Liverpool lineup vs Fulham

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Everyone was under the impression that Maxi would get the nod today however Kenny opts with starting him on the bench. Reina skippers the Reds as Carra also starts on the bench while Spearo gets the nod to fill in for Lucas.

Starting XI : Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique, Henderson, Spearing, Adam, Bellamy, Carroll, Suarez
Subs : Doni, Maxi, Coates, Kuyt, Downing, Carragher, Kelly.

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  1. Kenny’s trying to control midfield.. he’s starting to leave Downing out of first 11 these days.. =[[

  2. oh my!!!.. i swear to god i could’ve jumped on to the pitch and slid the legs off of ‘friend’, just to show him what a malicious tackle is!. dembele looked just fine after the card! about time the FA held the refs responsible for such stupefying decisions!!! the ref spoiled a perfectly good match! (suarez looked onside for that goal as well!) disappointing!!

  3. Boy was that frustrating. I can’t see how that is ever a red…very unlucky as with Hendo’s shot off inside of the post!

    I am wondering why carroll is so easily pushed off of the ball…he is a big guy but always comes off 2nd best on 50/50 balls.


  4. Poor maxi, he deserve a starting position. Carol not ready to start he need some more time to settle in, this is a crucial stage for LFC, if we want to finish top 4, KK need to select the best side to win , no experiments ….

  5. So many decisions gone against us again tonight. How was Dempsey on the pitch to score that goal!? He wouldn’t of got away with them head butt’s in a bare knuckle brawl. Great tackle from Spearing keep it up lad.

  6. i m disappointed as i didnt see maxi start ahead of carroll..carroll isnt producing goals yet and maxi has been producing goals why not start him??At times i dont understand why Kenny acts like this every liverpool fan wants to see maxi given more chance but kenny sees other way round….maxi is an intelligent finisher he scores goals..i doubt if we would finish top 4 because of kenny’s experiments

  7. I’m not one for bashing people when they are down but the situation with Andy Carroll is now highly concerning. Much as it pains me to think it, let alone say it, Liverpool (on our current showing) will not qualify for Champions League football next season. As they said on TalkSport last night we are simply not taking our chances. Not clinical enough. The 2 Manchester clubs are getting out of sight at the top. Tottenham are looking very solid and confident (I reckon they could be a dark horse to win the EPL if City slip up) and Chelsea and Arsenal have got a lot of firepower to keep going. I’ve got great respect for the King but his selection decisions lately are starting to baffle even the staunchiest of his supporters. At this point of the season, with the space so tight in terms of points for the top four spots, why would you choose to start Carroll ahead of Maxi?!? What about Kygt? At this rate, I’d start Sterling ahead of Carroll. All the excuses about Carroll being young are a load of BS. If you are good to play then you are old enough. How old was Rooney when he went to Manchester United? What about Michael Owen when he scored that wonder goal against Argentina? People should stop making excuses for Carroll and call him for what he is. An expensive mistake for Liverpool Football Club. Don’t matter how much ‘pass and move’ football you play, don’t matter how much silky skills you demonstrate, without finishing your chances and getting them 3 points we’re NOTHING! Kenny’s got to take a bold decision for December. We need at least 15 points from the next run of games. Drop Carroll – he ain’t performing. Torres cost £50 mill and he’s warming the bench whilst Sturridge rips up defences across the country. DROP CARROLL and give Kygt and Maxi an extended run. Bring Martin Kelly back into right back and push Glen Johnson up into a right wing role. Glen is a wicked offensive player but he’ll never be a good defender (the way Danny Murphy left him trailing yesterday was embarrasing as Murphy is almost 100 years old in footballing years). Put Hendo into a central mid-field role where he can wreak havoc. Start Saurez and Bellamy up front. Simply fact of the matter is Carroll ain’t suited to the quick, fluid, pass and move nature of Liverpool’s play. He’s slow on the turn, has no pace and seems to have even lost the power of the play that he demonstrated at Newcastle. Gotta DO SOMETHING Kenny. As much as we love your legacy, we’re LFC fans first and foremost. We need results. And if results aren’t being produced, we need our managers to respond and change systems, players etc to make sure we’re cranking out a results. Look at Arsenal at the start of the season – was a shambles. AW turned it round. Tottenham got spanked by Man Shitty at the start of the season – they tuned the system and now they cant stop winning. DO SOMETHING KENNY! We all know you love the club. So start taking some bold moves and DROP players that aren’t performing!!!

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