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Well, Lucas is out and it happens to be at a crucial time when we are just getting into our stride. Just our luck. With the likes of Jamie Carragher stating Lucas is our best player it just shows you the importance of the once much maligned Brazilian midfielder.

Protected vigorously by Rafa Benitez in his early years at Anfield, he is Dalglish´s first name on the team sheet and has now become an integral part of the Liverpool set up. Offered a new contract by Commoli at the start of the season he has never been out of the team this season.

His controlled aggression, great positional sense and tireless work rate has made the former Brazilian under 21 captain make us forget that Gerrard has not been in the team. But it is our time to miss him but I hope not too much
Now is the time for his replacement to step in. Jonjo Shelvey is called back but I expect him to be only cover for the players that will be put in to substitute Lucas before Christmas. If they work out then Dalglish might not need to dip into the transfer market for a straight replacement when the transfer window opens either. So who could do the job for us this season? Here are some suggestions:

Spearo had some excellent games alongside Lucas at the end of last season.He was nothing but fantastic. Also his recent demonstration to Dalglish as to his worth in a reserve game would mean he could get the call. Liverpool born and bred there is no way this little guy will tire and, in the role of great little players like Sammy Lee, he won´t let us or himself down. I think no one was happier that Spearo when Dalglish took over and he was told his chance would come. This could be it and I´m sure would die for the cause. With Lucas not there he would be the main stopper.

I have been quietly impressed with Hendo, game after game has gone by and he looks a great investment. He doesn´t look weak at all. He seems to have taken orders well and in recent games contributed at important times to the teams winning performance. Obedient and disciplined he could move into the middle and do the job adequately. However, as we have not seen him in the position yet there is still some doubts by some supporters. Obviously Dalglish knows what Hendo is capable and we´ll see if he puts him in front of Agger and Skertel.

Still coming back from injury, I have never enjoyed Stevie in the position although in his biography he states he always enjoyed getting stuck in in the middle of the park. Stamina is needed here and if he is fit he could do Lucas´s work but may tire initially. We know what Gerrard can do and we know he would not let us down wherever he was put. He may not start next week but be back to make an important contribution later in the season.

What a guy to warm the bench. Mr Liverpool will play anywhere. A natural stopper and tackler, there is no reason why Dalglish doesn´t call in Jamie to fill Lucas´s shoes. He is the mentor of those around and behind him and their complete faith in his play would see a more solid defense. Jamie won´t need to hoof the ball up field in this central position and passing need precision. I leave it up to you (reader) if you feel he can overcome this area of his play that may still draw questions on his ability.

If I could have my wish as to the guy I´d love to see given his head, it would be Kelly. For me he has been so in form recently, he shows signs of playing like Gerrard at his best. Marauding forward with strength and conviction this ´defender´ , although seen as young, would give as much aggression and passion as the Carragher. I don´t think Kenny would risk him but it would be joy to see another local player who is showing his worth, fill this position.

Looking at the players above, it show how important a local player is in this position. Lucas is the only foreign player among them. Henderson may not have come through the Liverpool ranks as the others have but it shows how local understanding of the game is so important in this position, especially if you are a Liverpool supporter. We like our own, and we like to see them do well. Whoever fills Lucas´s position they will be given the 100% backing of the fans as we know when they feel we are behind them, they can raise their game to the winning level we expect.
“Melhores Lucas e quero que você volte rapido. Liverpool e Brasil esta precisando sua garra. Portuguese for ´Get better soon Lucas, Liverpool and Brazil need your deterimination’
So who do you feel should Kenny pick? Looking forward to your views

Shaun Dowling

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    1. I could have mentioned Coady Steve, you are right but I decided to choose those players Dalglish has picked already for the first team squad. If Coady was a possibility Kenny wouldn’t have called back Jonjo from Blackpool, don’t you think?

  1. If SG not fit then for now Jay Spearing for me, he will run himself into the ground for LFC. The lad did great last season and again at Chelsea the other day, a natural defensive player!!!

  2. I’d like to see Henderson given the chance, with Maxi playing on the right and Spearing on the bench — that way we can attack from the off and if we need a little more tenacity the little Scouser can come on, and add his work rate to the game.

  3. as for options: Spearing, then Henderson… Def not Carra, he will get tired to fast… as for Gerrard… why all the secrecy? Can’t they just tell us what is going on?

  4. Different players have different characteristics. Liverpool tried for two/three seasons to ‘replace’ Xabi Alonso. The Reds will miss Lucas because we had a great player covering that position: someone that was winning rave reviews week in week out.
    The Reds will figure this out. We have played without Gerrard and Carra and everyone seemed desperate not to have them on the pitch.
    I don’t think Spearing should be made to shoulder this responsbility. I feel Adam should take that position and dictate the interdiction and distribution from their.

    1. Agreed Tonio lets see if Spearing can play with Adam who now seems to be doing the job he was brought in to do. For me Lucas led Adam but now Adam may have to move up another notch to take pressure off Spearing.

  5. Noura
    So far it doesnt seem to be a career threatening injury. Remember Lucas is young, under a long term contract and has not been injury prone as yet. I expect he might come back to Brazil for sometime as most South American players go home when the injury takes time to recover from.

  6. Spearing without doubt is our next best for the role… Kelly wud b interesting with flano ready to step up as an RB sub if reqd !!

  7. Spearing is the immediate answer. Henderson will continue to play the utility role for a season or two yet. I personally would like to think Kenny has recalled Jonjo for more than just a substitute role, it won’t aid his development when he’s been playing week in week out @ blackpool. Must be more in mind for jonjo. Perhaps its a case of bringing him back in time for Fulham so he can set up Luis like last season with that defence splitting pass ;-) YNWA

    1. Against Fulham Curtis I’d like to see Spearing nipping at Danny Murphy’s heels. The old v the new scousers. Could be interesting. I’m still worried that Jonjo can be a bit overenthusiastic and not play as well as a team player as Spearing. I think that is my main worry. Jonjo is certainly harder but is he as level headed as Spearing?

  8. Personally I’d give Daniel Agger a go as holding midfielder. He can tackle, read the game well, pick a pass & has a great long shot on him. With Carra back, he could partner Skrtel at the back.

  9. How is Aurellio? Is he still in our squad? still injured?
    I think aurellio is a good one for holding midfieder role…

    1. I thought of sunstituting one Brazilian for another and he has a sweet left foot. Great passer.He could be the answer too. He certainly has the maturity lacking with Searing and Jonjo. The problem could be getting easily injured in the rough and tumble in the middle of the park.

  10. Place agger there……whats the fuss!!!! Carra doesnt have the distribution…..lets go back to 3 man back


    Maxi. Suarez. Downing

    Jose Adam. Johnson

    Agger. Coates. Skrtel


  11. We could plug this Lucas shaped hole inclub with all mentioned above. But who would be possible an viable transfer targets?

  12. In a two man midfield i would never consider playing Carragher or Kelly. For me it depending on the opposition i would play Hendo ( usually when were at home playing more offensive football) or Spearing when we play away

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