The Daily LFC: 22nd December 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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Unfortunately we dropped another two points at Wigan yesterday more…

Kenny & the players wore the Suarez shirts in support of Luis more…

The King admits that it was a difficult game more…
(It would have helped if we played better)

The entire LFC squad show their support for Luis more…
(YNWA was never stronger)

Suarez will appeal the ban more…
(Good luck Luis, we are with you) 

Gus Poyet will back Suarez to the death  more…

The entire country of Uruguay backs Suarez more…

The PFA however claim that the Suarez ban sends a message to the rest of the world more…
(Yes, it says we will throw the book at you if you are a bloody foreigner. BASTARDS) 

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  1. I can only assume that “rest of the world” means FIFA… But since Kenny came in he’s been trying to instill an “Us against Them” mentality at the club. With the charges against LFC and Suarez at Fulham and then the Suarez-Evra case, it seems the FA has solidfied us themselves. When/If Suarez’s ban comes, it’d be a good idea to play him in the Reserves, because as far as I know the ban is only for 1st Team games. It’d be a bit of a F.U to the F.A.

  2. I am extremely disappointed. Once more our highly experienced squad has failed to take its chances.Its so bad, the players don’t seem to remember how to score this season.
    They can’t even score penalties anymore!!!!
    Kenny and the team have to work on shooting practice.The game is about goals.Pass and move is rubbish if you dont finish off your opponents.
    Kenny has to tell the players that this sustained inaccuracy is unacceptable.They have to be pressured and pushed into performing.
    Kenny has to change his management style: no more Mr. Nice Guy.
    I am royally pissed off and I refuse to ascribe the inaccuracy to bad luck.
    The truth of the matter is that the team does not feel the weight of the expectations that should be on their shoulders. Its just a game to them but it’s more than that to us.

  3. Just don’t get the ruling. Don’t believe there was video evidence. At least he is not got a case like Terry

  4. Kuyt should be our penalty taker if he is playing. How many times has Kuyt missed on penalty? I cannot remember one, please help me…

      1. Yeah, as far as I know that was his first and only missed penalty for LFC. A total of 12/13, I think.

        We seem to be tamely placing the penalties though. “When in doubt, put the back of the net out” is what my coach used to tell me. People seem to underestimate whacking one down the centre of goal. *sigh*

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