Glen Johnson stands by Luis Suarez

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Glen Johnson today reiterated that he stands by Luis Suarez.

His tweet sounded angry and was likely directed at Paul McGrath who on Talksport said that Glen shouldn’t be supporting Suarez.


Y.N.W.A.  Glen


  1. The problem with McGrath is that years of drunkeness have addled his somewhat small brain. Just because Glen is black, doesn’t mean he can’t decide for himself what to believe, who to support and how to react. Glen doesn’t decide what to do on the colour of his, or anybody else’s skin. Glen is a thoughful and intelligent man – McGrath isn’t.

    1. Suarez excuse that using the word he used is acceptable by people in uruguay. Maybe to whites but certainly not black people in uruguay. His excuse is a poor one!!!! The same goes for Eastern Europeans abusing black players in Eastern Europe. Suarez and Evra had a disagreement on the pitch and Suarez was clearly not using the ‘N’ word out of love!!!!

  2. did evera not admit to bad mouthing suarez? if so why has the fa not punished him. if suarez called evra the n word 10 times why could it not be caught at least once on camera as was john terrys offence

  3. He’s been put in a tough position by the club. The over the top support of Suarez is frankly embarrassing at the moment. Suarez has admitted to what he said. Whether he meant it in a vicious way is the real question. Bottom line is that he shouldn’t have said it.

    1. Where suarez is from its not racist why would he admit to it if he thought it was a problem? its also a context issue, how he said it etc unless you or I were on the pitch beside him we’ll never know, so why condemn him? Evra is a man of questionable character he plays the race card when it suits him. Paul mcgrath doesnt know suarez like Johnson does so he has no right to question his judgement.

  4. This over the top condemnation of Suarez is not only embarrassing but completely unnecessary – the FA are terrified of Liverepool taking this further and I and I think considerable amount of LFC supporters are of the opinion that LFC should take this as far as they can – for a start how can they fineSuarez £40,000 when John Terry faces a maximum fine by the courts of only £2,000 (if he’s found guilty). How come the only players appearing on SKY etc condemning Suazrez are – what is the correct term ?
    Black or Coloured – because racism works both ways.

    Patrice Evra is no saint either, he’s done this before – made accusations of racism which have not held water, he’s admitted to racially abusing Suarex and or his family and as a “patriotic” french captain he led a revolt by his teammates during the world cup which resulted in his team going out of the world cup.

    I know who’d support any day and it’s not Evra.

  5. This whole scenario is turning out to be drama and I believe the loudest would win at the end of the day..Negro in Uruguay means my pal not being Racist why is he not judge on his native language afterall there is no rule against foreigners speaking their native languages here Suarez should be judged as a result of the meaning of the word he uttered in his native language and the same thing applies to British living in foreign land maybe Uruguay or not their words would judged in the real meaning of English Language not the language of domicile.I sense a witchhunt here why didn’t the F.A go the same route as Terry’s allegations by allowing Suarez to appear before Magistrate Court not a Kangaroo Court composed of ex-players.I believe this whole saga should go to the Court of Arbitration or European Court of Justice that supercedes the English Court because the English Court might still end up supporting the F.A as they wouldn’t want the F.A look stupid..A Food for thought

  6. A player is found guilty of racism through lack of ‘knowledge’ of British attitudes to certain words that may be regarded as offensive when translated into English (after being given an Anglo Saxon spin).
    Perhaps those who say Saurez should have known what he said was racist in this country, can come forward with the dictionary of words / terms that are not acceptable in the English language, and the Spanish translation, also a Spanish dictionary of words and phrases from other countries that might be regarded as racist when translated into English? What a stupid reason for punishing Saurez.
    In the end punishing someone for ignorance of such a legal minefield is as unjustifiable as racism itself and the sanctimonious responses of those defending the punishment trivialise the actuality of racism.

  7. When you read mcgraths defense of big Ron by saying its old school, its how he was brought up is absolute bullshit and then condemn suarez what a dick! I followed him playing for Ireland, villa and derby because I thought he was a fantastic player now hes just a hypocrite!

  8. The FA ban on Suarez is a joke and tells us what brainless people sits on the panel. From now on, maybe the FA would like to put all foreign players coming into EPL teams on a 1 month crash course on racism and what not to say on the field. Or maybe, the FA can have some racism experts in each game for players to consult before they utter a single word on the field. Maybe the game may take 3 hours to complete but the FA is already making a fool of itself with this case and the Rooney case.

    Foreigners like Suarez grew up with a certain language and have certain language habits based on their environment. In a football match, in the heat of the moment, especially in highly competitive games like the EPL, would the FA expect Suarez to have a clear mind to run through his brain before he speaks? Naturally, humans will use language habits that they were brought up with and as I understand it, Negrito in South America is not a racist name. Suarez was not English educated. So, the FA’s line or reasoning is highly flawed and wrong.

    Besides, I don’t think Suarez is racist. From my experience, most South Americans are not racist. So, FA, please stop mocking yourself.

  9. You should Glen cos the England FA is rotten to the core. I dont haveany kind words to give to the FA.

  10. Suarez himself admitted using the word “negrito” towards Evra at least once. The word itself relates to a class of several ethnic groups who inhabit several isolated parts of Southeast Asia. The Negritos share common features with African popultions, most notably their short stature, natural afro style hair and dark skin. In Spanish, the work “negrito” is devised from the word “negro” which means “little black person.” Spanish is the official language of Uruguay. Gus Poyet, a native of Uruguay, has come out in support of the Liverpool man by explaining in a newspaper interview that the term “negrito” in Uruguay means “someone who’s skin is darker than the rest……it is not offensive.”

  11. Read this archive news:
    Aston Villa legend Paul McGrath has revealed that Ron Atkinson called black players “coons” during training sessions.

    The retired soccer star claimed Big Ron used the racist term while manager of the Premier-ship club in the 1990s.

    Yet McGrath insisted that his former boss, who resigned from his ITV job last week for branding Chelsea player Marcel Desailly a “f***ing lazy big n****r” live on air, was an INSPIRATION to black players.

    When we put the claims to Atkinson yesterday, he did not deny using the derogatory term ‘coon’, but said: “You should have heard what the players called me!”

    Big Ron, from Barnt Green in Worcester-shire, resigned from his £200,000 job as a sports pundit after his outburst on Tuesday night following Chelsea’s Champions League defeat against Monaco.

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