Chelsea 0 – Liverpool 2 (Maxi, Kelly) [video]

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The Reds advance to the semi-final of the Carling Cup thanks to goals by Maxi and Kelly in the 2nd half against a lacklustre Chelsea team.

Andy Carroll missed a first half penalty however he still played better than Torres who is a shadow of his old self. Coates, Kelly, Henderson and Bellamy were all brilliant. Lucas has a brilliant game too but unfortunately he was taken off injured, hopefully his injury is not too serious. Get Well Soon Lucas.


Chelsea 0 – 1 Liverpool by Anatolly7

Chelsea 0 – 2 Liverpool by Anatolly7


  1. Do you think that the absolutely disgraceful contribution ( and I hesitate really to use that word)of lumbersome Carroll will finally get someone in authority to make the decision to get rid of him ASAP? His entire body language is of someone who is simply wandering around aimlessly knowing not what he is doing that is apart from almost continual complaints to other team players. He is a disgrace to LFC and the rest of the team who played their hearts out don’t deserve him being there! Management DO something.

    1. Think you wanna go on liverpool-kop website mate and chat with Jamie Kanwar, he’s another “fan” that has nothing positive to say about the players and is also just as annoying!!!

      1. I can tell Carroll is trying. I am seeing more running from Carroll. But effort and ability need to be tied together if a footballer is truly going to be successful. The ability Carroll possesses in his potential, a lot of people have a just cause to doubt it because seeing is believing. Having said that, he is only 21-22 so his body is still developing. If he continues to train hard, you know he can only get better in age, but its a really expensive risk Liverpool are taking and one I hope pays dividends.

  2. Great win today boys! Worried about Lucas…never really injured and will be missed massively if he is out for a spell. Great day for Bellamy with 2 sublime assists…really wish we could have had him at the weekend! I think the result may have been different especially up against his old side…oh well, we may see them again soon.

    another fine victory at the bridge! YNWA

  3. We looked very solid at the back again. Gutted for Lucas but i think Spearing can do a job for us if he’s out for awhile and of course we have Stevie to come back.

  4. when is gerrard coming back? is he even training? and i dont like how KK is hiding this information like it’s top secret
    and i’m very happy for kelly, hope this is just first of his many goals for liverpool…and sorry for bad english

  5. Torres who is a shadow of his old self.- Very very true comment!!! However, I would love for someone to explain to me why?? I really never played football, but can confidence do that to you, or is it because it was Liverpool? He looked like a man with no passion, no desire! He was ABYSMAL.I know he is none of our concern, but IT IS SAD…Can confidence really be such a factor… but what has confidence got to do with desire to win…I honestly feel sad for him… He has contributed to many good memories at LFC after all… sorry if any fan feels bothered by my comment, but I just dont get how someone this good can be this poor…

    1. Its because nowhere else can create the same feeling of pride and willingness to give everything for the cause as Liverpool can, much the same as the pride and passion you feel being a fan of Liverpool! Not many leave and find the form they had at Liverpool! YNWA

      1. ……..oh and Chelsea are fookin shit, which wouldn’t help either, never has the title Chelsea Pensioners fit so well!

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