Did Sky Sports rig the player of the year voting?

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Thanks to @FreeSuarez for sending me the video below highlighting the voting issue many Liverpool fans experienced when trying to vote for Luis Suarez in Sky Sports player of the year online poll.

Luis Suarez was leading with a comfortable margin at the time the poll was suppose to close however apparently the poll went into Fergie time and stayed open.

Afterwards anyone who tried to vote for Suarez was unable to vote yet all of the other players worked.
If might sound petty but it is rather suspicious that suddenly a poll breaks when trying to vote for one player and not another. I smell a rat (sorry Mr. Neville, no pun intended).

Jim Boardman from the great blog Anfield Road emailed SkySports about this and this was their reply.

Hello Jim

Thank you for your email.

The Player of the Year poll was conducted for discussion on Goals on Sunday this week.  It was free entry and each user could only vote for a nominated player once. Owing to an error, the poll closed later than planned. There was plenty of time for voting and everyone’s vote counted.







  1. Agree…but what did you expect they can’t have a ‘known racist’ to win something can they..they’re the ones being petty not you. I’m an LFC fan, and know Suarez isn’t racist! But of course, most peeps will just jump on the band wagon, and condemn us for supporting him!
    I had the same problem with the Poll…wouldn’t take my vote…but then again…who cares what Sky think? The ‘BBC’ could create a poll and it is likely that the same thing would happen. The only way for Suarez to actually win one would be if LFC.TV or this website did it, but then of course Suarez would win, due to us being bias n all! It was just the wrong time for the poll to be cast by Sky..dnt read too much into it, of course they tempered with it…no point in complaining, nothing will be done! YNWA!

    1. All lfc fans should hit them where it hurts and cancel skysports subs but i doubt u would have the bottle to do so – we all complain however are pretty poor doing something about it – football stopped being a sport year ago anyone who pays to watch football is a mug and is just making the rich get richer

  2. Apparently they are going say suarez won but also say nani overtook him after the poll should have closed. So Suarez won then, why say anything else , he won, so why not just leave it at that. Why stoke things up even more by saying nani overtook him.

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