit out of order to slag them off for an obvious mistake. A lack of manners is a lot worse than a small clerical error.

    Anyway, I think we SHOULD get 18 points but we won’t. I can see us going unbeaten but can see us having three draws that “we deserved to win but were unlucky”. If we take 18 out of 18 and genuinely start killing off teams, we could do something special this season. Big IF though. Happy to build on what we have got and keep moving forward.

  5. Cut the guy some slack, jeez. He’s clearly just trying to show his excitement at the possibility of a good December run. Shame not everybody is not on the same wave length, but im following. YNWA

  6. Thanks for the support. Excited to see what December can hold, but David couldn’t agree more its a big “if” as to whether or not we can start killing off the small teams.

  7. i think we can achieve these wins with the right player formation..KK should bear in mind that playing Henderson on the right and performing doesnt mean thats where he is good at and doesnt mean he should play him in that position against weaker teams..My major Concern is Downing whom has failed to score especially with his price tag.Downing needs to start scoring otherwise the jury would be out on him perharps knocking his confidence maybe KK should play him on the right and maybe he could score from that position Downing has never hit the target on many times he hit off target more than target and if maxi play on the right we are guaranteed goals as all eyes would be on Suarez and gives maxi the room to wreck havoc on teams..

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Downing has been a massive concern for myself as well. He just isn’t what I thought he was looking at the price tag. He needs to get his game in shape.

  8. good article. if we get those 18 points then make a prudent signing or two in jan (villa and hazard dream dream ). we will push on and you just never know. YNWA.

  9. dude ! say what ? Kewy’s trying his hand in writing !? damn ! this i got to see..It’ll be fun picking up how many misspelled words and grammar mistakes there will be :) and if we’re lucky we’ll also get a chance to witness him getting kicked out of the city ! yey :D

  10. Worried with the f.a on luis back hope the fergie follower dnt ban him when we need him most. I am nt sayin he is guilty. After a good performance with city i say we should not accept a draw and worse a loss go out there and get all 18points we showed we can aganist the billioneyaz. Lets thrash chelski with our reserves tomorrow

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