A preview of the January Transfer window, in more ways than one

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Come the end of December,the matters on the field will take the backseat to the matters happening off of it. January is full of speculations & rumours linking every other club to different players,with each club having a different outlook. The focal point of this article will not focus on Players,but rather how the clubs are affected from the activities going on.

For me,a transfer window does not only have its affects on the team sheet of a certain side but also on the morale & mindsets of different players.

Coming straight to the point,if i were either Harry Redknapp or Arsene Wenger,i wouldn’t want December to end,for the simple matter that their stars are heavily wanted by some of the biggest clubs in world football,which could prove to be massive distractions which could linger on for some time. We all saw what the Fabregas saga did to Arsenal last season,and im pretty sure Wenger wouldn’t want the whole routine to happen again with Van Persie,who as we all know,still has not signed a contract with his team,and apparently City are preparing a bid for him.

Tottenham’s Achilles heel is certainly their inability to pay huge bucks to their world class players,a big money offer for any of their midfield stars could prove to be the stumbling block in their season.

Although a lot of this is speculative,you cant argue with the fact that the transfer window does play a key role in deviating the focus of a football club from its on field matters to the off field ones.
It could also play a key role as to who finishes where,come the end of the season.

On the other hand,a transfer window will never prove to be a distraction for a club of Liverpool’s stature. If anything,it will have more of a positive affect since we could bring in more players which would help in our cause,and as we can clearly see,we badly need a clinical finisher in our ranks.

So when i say its a premature opinion of writing Liverpool off, its heavily backed by the fact that the transfer window is right around the corner,with its probable negative affects on a couple of our rivals.
For us,January couldn’t come any sooner!


  1. Get our homework done otherwise we may regret for lost opportunity and money spent. The clock is ticking fast and we cannot afford the slightest error.

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