Luis Suarez’s gets an 8 game ban

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Luis Suarez has been banned for 8 games and fined £40,000 on racism charges following an incident that occurred during the Liverpool versus Manchester United fixture at Anfield on 15 October 2011.

Here is the full statement from the FA

An Independent Regulatory Commission has today [Tuesday 20 December 2011] found a charge of misconduct against Luis Suarez proven, and have issued a suspension for a period of eight matches as well as fining him £40,000, pending appeal.

On 16 November 2011, The Football Association charged Luis Suarez with misconduct contrary to FA Rule E3 in relation to the Liverpool FC versus Manchester United FC fixture on 15 October 2011.

A hearing took place from 14-20 December 2011 before an Independent Regulatory Commission of The FA to consider the charge.

The Independent Regulatory Commission announced its decision on 20 December 2011, which is as follows:

Mr Suarez used insulting words towards Mr Evra during the match contrary to FA Rule E3(1);
the insulting words used by Mr Suarez included a reference to Mr Evra’s colour within the meaning of Rule E3(2);
Mr Suarez shall be warned as to his future conduct, be suspended for eight matches covering all first team competitive matches and fined the sum of £40,000;
the [penalty] is suspended pending the outcome of any appeal lodged by Mr Suarez against this decision.
The Independent Regulatory Commission will provide written reasons for its decision in due course setting out:

(a) the findings of fact made by it;

(b) the reasons for its decision finding the charge proved; and

(c) the reasons for the penalty.

Mr Suarez has the right to appeal the decision of the Independent Regulatory Commission to an Appeal Board. An appeal must be lodged within 14 days of the date of the written reasons for the decision.

The penalty is suspended until after the outcome of any appeal, or the time for appealing expires, or should Mr Suarez decide not to appeal. The reason for this is to ensure that the penalty does not take effect before any appeal so that Mr Suarez has an effective right of appeal.


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    1. Suarez is an idiot and deserves his punsihment. Using such language is not an accident, lost in translation misunderstanding.

      The fact that he used the word multiple times, during a heated moment, during a Pool vs United game and when he was not having a good game is proof that he wasn’t being polite.

      I am not saying he is a racist, however he racially abused Evra and should have been banned for 3 months – the sentence he recd for abusing a players body..

      This guy is a fantastic player however is no innocent…

      1. Mate, are you for real!!!! what about Terry!!!!

        And we are talking about a new comer to the EPL!!!

        And when in your life has anybody been banned for more than 4 games!!!

        I say this is bullshit and the FA are bullshit

      2. @ bod you cant sound too harsh towards your player even if he’s guilty he is our player and we have got to support him.i know he is innocent maybe because the accusation is coming from a Man-U player the F.A feels they should support Eva more than Suarez

      3. Bob what are you on? John terry is a racist but gets away with it and that is a confirmed by video footage racist. Evra a liar of monstrous proportions see previous complaint against chelski gets away this shit because of people like you, unless you where there on the pitch, who swallow his lies. You haven’t mentioned jt but why would you Mr I love English players

  1. More corruption in the FA than FIFA. How can they support scumbag John Terry and Wayne Rooney. Double standards or what.

  2. Bill Shankly used to say Matt Busby was too close to the FA.

    Nothing changes – cui bono?

    I think we know. Hope LFC appeal and haul the FA before the European Court of Justice if need be.

  3. Seems to me that double standards are being applied here – Evra’s behaviour and that of his club are pretty questionable – the term ‘chip on shoulder’ could have been coined to apply to him – hope LFC appeal and clearhis name..

    1. I think suarez is innocent would it have been the same if the boot was on the other foot of course it bloody wouldnt for the simple fact evra plays for united and suarez liverpool. And another thing proves how stupid and fickle the fa are seeming as they pleaded with uefa to get rooneys ban cut but say no more another united player

  4. What an absolute joke. The preferential treatment that club has gotten over the past 10-15 years is a disgrace and it doesn’t help the fact that Evra is a massive See You Next Tuesday.

  5. This outcome was never in doubt. The FA is a discredited body. Everything it does smacks of incompetence, arrogance or stupidity. It boiled down to one man’s word against another. Unfortunately for Louis, Evra plays for United so the FA had to do their bidding. The FA is big on racist issues, so when I go to Old Trafford and endure a series of abusive, disgusting anti-scouse chants will they act? Of course not!

  6. I do support LFC, but he racistly abused Evra. LFC should punish him as well, maybe another 5-6 matches would do and stop his stupid antics once and for all.

    1. On the pitch were you? heard it yourself gave evidence or just part of the moral majority? Do you get offended for other people often? You are just as bad ad injury lawyers for you

    2. yo idiot upstairs..tell me when did suarez is racist..? uttering “porque negro” does not make him a racist..maybe you should support evra’s team now..

  7. complete joke. inocent untill proven guilty. wheres the fuc#ing evidence?? simple. just when you think were starting to get somewhere, if its not a reff having us over its his sidekick assholes the fa, who are just clueless bias wan#ers.
    Evra is a notorious piece of shi#, a bad penny. he set out that day to get suarez in trouble, you could see that even before all this tosh came out.
    i just hope karma does its bit.

  8. Well we always admired the English football in South Africa,but its clear to see that its Association which is the FA is rotten to the core,its unfortunate that its Man United who always gets away with murder,hence the FA is always sending even refs to go to each gane that Man U is playing to help them to win it,shame to the FA and its a sad day for KOP football,and English football as a whole.always will love liverpool.

  9. I am disappointed at the decision of the panel Suarez is never a racist bearing in mind he came from a mixed family background,he plays in the national team where they have black players and he was a former captain of Ajax football club a club that has players from diverse multicultural background.Moreso it is Evra words against Suarez’s no evidence to back up..i would urge the club to appeal and if it is not overturned this matter should be taken to the court of Arbitration for sports or European Court of justice as it’s highly important for suarez to clear his name and prove his innocence..

  10. What a fu**ing joke, well for start the supposedly independent panel that consists of a fa committee member who was part of the fa successful appeal for kicking a bloke in the back (violent conduct) and another whose 2 greatest achievements were helping Alex ferguson keep his job with Manchester united and signing Alex fergusons son Darren. Tell me how is that an independent panel and yet none of the people have any degree in law

  11. The issue for me isn’t Suarez. It’s the FA’s inconsistency.

    Ban one alleged racist, ban all of them, FA. Even more so for those who were caught on video racially abusing someone. Two words: John Terry

  12. u fucking F.A they call.u guys have to change the ban or do the same to Terry.King Suarez don’t worry cuz u’ll never walk alone.take ker lads

  13. can suarez play tomorrow? or in period which they give lfc to appeal? i’m asking because in that time we have lots of games and he will be useful,and in january we can bring new striker to replace suarez for this 8 match ban plus what he will get for middle finger

  14. @bob…u CUNT have u seen a player bn ban for 3months before?u can’t insult our man like that.u better watch yourself.u bitch.

  15. Fucking Bustards in FA and Fuck YOU EVRA!!!! Fuck You Mancs!!!!! Evra – eres HIJO DE PUTA!!!! Comprendes mi – Negrito?!!! Cunt!!!

    P.S. We need the striker… This is the fact.

  16. At least Suarez had the balls to hold his hands up & say ‘yes, I called him a name his team mates use for him, I didn’t know it would be a problem’. He could’ve completely denied it. has Evra come out to agree or even deny this is what he said? He didn’t even tell the ref at the time when the pair of them were segueing! Sour grapes made into something it wasn’t in my view and now it’s got too big for Evra to back away. Suarez has some bad character traits and a poor disaplinary history but I doubt with his family background that’s he’s a racist.

  17. IF Suarez could overcome these obstacles, this only means that he would become far better player in maturity and mentality. Different case of course, so did Lucas.

  18. we should go to court to clear suarez’s name and when we wre done, we should sue the FA the scums evra for damages.

  19. Amazed at this decision, especially as both the FA and Evra, stated that neither believed Luis to be ‘racist’. The term used has clearly been lost in translation and taken out of context. The Club should certainly defend Luis and appeal the decision.

    If Luis is given 8 games and £40k fine then I can only assume that John Terry will be given 25yrs to life or publicly executed – or given that he is English will the FA simply brush the incident under the carpet??

  20. The English FA is a disgrace. What evidence was used to arrive at the final judgement? Evra’s words against Suarez. This is a case of obvious witch hunt…come to think of it…there were no witnesses..and Evra said “cameras” caught everything…did the FA made use of TV footages? This is painful..but it just goes to show that the english hypocrites…even Rooney at the height of his madness never got more than a 3 game ban…

    And how independent was the panel? a 3 member panel that has one member as a close associate of Alex Ferguson..come starting to believe the EPL is a whole Gambling show…its just sickening…

  21. I think to make Suarez an example belittles the FA and the Premier League. I have worked in South America and have seen first hand how these words are used. There is no malice or racist intent. What I have seen on TV most of the aggression comes from Evra.The FA has decided that EVra because he plays for MAN U is more believable and that has gone on for years. This will test our squad and with Stevie G returning I dont think that it will affect our season. The team will have step step up and be counted, espically Mr. Carroll. Keep the faith.

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