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It’s not even half way though the season and the judgements on our new arrivals and some selected senior players are already flooding the debate in bars, social networks and forums.

Adam, Henderson, Carroll, Suarez, Enrique, Downing, Bellamy, Coates, Kuyt, Lucas, Gerrard and Carragher are all subjects of divided debate among Liverpool supporters and even that old lame duck Alberto Aquilani found its way back into the mix.

It’s a fact that Dalglish thinks highly of every one of his January and summer signings and those who he inherited apart from Aquilani, Cole, and that utter bag of rubbish Konchesky & Jovanovic.

But then there where also the players who wanted to leave such as Torres and Meireles who both slapped transfer request in at lets just say convenient times.

But where we all sometimes go wrong is comparing them to players that we think they are replacing, this only adds a degree of frustration towards the player and in ones thinking, we must also remember that the player cannot dictate the transfer fee and therefore holds to responsibility for that.

So early into the season doesn’t give a true or real evaluation of a player and only after a good 18 month spell of injury free performances can we really begin to start to make judgements on them.

Lets start with who has gone.

Love him or hate him Fernando Torres was a fantastic exciting player for us, we all loved him and we all hoped he would stay but he didn’t, why? Well I don’t buy into the theory that he wanted to go to a bigger club at all, simply because Chelsea are nowhere near a bigger club globally or a club drench in history.

He saw some great players leave the club such a Alonso and Mascherano, players who we never replaced, he was also promised so much by the two cowboys who owned us but nothing ever materialised, that’s why he left not because he fell out of love with LFC but he felt we would not be challenging any more and that he was mislead.

Raul Meireles was one transfer which I believed we should have fought off but in the same bag as Torres, you cannot keep unhappy players around, it’s not good for team moral.

Alberto Aquilani the biggest disappointment since I lost £250 in a drunken trip the cash point, two different ends of the spectrum I know but equality as epic in terms of disappointment, glad the passionless mercenary has gone.

Joe Cole came 3 seasons too late while Konchesky & Jovanovic came 1000 years to early along with Roy Hodgson.

Now lets concentrate on who is here.

Charlie Adam has in my opinion has been fantastic since his arrival from Blackpool, he has settled in brilliantly and his performances are getting better and better for us, will become a vital part of the new era.

Jordan Henderson is a great young player with a massive future at Liverpool, supporters need to understand that this kid is one for the future and will be a key part of any future Liverpool success, we need to give Henderson time to settle and adjust he will be great for the Reds just wait and see.

Andy Carroll is the biggest player most debates evolve around, I believe Carroll will come good and that its only a matter of time before he starts banging goals in for us, but as with Henderson we must give him more time and support.

Andy Carroll did not ask Liverpool to pay £35m for him neither did he even ask for a transfer until Newcastle forced the player, Andy Carroll is a great player and will be great for us, get behind the big No9 he will come good for us.

My favourite addition to LFC has to be the little goal machine himself Luis Suarez what would we do without this bag of tricks, Luis has become an instant hit with Liverpool fans and rightly so, he terrorises defences and has vision that some can only dream about.

Right now the squad and fans need a Luis Suarez around, someone who has hit the ground running and excites every match he plays, its vital that we offer Suarez European football that’s why in January we need to spend in the transfer market to enhance the squad so that its capable of a top four finish.

Another top signing was Enrique, what a player he has become so far for us, when Liverpool announced that we had signed him there was some who doubted his ability but I can honestly say I was not one of them.

Enrique has proved that he is a tremendous full back and a threat going forward, he has already become a hit with the Anfield faithful and is certainly well on course to become one of our best full backs ever.

Stewart Downing for me has been slightly disappointing only because he hasn’t shown us the real Downing yet, we all know Downing’s ability but Andy Carroll relies on such service and I believe if Downing can hit form then so will Carroll as both players performances are unknowingly linked.

Downing is another player who needs to adjust to life at Liverpool but needs to start producing so that Carroll can get access to good quality service.

The return of Bellamy to LFC was for me a pleasing one, last time round Bellamy never really got a crack at it, but under Dalglish he will prosper and get more opportunities.

Craig Bellamy is a great powerful striker who has speed, a top-notch finish and a creative side to his game as we all saw against Chelsea.

Bellamy doesn’t need time he already knows LFC and what it stands for, that’s why he came back.

Coates is one fantastic talent Dalglish has brought into the club, he is young, strong and already an international CB, this was a buy for the future if ever there was one, believe me he will be massive for LFC.

Dirk Kuyt is Mr dependable, he gives 101% every time he puts on the shirt and you would be hard pushed to find the commitment that he gives in most young players today.

But age is cruel and there will come a point when a younger player will command the first refusal, Dirk can never be faulted on effort but he does tend to play sloppy balls and has the tendency to give away the ball needlessly.

If there was ever a player who LFC fans should embrace into their hearts its Lucas, this is a player who got ridiculed two seasons ago by supporters and was one of the most unpopular players in the squad, well now look at him.

He has transformed into arguable the best DM in Europe and certainly the best DM in the Premiership, he symbolises what LFC is all about and he gets it, he never run to the hills when times where hard or curl up into a shell, he came out fighting like the club does when times are hard to prove himself to the fans and other squad members that he is a good player and will make it.

And even better for us is that he loves the club and wants to stay.

Now we come to a point of realisation, our legends Gerrard and Carragher will be out of the team more than in it, it was inevitable that at some point the injuries and age will start to take their toll and both of them.

We may still have them for a couple of seasons but realistically not more than that, this is why we have to give the new players more time and support, because we have to move on and we can only do that if we get behind the team and give them our support and in turn am sure they will put in the performances.

We all know that not every signing will work out regardless of talent or potential sometimes it just doesn’t happen, but we as supporters have to do our bit too, we need to encourage our players not discourage, we need to withhold our judgements until its right to air them because now is not the time, we need to live up to our reputation as Liverpool fans not as instant coffee fans like Chelsea or City.

We are Liverpool fans now start to show it.


  1. You’ve pretty much wrote what j would have done. Carroll will come good. Downing concerns me more. At times great/at times missing. Slight reminiscence of a Mr riera. A goal will do him good.

  2. I must say im very happy with all of the players, apart from Carroll. He needs to improve technically or face being bombed, the choice is his???

  3. Your fourth paragraph is enough for me,regarding Torres and Meireles ! THESE TWO BRILLIANT PLAYERS where forced into making decisions that they DID NOT want to make ! It is absolutely ‘OUT OF ORDER ‘ of LFC fans to deride them in any way! ‘SOME’ LFC fans need to realise that sometimes players have to look after themselves ! ‘THESE TWO WANTED TO STAY AT ANFIELD’,but they were let down by the club !!!

      1. A very late reply I admit,but you are wrong in saying “not by the present owners” ! In the case of Torres they were determined to be rid’ of him,(because of lack form/lack of interest,caused by the previous ‘yanks’,(failed promises),whilst at the same time making a large profit out of him).They deliberately hung on until the last minutes of transfer time,knowing that Torres would ask for a transfer if the club did not sign good new players as promised to him! 30 million in the bank! HOWEVER,they did not know how to spend the spoils,and bought Carroll! ‘BIG MISTAKE’,at least so far !!!

  4. Nice read… and about Torres and Mireles, they thought that by going to Chelsea they can compete and win things faster while earning more money… anyways…
    For me Torres’s decision was and still is an enigma, I cant see what he did not see from the owner that “forced” him to make the decision at that moment in time… it was a bad move from his advisers…

  5. great article!!!!
    but i still dont get why people say bad things about Aquilani!! he was injuredd-got fit and ready to play-then foolishly got loaned out- did great during his loan-came back ready to play for LFC finally- came back still fit- but then only for LFC to loan him out AGAIN..soo you see why your calling him a passionless mercenary i wonder..he was clearly forced out!!not his fault!….also agree on the torres and meireless ting..but but the fact torres comes out and say stuff publicly thats jst dissapointing..at least mascherano apologised and dedicated the champions league win to LFC wat has torres done??? as for meireless he was also forced out end of..why shud he stay in a club that deny him a pay rise and den put him down da pecking order coz of henderson’s purchase after playing sooo well for dem da previous season..andy big miney andy carrol..i wud be happy if at least carrol cud cause loads of problems to defenders even if he dsnt score at keast make life hell for defenders bt he dsnt do neither much..henderson i dont really like since he was in sunderland but he did decent enuf in da chelsea game..shud be sharper and more ambitious…

  6. Good article. Would have loved a mention about our other youngsters like Spearing, Flanagan and Robinson. In particular I am very interested to see Shelvey, who’s been doing a great job at Blackpool. I hope he gets slotted into our first team on a rotational basis and bang in those goals and provide us with another exciting attack option.

  7. Very nice post mate. Very nice post. We just need an out and out goal scorer now (in the vein of Adebayor) and we’ll be sorted for that top four finish. YNWA!!!!

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