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Starting to get over the frustration of the Fulham match. Still simmering over that referee who gave us nothing all night, and it is not the first time this season that I have felt that a referee has not acted impartially. It is not just sour grapes about us losing another match against a team we should be beating. The amount of big decisions that could have gone either way, all went against us on Monday night.

But regardless of the referee he did not put the ball in the net against us to defeat us, an unusual mistake from our reliable Pepe Reina cost us the goal that eventually lost us the game, but if we don’t score then we are not going to win, so we have to be more clinical in front of goal because once again we created plenty of chances, especially away from home. This is happening too often, we seem to bemoan our missed chances every other game and it is costing us valuable points. We look as if we need a predatory striker really badly. Maybe Anelka could do a job as rumours of him returning are circulating.

Felt sorry for Jay Spearing the other night, I thought he was having a tremendous match stepping into the boots of Lucas, and like most people I was amazed at his dismissal. For me Lucas wasn’t missed against Fulham and that is down to the performance of Spearing. Jay will now miss the next 3 matches after his sending off and somebody else will need to fill this void, probably Henderson who might excel in this role. But we have to be appealing against decisions like that sending off instead of accepting them. What would Sir Alex do, would he just sit back and accept it, no I don’t think so he would be creating merry hell if it was against one of his players.

I’m worried about Suarez he seems to be a target for referees, supporters and the FA and I wouldn’t be surprised if he chucks it and moves to a different country who appreciate his talent. Suarez has been superb for us but he needs a bit of support up front and I would like to see us try and sign another striker in January.

Fair play to Kenny keeping the partnership of Agger and Skrtel in the team, because it must have been very tempting to bring back Jamie Carragher into the team. The defence has been playing really well making the opposition struggle to find the net against us.

Our midfield has been industrious and producing chances for our strikers and hopefully we will have Gerrard back soon to add to our midfield options. Jordan Henderson started the season slowly but I see him getting better with every game. I would like to see Dirk Kuyt play more as he has been left on the bench in a lot of games recently, I think he is a major player for us and gives us so much energy, but this shows our strength in depth when the likes of Kuyt can’t get a start.

I’m still not that convinced with Andy Carroll although he has been working really hard in recent games but I’m still looking for more link up play from him and to attack crosses more, but hopefully it will come I used to slate Lucas on his performances and never thought he would make it at Liverpool and look how wrong I was.

We have been on a great run recently until Monday night and I think it will just be a minor setback. We have been playing really well this season and playing some great football and the only poor performance was the defeat from Tottenham. When you think how badly we were playing last season and the way we are playing now, it is like night and day. Some of the football now is terrific, but we have to remember to be patient as we are work in progress.

I’m disappointed with some supporters and their comments after the Fulham match with the criticism I heard. Supporters should support the team but there seems too many ready to criticise when we suffer a bad result regardless of the performance.

I am happy with the way things are progressing and we are still on course for a top four spot and a mouth watering semi-final against Manchester City so keep the faith.



  1. I am starting to believe there is a conspiracy against Liverpool. That tackle by Spearing was nothing wrong in it, a yellow at the most. but all season we’ve had decisions go against us.
    putting that aside, yes, we need to be more clinical in front of goal, and right now we are goal shy.
    if Jordan goal had gone in, it would be a wonderful goal.
    and Downing, and Carol had a chance.
    but, they didn’t so let’s not dwell on the negatives. there was plenty of positives from the team, at times Fulham couldnt touch Liverpool….
    so next game, this game is done, over…next…

  2. Lets not forget that Suarez strike was incorrectly ruled offside. We should have been 1 up. I dont think the game would have followed the same pattern had the goal stood, I think we would have more effectively took the game to them and breezed it.
    I did however think the performance was poor. In the opposition half we were inaccurate with our passes and sloppy and we did pay for it. We also had trouble controlling midfield and even though Spearing did well tackling, and moving the ball round, we missed Lucas’ vision for a pass, anticipation to break their attacks before they start and also confidence when in possession of the ball.

  3. i don’t fnk suarez was angery bcuz super jay was sent off bt the bad and poor performance of that carroll guy.i keep askin maself what shows that this guy is a player?can’t even get a close control wit the leg which i can do it best.Plz carroll take ur bad luck boots and leave our club for us.the worst player i have ever seen is carroll

  4. In 14 games W=6, D=5, L=3
    In percentage W=43%, D=36%, L=21%
    If we don’t improve, the result in our last 24 games will be W=10, D=9, L=5 mean we’ll get 39 points. Total point 62 at the end of the season.
    In the last 5 seasons, randomly 62 points will bring a team into 6th place at the table. 6th place is not what we expect as we got that last season and it brought us not even Europa League slot, except we win Carling or FA Cup. But again, Europa League is not our main target.

    We desperately need an improvement, a killer in the box who can convert all chances we made. Otherwise we can say goodbye to Europe and stay in England next season.

  5. I mell rat here. I awould agree with Jay saying that there could be a conspiracy against Liverpool. Everything is pre-planned to get Suarez and destablise him and Liverpool. This time the FA stoop to low. Remember the kung fu kick to the crowd by Cantona almost got him scot free.

  6. If the Refree conspires against us we shouldn’t play into their hands we should take a look at our selves and try to kill games..Suarez is getting frustrated he’s a born winner and wants to win always but football is a team effort Suarez needs a supporting strike partner not Caroll,Suarez comes into life if he plays either with Bellamy or Maxi up front even with Kuyt.Now he’s been charged by the F.A for obscene gesture towards fulham fans I m worried now especially if he’s suspended how are we going to cope without him.Caroll can’t shoulder a team like Liverpool for now he might come good in the future and Kenny should bear that in mind by easing him into the team regardless of his price tag..

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