Lucas fears that he could be out for up to six months

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Lucas Leiva has told Adrian Clarke of Sport Media Solutions that he is afraid that he could be out for six months. Ben Smith of the Times also confirmed this.

Hopefully this is just Lucas’ judgement and not the doctors, maybe the fact that he hasn’t been injured often leads him to believe that the injury would take longer for him to recover from.

Official results of the scan should be known later today or tomorrow.

Until then we have to wait and simply hope for the best, get well soon Lucas.



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  1. This proves how threadbare Liverpools squad is and why you’re not ready to compete yet with the big boys – Newc Villa and Everton are all in the same position, good first XI but not much back up, not sure that Jay Spearing can fill the void

    1. threadbare what team arent when it comes to quality defensive midfielders, we’ve got plenty of midfielders jus none with his defensive qualities

    2. Jay Speo just has to or else we are doomed, if we do not buy another replacement DM. Between now and January we will have to make do with JS who is a bundle of energy and is fearless.

      Maybe destiny has it that that’s the way he was meant to show how good he is to all the “doubting Thomases”.

      JS, ynwa.

    1. These two are not in the same ‘Mould’,there position in the side is totally different,they are scared of making a tackle??? get your head in to gear !!!

    2. neither of theese two players play the same role nor are they consistant enough we replaced both of theese any way

  2. Not sure if any of u were watching the same game but Spearing did well… And I think he can fill that gap remember Henderson is also a CM and we have other wide players for RM so stop being so negative!! Last night proved our depth

  3. True we have depth and we witnessed that last night… But none of them put themselves on the line the way lucas does! HE IS A FIGHTER! I have a feeling its not going to be for long, and i hope this feeling is right! he is so devoted for the game that its sad to see him out… also I hate when players get injured for a long spell because they lose that competitive edge!

  4. we can do without lucas, jordan can play cm or jay if kk want a cdm. we don’t need a cdm with the game coming up either, all out attack. Hope kk buy mario gotze in january the guy is young n very good.

  5. It is so hard to comprehend that so many passionate supporters know so little about the game! The ridiculous comments and considerations they make are outrageously daft!

  6. Outside of Luis he has been our best player. Massive blow but hopefully the depth of the squad will make up for this loss. Get well soon Lucas!

  7. I cant believe it, not easy coz i trust Lucas bt other players ll cover.
    Quick recovery man.

  8. Lucas will be a huge miss but could be a blessing if Hendo shines at CM. Spearing will get a nice run of games too and with Shelvey re-called we could unearth a gem. Get well soon Lucas YNWA

  9. Just as he starts to look real top top drawer and a good few levels above his consistent past year or so he picks something nasty up from an innocuous tackle.

    Hopefully it is merely Lucas fearing the worst because we were banking on him and Adam being the two to keep fit 95% of the time. Stevie could cover but we can’t trust him to maintain his fitness these days,spearo is a good player to have in and out but lacks Lucas quality whilst the others are either attacking mids, inexperienced or both rolled into one. Which is why recalling Jonjo appears strange.

    Fingers crossed we get the best possible news for us and for Lucas Leiva.

  10. Time to give others a chance, Lucas has to realise that he is not indispensible. Shelvy, Spearing and the likes are better replacements.

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