And they call this guy a racist [video]

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Thanks to @LiverpoolPlus for sending this excellent video of Luis Suarez inspiring kids of all ethnic backgrounds. Unfortunately the FA think they are the high-and-holy ones and are able to pass judgement on this person. YNWA Luis.

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  1. what a load… it´s all about proof. if they have any besides Evras statement, he should be banned and sold imo. racism is uacceptable in my book.
    I don´t see how a promotional video depicting Luis with with black kids proves anything, either way.

    1. Do some background reading, there is many reasons why it could quite easily be a miss understanding rather than racist bigotry. Uraguay is a an extremely tolerant and mixed society where what we may deem to be racist terms are used with affection. Uraguay was the first football team to field a black player in the copa america in the face of protests from the rest of the continent. I’m would probably be paraphrasing so i might as well quote from Tim Vickery’s column.

      “Probably the most revered figure in the history of Uruguayan football is Obdulio Varela, captain of the side that won the World Cup in 1950. His nickname was “El Negro Jefe” – the black boss.”

      So Suarez uses the same word “Negro” to describe Evra as he does one of his country’s heros and people think that he was an attempt at a racist slur?

      I accept that it depends on the context of where you are and Suarez should probably have known before, if he doesn’t by now, that it would be taken seriously.

      Its bad enough that he was found “guilty” but 8 match ban? If the FA wanted to appear to be tough on racism they should investigate Evra’s comments to Suarez, no idea what they are but Suarez has rights as well you know, and give Suarez a reasonable punishment like a 3 match ban and probably a bigger fine, make him attend a class and be done with it.

      The FA should be spending its time on the John Terry incident, the nations captain is under criminal investigation for racism. They should save their harsh punishments for that if it turns out to be clear cut racism.

  2. This shows the english FA the true nature of suarez
    the panel sitting on this matter are a bunch of corrupt
    fools who have an agenda,i didnt see them act on john terry
    is that because as englands captain this would look to the
    rest of the world bad and racist? the three man panel are Denis
    smith ex stoke player,Shame on you! Paul goulding qc,Shame on you!and lastly Brian jones sheffield and hallamshire fa,Shame on you! these three unwise men need investigating.

    1. Without knowing much of the background on this case. Why is there a difference between Suarez and John Terry?

      Because JT can be seen on video calling Anton Ferdinand a “Fu*king black c*nt” (, while Luis responded to being called a “south american” by (allegedly) using a patronising but affectionate term for a little black man (I don’t think anyone’s disputing Evra’s stature or ethnicity. Oh,, and noone else saw or heard him say it.

    2. The big difference is John Terry is the national captain and Luis Suarez is just some south American.

      Another difference is John Terry was seen live on TV to be making these comments and has been investigated by the CPS. Luis Suarez was not seen to be making these remarks, nor has there been a criminal investigation.

      Even Sky admitted they reviewed the footage from the game (LFC v MU) and found no evidence to back up Evra’s claims.

      The sad part is, even if Suarez successfuly appeals, Evra will be free to carry on playing and crying wolf without the fear the FA will charge him for bringing the game into disrepute.


  3. Its only a lengthy ban coz the fa r useless c*&ts ..after the comments of blatter few weeks back… the puppet master helpin rooney from his ban .. every1 looking towards the fa as being a load of rubbish .. so thry have to do somethin drastic n also to keep fergy happy!! It will be appealed and won.. no players heard what had been said … evra now claims thatsuarez is no racist.. how can u use a “racist word” and not be racist???

  4. I don’t think robin is a man u fan cal, all he’s saying is if there is sufficient evidence he should be banned which I agree with but from what I have seen and heard it seems that Suarez did say a racist work but only after a remark by evra and with the intention that he did not believe it was racist.

  5. He really did mention the N word to Evra. Suarez doesn’t speak good english and as a result, has been misquoted and misunderstood. The N word he did mention was actually ‘nutmeg’. Because Evra was dizzy from unsuccessfully chasing after Suarez’s shadow, he actually thought he had been called something else.

  6. Bit embarrassing that everyone who says Suarez may be in the wrong is accused of being a manure fan…… When the report is released we’ll see the evidence but we should be careful how much we support him now – if he’s proved to use that language we should accept the punishment.

  7. @scott, didn’t h say we should sell sell suarez? was it him who say that suarez should be banned? i do not think any real TRUE LFC supporters would be cretinous enough to believe the hideous agenda plotted against our star player or anything said by the corrupted FA, WHISKEY NOSE OR THE LYING SOB EVRA. if u think he is not a scum, then he is a piece of shite.

  8. The word “Negro” in Spanish means black. How would someone be racist when he is merely referring to the colour of someone else’s skin. Is it a crime in ENgland to address someone as black? It’s not wrong in the US, if I am not mistaken.

  9. In Malaysia, even if you call a player “Puki Mak” or “Chi Bai” is still acceptable cos it is just an exclaimation just lignt the word “negro”. But those in the Kangaroo Court failed to understand in whatever circumstances it takes two to tango.

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