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At long last the FA made a decision on Suarez and his alleged racist comments towards Evra, it really is so amazing how long it has taken to come to a conclusion. I obviously feared he would be found guilty but the harshness of the punishment is unbelievable, obviously the FA are making a strong statement to UEFA on their stand against racism in this country and they were determined to make an example of someone, and unluckily for Suarez he was the man they were looking for.

Suarez has been treated harshly since his arrival in this country, constantly being brought up is his handball on the line in the World Cup to biting a players’ ear, his remarkable talent and great play being secondary to these incidents. But the incident with Evra seemed lightweight, it was like Evra’s word against Suarez and yet the FA has hammered Suarez with a fine and an eight match ban. There is players that end other players careers with bad challenges and don’t receive as harsh a ban.

Liverpool have backed Suarez throughout the whole affair and I suppose you would expect that but with such a case as this the clubs’ integrity is at stake here and yet even after the recent verdict they are still supporting their man. The club seem outraged by the decision with the statement they have produced regarding the decision and it will be interesting to see their next move as they look set to retaliate.

Evra is no angel with a history of controversy and this makes this all the more strange how the FA believe his word against Suarez. If he was angry with what Suarez said during the game, then why did he not tell the referee during the match instead of complaining after the game, most “men” would deal with the matter on the park not go crying to officials after the match, can you imagine Souness acting in this way, me neither.

This ban could have a massive effect on the rest of Liverpool’s season as they will not want to lose their star striker for such a long spell. With Liverpool chasing a top four spot, they will need all of their star players available. But more worrying is Suarez being labelled a racist, mud sticks and even if he appeals and gets off with it, the footballing public won’t forget and this stigma will be attached to a wonderful player because one man decided to get him into trouble.

Suarez has been hung out to dry by the FA as they have drawn the whole episode out far too long and they are now going to ban him for about a quarter of the remainder of the season. I just hope Liverpool stick by Suarez and make a stand against the FA because this has not been handled in the right manner, it seemed the FA had made up their mind a long time ago and Liverpool need to do what is right and not be bullied by them. Watch this space, but whatever happens Luis Suarez will never walk alone.

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  1. Ok, why don’t they just take Suarez out into the centre cercle in Old Trafford before the start of their next home match and flog him. Then take him and hang him from the cross bar in front of the baying fans, maybe then people who have done this and those that support it will be happy. The decision of the FA has destroyed Suarez, all because they wanted to put one over on Blatter. Suarez is not a racist, what has happend is a disgrace.

  2. This was ALL planned after the match by that cheating bastard Whiskey Nose who could not bear to see us outplaying them having Luis as our star man ( which he would give up his nose for).
    HE was the one who started ” Suarez the diver”, cunning all the rest of the refs that are not in his pocket.
    People,including the FA are trying to bully LFC, we should not stand for this.
    We should bring an action against Evra.
    We should also bring an action against the FA for willfully ignoring the common law , (it is one man’s word against another), hopefully bringing down the self appointed lot.
    If Suarez gets 8 matches ban Terry should get 80, but then again he is their re-appointed captain, I hope Terry screws all their wives, daughters and anything else that moves at the FA giving a new meaning to their title “F ALL” without discrimination.
    How about joining a European League where Whiskey Nose does not have his pups running the show.

  3. May I correct you Patrice Evra did not make the Initial complaint against Suarez.As a Utd fan I think all this racist thing has gone far to far and indeed I have great sympathy with Suarez,where does it stop.Can I give you an example of how far it is gone in Ireland.A major Dublin hospital had to remove their christmas crib because some doctors of an other religon found it offensive.Does it now mean that English people will not be allowed to call me Paddy ,It is gone mad.

  4. Well phrased. The FA continues its history of using LFC as an “example”. Mascherano was the only casualty in the “Respect the Ref” campaign a few years ago, the only red card if I recall well.

    No evidence, video or corroborating, basically prima facie without verification and a sentence harsher than even John Terry’s with all backing evidence.

    Just asking why MUFCs CEO sits on the FA disciplinary board. Very disappointing conclusion on Suarez. I wonder if his sentence would have been as harsh if it was a player from United, Chelsea or Arsenal.

    Either way, we don’t do anything the easy way at Anfield, neither do we expect any favors from anyone (without dishing out those either). Luis will not walk alone, that’s for sure. This sentence will only galvanize the Kop Nation into a siege mentality for the long haul.

    It will be well in the end. YNWA!

  5. Stevo, the country has gone mad. Whenever you apply for something or you fill in forms its ethnic origin this and ethnic that. U could even argue that the country’s national identity is at risk through all this Tripe.
    If anyone has directed clearcut racism to others then it deserves punishment but unless the FA come up with proper proof then ,all they have is sweet FA to act on. National kangaroo courts have now labelled Suarez as a result. They will HAVE to punish Evra too as we can’t gave double standards. They’ve ballsed it up big time.

  6. Stevo:

    Thank you for a bit of balance from a its supporter, as all I seem to hear is bile filled “Suarez is a racist” “Liverpool should sack him”.

    It is my understanding that Alex Ferguson ‘accompanied’ Patrice Evra to the refs office to make the complaint, if Evra was so offended by what Suarez said why did he not speak up during the game, that way Suarez could have explained & apologised there & then, with the ref present.

    But no, SAF has to ‘accompany’ him to speak to the ref at the end of the match, and then push things further with his diving all over the place’ comments….you can see how a conspiracy theory could arise from this.

    Once again thank you for a more balanced its view.

  7. From Momo

    It is crystal clear that since day one Suarez has been mistreated by referees on the pitch and the yellow press off the pitch as well. Being an instant hit has cost him.

    But being mistreated by the FA that has found ground to charge him regardless of any due process of law meaning without hearing him first and then delivering a ban call after the hearing session by a so called independent regulatory commission 02 months after the alleged incident took place is a new low in UK that hasn’t been experienced since the bill of rights of 1688.

    As a matter of fact the ban decision is a daylight plot in which the strongholds of dirty business are trying to ban him from England once and for all just to undermine our progress since KD is at the helm. This is not a delirious claim based on resentment but on facts, only facts.

    Let me recall you that last year at the same period of time he got 07 games ban for biting an opponent from Eridivise; Shortly afterwards he left Netherlands for England before serving the punishment seeking a new start “elsewhere”. Unfortunately, today the ” smart boys” of the FA or shall I say the corrupt people in charge of the FA have intentionally delayed their call on purpose, to recreate the same situation as last year with a game more of ban this time, meaning they’re trying to get into Suarez’s mind to force his hand to leave.

    Of course he hasn’t been charged for racism but only for misconduct, which is quiet different, nonetheless at the popular level it won’t change anything and probably his own wife is already doomed. And if the pressure goes higher she’ll probably ask her hubby to leave this cold and chilly country for another one close to the sunny side of Europe.
    As for the statement itself it looks like a very ludicrous one from a standpoint of a law man ,no evidence at all has been shown, just a political gesture , nonetheless nothing is lost yet and Suarez can fight back vigorously with a support from all of us, don’t let him walk alone …and for those who are interested here is the full statement from the FA:

    An Independent Regulatory Commission has today [Tuesday 20 December 2011] found a charge of misconduct against Luis Suarez proven, and have issued a suspension for a period of eight matches as well as fining him £40,000, pending appeal.
    On 16 November 2011, The Football Association charged Luis Suarez with misconduct contrary to FA Rule E3 in relation to the Liverpool FC versus Manchester United FC fixture on 15 October 2011.

    A hearing took place from 14-20 December 2011 before an Independent Regulatory Commission of The FA to consider the charge.

    The Independent Regulatory Commission announced its decision on 20 December 2011, which is as follows:

    Mr. Suarez used insulting words towards Mr Evra during the match contrary to FA Rule E3(1);

    The insulting words used by Mr Suarez included a reference to Mr Evra’s color within the meaning of Rule E3(2);
    Mr Suarez shall be warned as to his future conduct, be suspended for eight matches covering all first team competitive matches and fined the sum of £40,000;

    The [penalty] is suspended pending the outcome of any appeal lodged by Mr Suarez against this decision.
    The Independent Regulatory Commission will provide written reasons for its decision in due course setting out:

    (a) the findings of fact made by it;
    (b) the reasons for its decision finding the charge proved; and
    (c) the reasons for the penalty.

    Mr Suarez has the right to appeal the decision of the Independent Regulatory Commission to an Appeal Board. An appeal must be lodged within 14 days of the date of the written reasons for the decision.

    The penalty is suspended until after the outcome of any appeal, or the time for appealing expires, or should Mr Suarez decide not to appeal. The reason for this is to ensure that the penalty does not take effect before any appeal so that Mr Suarez has an effective right of appeal.

    And here is LFC’s response (excerpts):

    LFC considers racism in any form to be unacceptable – without compromise. It is our strong held belief, having gone over the facts of the case, that Luis Suarez did not commit any racist act. It is also our opinion that the accusation by this particular player was not credible – certainly no more credible than his prior unfounded accusations.

    It appears to us that the FA were determined to bring charges against Luis Suarez, even before interviewing him at the beginning of November. Nothing we have heard in the course of the hearing has changed our view that Luis Suarez is innocent of the charges brought against him and we will provide Luis with whatever support he now needs to clear his name.

    Now let’s take a look at the three-man panel, which gathered on last Wednesday afternoon, the commission was chaired by Paul Goulding QC, who comes from the same Blackstones chambers as Adam Lewis, the barrister employed by the FA in Wayne Rooney’s successful Uefa appealtwo weeks ago. Hummm…
    Goulding, is seen by those who have a political agenda against us as a qualified FA coach!!? He has allegedly appeared for Jean Tigana in his successful claim following his sacking as Fulham manager against an arab Tycoon and has seemingly advised Premier League clubs and players in the past. Which ones please? If only you know…

    Also involved as a second member of the panel is Brian Jones, the chairman of Sheffield and Hallamshire FA who wrote to all his county members on June 20, stressing the need to fight discrimination. (Seems to me the good guy above all contingencies?), So all his CV is reduced to a simple letter he wrote to hid county members and they want us to believe he’s an angel in white!? Furthermore they want us to believe he’s qualified to deal with such a sensitive issue dealing with foreign culture and involving THE MIGHTY Liverpool, a club that has always took stance against racism.

    The third member is Denis Smith, well respected within the game according to some people working the angle. Following his time as a defender at Stoke City and managing clubs such as Sunderland and Oxford United, it appears to me he’s the perfect manservant whose past as a player and manager can be put under scrutiny to outline his strong ties with people from the Elite having a political agenda in this sensitive issue…

    Two representatives from the FA secretariat were also present for legal matters. However, despite the fact only Goulding, Jones and Smith were the ones to rule on Suárez officially, the other two freaks from the FA have a interfered with the debate and directed spotlights on some areas at the expense of others as if Evra was the only one to be allegedly harmed here at the opposite point of what the fact findings have shown.

    Now I described the three man-panel, a legitimate question springs to mind, who picked them over other personalities more capable of dealing with big clubs and big issues and when did that happen? This is not an innocent question, knowing the process will speak volumes about the decision those people biased or not have made. Someone somewhere must address these questions…

    At the end of the day this is not an independent regulatory commission as stated by the FA freaks, if it were up to me an independent regulatory commission would’ve included two former big players from big clubs with one of them being black and the third member being a justice to moderate the debate with the due process of law without any freaks from the FA present at the meeting and trying to interfere with the debate (hearing sessions). I am stunned how the legal department at LFC has done nothing about that.

    The Fact findings;

    During the game opposing LFC to Man UTD, shortly after the corner (63′ ), referee Andre Marriner called the pair together for a lecture. Suárez apologized and attempted to pat the United full-back on the head. “Don’t touch me, you South American,’’ Evra is alleged to have said. To which, the Uruguayan replied: “Porque, Negro?’’

    Despite Marriner’s intervention, Evra remained furious. When he caught Kuyt two minutes later, Evra responded to Marriner’s caution by allegedly claiming: “You’re only booking me because I’m black.’’

    How come such a provocative reaction from Evra hasn’t been mentioned by the referee on his report until the hearings? Evra has evidently charged the referee of racist motivations for booking him which is tougher than Suarez’s allegedly misconduct.

    Moreover, given the FA’s several respect campaigns and that they recently decided to charge Liverpool with failing to control their players for arguing an official’s decision the other day against Fulham, there seems a case to be made for Evra facing disciplinary action for his words to Andre Marriner regardless of the outcome for Suarez.

    Besides of that, Evra’s use of “South American” as a pejorative term seems the far more loaded use of language in that exchange, at least as it is now being reported.

    There’s no doubt The KD-Suarez combo has revitalized
    Liverpool FC by making other major teams fear our comeback, bar the game vs Spurs we have dominated all the teams we faced but were a bit unlucky and then unable to convert our chances into goals.

    I sense all the hidden opposition at the government and parliamentary level, alongside their allies behind the walls of dirty financial strongholds have grown unhappy both with our progress on the field and with our hype and thirst for justice and truth about the Hillsborough dramatic events as well, hence this coalition that has its specific interest in maintaining the football industry under “control” has now fired back to destroy our brand once again the same way they did in the past, what is at stakes today is way beyond Football but we can fight back and we will give them a fearsome fight.

    Finally, this bunch of plotters are trying year after year to make negative publicity around us since 1985 just to make room for their friends in order to win respectability at our expense with the billionaires interested in seeking high profile in UK through footy business. And the recent developments of the events dealing with the Hillsborough dramatic events has really upset the current government more preoccupied by sparing Thatcher’s club and friends tranquility than seeking the truth…

    Hopefully with AL Jazeera Sports network breaking through for the new TV rights in 2013 we’ll see who will have the last laugh…

    Meanwhile be assured whoever you are that Liverpool house will stand against all its enemies any time all the time and Luis Suarez will never walk alone…he is one of ours. And we will fight side by side even if we have to storm the FA building… mark my words.

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