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There, I’ve said it. I’m not trying to offend anyone. I’m not racist. I’m not even South American.

Negrito isn’t a word I would normally use but it’s a word that has sparked outrage and is therefore appropriate.

It would appear there is a clamour within the FA and amongst certain people in the press to make an example of Luis Suarez. For what? For using a word that isn’t considered racist where he comes from? The whole point of the investigation was to decide whether Luis Suarez was racist towards Patrice Evra. Both the FA and Patrice Evra said during the investigation that they didn’t believe Suarez was racist but he used a certain word: Negrito. Everyone knows Suarez used the word. He admitted that. But in order to answer whether or not he was racist, the question should have been, in what context was the word used?

I mention context because recently Alan Hansen had to apologise for using the word coloured on Match of the Day. Now I imagine lots of black people heard the comment and didn’t bat an eyelid because of the context in which he used it. However, certain people complained because apparently it isn’t politically correct nowadays to say coloured, people should say black instead. Why? Let me give you an example, if you heard someone in a pub say they wanted to introduce you to a coloured gentleman, would you find that racist? I wouldn’t. If you heard someone in a pub call someone a black bastard, would you find that racist? Of course. So would I. The point I’m trying to make is; the words black and coloured aren’t offensive unless they are used discriminately or aggressively. Racism is wrong. It has no place in society, never mind football. And people, whether they’re black, white, Asian, whatever, can tell the difference between someone making a racist comment and someone not.

We are living in a world where it is much easier to travel, it is more common to work abroad and people from different cultures are mixing more than ever before. Football for one is all the better for that. Liverpool fans have been lucky enough to see some great players over the years, including one of the earliest, most high profile black players, John Barnes. Since then the Premier League has thrived, partly thanks to foreign players being a part of it. And it would be a shame if foreign players were put off joining the league because they think their cultures wouldn’t be accepted. I think the FA should be very careful about alienating players from different cultures in the future.

As for our future, Liverpool should continue to show Suarez that he won’t walk alone.

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  1. My wishlist for 2012 includes more open discussion of issues of race and color.

    I AM of black extraction, a negroid or negrito if you please. It’s not something I wear lightly; I do with pride. Not pride because of some inherent and hard to justify superiority, but because God chose to make me that way, especially living here under a harsh tropical sun. Isn’t that what it essentially is? Melanin (skin pigmentation)?

    Let me phrase it thus, was Suarez, himself black courtesy of a grandparent, wrong in calling Evra “black” (negrito)? I mean, what color is Evra to ALL of us?

    The English FA and all allied hypocrites need to grow up. We are what we are. Instead of shying away from such elephants in the room, why not take the approach of delighting in our differences and pride in who we are?

    After all, I’m black and intelligent enough to discuss any and all topics with all comers. I’m able to follow Liverpool’s fortunes and debate anyone who asks – if not engage in meaningful discussions. I am NOT anyone’s inferior and I won’t allow myself to be made to feel thus.

    This whole debate is just as storm in a teacup but I pray it opens the door for meaningful discussion on the same.

      1. Thank you Sam, I’ve been waiting for such testimony from a suitable person and it’s you who has unveiled the bigotry and hypocrisy of the FA and those bigots such as Evra and Ferguson and the likes of them. I am colored, brown skin to be exact and I don’t want anybody to exploit and stir controversy just because I
        am colored. Like Sam said, I am proud of what I am and I’m not in anyway feel inferior.Besides the color of my skin, everything inside is compatible to everyone else.

    1. Sam, what an intelligent, thoughtful & insightful response. I wish you could speak to the FA yourself with such enlightened remarks. More power to you my friend.

    2. Well done SAM! Am black and proud of Liverpool FC. You and Glen Johnson really showed to Fergie and his mischief that Suarez is not a racist. You have now given Liverpool team an encouragement to win all the remaining matches and finally become EPL Champions in 2012!! Never shall we fall into the darkest plans of Fergie and EVRA!!!!!!!!

    3. Utter utter drivel.

      Nobody is saying he’s a racist, it’s the fact that he’s used an offensive term. Why should the colour of a person’s skin be used against them on a football pitch? If the term ‘coon’ (apologies for use of a dreadful term) was acceptable in Uruguay and Suarez had used it, would you still defend him?

    4. Negro is Spanish for BLACK and ´ito´ is an extension added to the end of almost any noun to mean- small version of (´ita´ for the feminine): Negrito – “my little black girl”.

    5. You are an apologist my BOY, I had heard that folks like you still exist but was so hoping that to be a bad rumor.

    6. Sam you obviously have nevered encountered the level of racism the majority of black people in England have suffered whilst living in England. You mention context if ol buck tooth did not mean to offend Evra why use thos words at all on a football pitch, words that in all honesty that referred to his skin colour (though I amy add when a black person describes himself as black it has nothing ot do with skin colour. Suarez knew exactly what he was doing and it back fired. Why did he not refer to Evra as french twat or words to that effect…he knew by using those words it would have the desired effect on Evra. Do not buy the bullshit argument about culteral differences he has lived in Europe in a multi culteral society for nearly five years…no excuse for his behaviour…despite loserpool fans giving him one.

    7. god bless you sam. no hang ups or chips on your shoulder a proper person i bet you can not believe whats going on here can you. redtilldead huyton liverpool

  2. I think a very good argument is that Evra was speaking to Suarez in Spanish (in other words, he spoke in Suarez’s culture). I would never call a black person a negro in English (and I am Uruguayan), but the fact that Evra spoke to Suarez in Spanish means he speaks the language and knows the culture. Evra’s just looking for an excuse to be a victim.

  3. A friend of mine is half black and half white and she didn’t like the term coloured and she wanted to be called black, I never asked her why just respected her request and from then on said black at the appropriate time needed.

  4. I think alot of Black people would be offended if you call them colured they may not make an issue of it but it a really elitist thing for a white person to say. Everyone is colured so what gives the white man the right to call someone of a different colour, coloured? Its patronising and thats why its not used anymore so I dont agree with your point you have used a poor example there. I agree with the context bit but being called coloured is always offensive however its said.

    1. People who have been attacked for their skin colour (like me) know what racism is and it is not the term “coloured”. People who believe it either have never racialy attacked, stupid or blindly jumping on a band wagon that has no wheels. Racism, like this article states, is about context.

      1. Thank you for your comments Luther. And I’m sorry that you have been racially abused in the past. I hope this is a thing of the past. YNWA

        1. I wasn’t looking for sympathy but thanks :) the point is you have to load a word with racism for it to be racist ie mean it in a racist way. If the word is used in south America as a non racial term and evra was talking to Suarez in Spanish then it has to be treated or at least advised by a south American panel to judge the context of a Spanish conversation. YNWA

  5. I went on a Spanish to English translator and it said we don’t have an English word for NIGRITO… so how could 3 English men who as far as I’m aware have no knowledge of the spanish language come to the conclusion Suarez was using a racist terminology.
    Also a question no one has asked WHY DID EVRA SPEAK TO SUAREZ USING A WORD THAT IS CONSIDERED RACIST IN SUAREZ OWN LANGUAGE.. was the man u tact to upset Suarez to get him sent off and it didn’t work so they claimed racism instead.. If Suarez had been sent off he woukdof missed 3 matches wouldn’t he

      1. It appears the only du ass on here is you… I’ve read some of your replies to other posts and I would seem all you want to do is be controversial ..

  6. Merry Xmas mate & heres hoping everyone has a happy 2012!!

    Thanx for the article very much appreciated and nicely put, i agree LFC should do what they’ve always done back their own. The FA should release those papers asap. I feel this will drag on and on until the FA make the right decision. If Luis was given a suspended sentence and a slap on the wrist and advised not to say the word again even if it is ok in your country this wouldn’t have escalated the way it has. Im all for the club and Luis lawyers to not take this lying down and take the FA to the cleaners even if it means taking it to Europe. FIFA will love the FA’s dirty laundry being dragged in the courts……YNWA one good that’s come from this is that the Liverpool faithfull have come alot closer together and fighting for the cause. Merry Xmas n a Happy New Year to all……YNWA

  7. Good article, Peter. Education re cultural differences was the way forward. The FA jumped with both feet. I wouldn’t want to defend someone that was clearly being racist with intention to offend but I honestly, or should I say, we believe that Suarez wasn’t.

      1. So, explain this to me, ‘oh wise one’…. If your grandfather is black, why would you be racist towards a black person? Whether he accepts his heritage or not, that would be deeply disrespectful to his family? This time, how about you give an actual argument, with a valid reason and not another story which just argues the opposite side of this one. That’s not proof, that’s just one story against another.

  8. Prevaricate: To speak falsely or misleadingly; deliberately misstate or create an incorrect impression; lie. Also, an anagram of Patrice Evra.

      1. Thank you but im not going to take the praise for this as i just copied it from the Suarez is innocent page on FB. I liked it so i posted it here.

        Wish you all a Happy New Year my friends!!!

  9. The bottom line is we kick hypocrisy out of the fa (just look at how suarez and bellamy are being treated and especially by referees) and that Suarez wil neva walk alone. Well said Sam

  10. All I want is consistency. If the FA want to punish Luis for using a word (negro/negrito) that is entirely dependent on context then they must punish Evra for using a word (suduca) that is racially derogatory in every context.

  11. Negrito is not a racist word anytime and at any given day. Since Patrick Evra and the FA believe it’s an abusive word just to punish someone innocently, it will be of no use to see Patrick Evra as a blackman, PATRICK EVRA is now a whiteman since he has openly denied his personality as a black. But I am ashamed of the English FA three man committee because they are a disgrace and a reproach to English Football.

    1. No Mary, it is you who is a pathetic little person. Suarez used a derogatory word ten times during the course of one match. 10 times! I’m sure in his mind the intent was Evra you wonderful little black man…Evra that was a particularly tough tackle but I forgive you my little black friend…..Evra, you went at least 3 inches over the top of the ball on that tackle but that’s ok, you remain a lovely small black man to me…WTF Patrice, I give as good as I get, so expect a bit more of those elbows my little black friend…etc etc etc –10 TIMES!!!
      But we all know that Suarez was not capable of anything so vile as to use the N word in a negative way. Not Suarez–not that gentleman that was banned for 3 months in Holland for biting an opponent.

  12. I am dead serious i have just had a lollie called nigro yes its black in colour and yes the packet has NIGRO om it if anyone would like to see it i will send it to them.its a european lollie ,
    I dont think they are at all being racist

  13. While the FA are guilty of bringing charges against Suarez, it’s the panel that is responsible for arriving at the conclusion that they did. For that, it’s the Queen’s Counsel that ought to be shot for the way the decision was arrived at. No competent lawyer, let alone a QC, would have concluded in light of the evidence before the panel, that Suarez had made racist remarks to Evra. It is bewildering. Has the standard of the legal profession in England sunk to such abysmal depths? I hope the club gets to appeal to the highest courts in England or to the CAS. That’s where the shenanigans will finally be exposed and justice served.

    1. Wait, have YOU seen the evidence? I only ask because while you criticise the Qc for his review of the evidence you don’t seem to say what that evidence is. Reportedly Suarez’s own statement damned him because he admitted to referring to Evra as negro or negrito. That’s clearly a reference to his race right? So surely the QC took that into account. The question is whether the context of that word and how it was likely to be used would constitute abuse with reference to Evra’s colour.

      1. Do u realized Evra used the spanish word first? wot did d lousy FA do about it? Evra accepted insulting Suarez first.

  14. I think the FA were right to send a message out but I should have chosen a different way than victimising Suarez. I am of Asian descent and I have encountered few racist idiots in my life but to call Suarez a racist is a over reaction. The daily mirror headline made me really angry as he is being branded so badly for an ignorant act. DM have joined the S*n on my ‘ignore list’ now. I also have a sneaky feeling that the Mancs have got what they wanted – putting one over their arch rivals.

  15. There is no racist in football,according to Sep Blatter, Suarez is not a racist, they should have give him warning,for he has not have that type of the case before. England don’t have respect for other Ethics
    That’s why England is behind in the World of Football.

    1. In fairness though, blatter is an utter moron. Unfortunately Luis Suarez has found himself in the position where he is being used as the stick the FA are using to beat Blatter.


      PS. English football is behind because the FA haven’t learned how to bribe properly.

  16. Great article, I mean its not just a single word or phrase that makes someone a racist it’s in what context that word or pharse is meant if it is intended to hurt or offend that of course thats racist and there is no place for it anywhere

  17. I think a point is being missed here, Yes the FA have seemingly contradicted themselves by saying they don’t think Suarez is racist, but if you are in a country, you need to observe it’s cultures.
    You can’t go to Egyptian temples and bare flesh even though it’s one of the hottest places on earth, why? Muslim culture. Failing to observe it will result in serious repercussions and possibly even the police getting involved.
    So in a nutshell, I don’t think Suarez is a bigot, but he needs to understand that some things in different countries can be construed as unacceptable, black person or not.
    I’m a Liverpool fan and I will end by saying as crappy as it is, the FA seem to have made their decision, we should just bite the bullet and let Luis serve his suspension. Any attempt to appeal and reduce it will undermine the FA and subsequently paint Liverpool in a bad light (the FA will be doing that painting make no mistake). Unjust it certainly is, but Liverpool are in a lose/lose situation here, overturn the length of ban and we lose for appearing to “back” racists, sit back and take it and we lose our best player and the Sky Sports Player of the Year (ahem), for 8 games.
    Either way, Utd, City, Spurs, Chelski, Ars will all be delighted as it may possibly handicap our push for 4th.
    Keep the faith Redmen – YNWA

    1. @ Carlo it’s not all about the issue on ground but what will follow after. U saw what happened at the craven Park. The FA has put the guy future England in jeopardy as far as playing football in England is concern Suarez will suffer if not cleared and so he has to fight and clear his name.Moreover Evra accepted that he insulted Suarez first and the lousy FA did nothing about it.

  18. All Thais call all Western people Falang – this is not derogatory as they actually see them as intelligent, well off and handsome. It really just means white skin Westerner (Caucasian). I believe Chinese have a similar expression that means something like ghost in their language. Now, if Suarez had called Evra a Falang – would the FA accuse him of racism? also, it is extremely difficult to translate a word from another language without understanding the context and exact meaning of the word in use. Also, didnt Evra say Suarez said it tens times yet there is no TV evidence. Surely, this brings the validity of Evra’s statement into question. Suarez states he said a word that is similar to negro to him that is Spanish, Negrito. Should the actual word used (rather than a different the English word) be used to determine if it is racist or not. Now, the question is Negrito a racist word .. only the people who are aware of how it is used in his home country can answer this!

  19. emmm am a black dude..
    i would be offended if i was called “coloured”
    i wont be more offended if i was “black” because i AM black
    but when u say “coloured” then it makes it sound like the person is some ALIEN like its an unusual thing to be dark skinned

  20. If u read between the lines Evra and the FA said they didnt think Suarez was racist… Why? because they know Suarez wud take them to the cleaners for deformation of character so they made shure theyd punish him without any danger of being done themselves…. I bet Evra is laughing to himself that the incompitant FA took the bait and his comments caused such a stir.

    1. Well coming from a black man like me Suarez appears to have admitted that he used the word negrito or a varia nt. In that case he was charged for abuse with reference to Evra’s colour not for being a racist person. The only question is whether it was meant as abuse or as affection. The story peddled out is that negrito is a friendly word, however that appears to not always being the case and even in South America it can be seen as racist dependent on the context in which it is said. I suggest you read this before following the sheep in order to give you a wider understanding of the word and the context used:

      I know that you want to believe the best of Suarez. We all do. But we do nobody any favours if we ignore all the information to hand where it suits our wish.

  21. Black white who cares sticks and stones the media just making a story in order to make money for them selves and the idiotic fa for being so backwards and falling for it . Evra is black or coloured or what ever u want to call him the same as I am a white man ! Why is it you put on the tv and you hear black or coloured people calling each other nigger is that ok? I think racism is a problem when certain people want it to be and use that for there own means i cant see the problem I have been called worse in my life lets all have a hand shake and move on.

  22. Problem is Luis has been branded for life as a result of the FA, he really should take this to the highest court possible to clear his name. Sadly a lot of red-top newspaper readers have bought this FA decision hook line and sinker and mud sticks. A lot of idiots on twitter just go along with the racist tag like blind sheep including ex players in the media.

  23. The term Negrito translates to pickaninny. Type pickaninny into wikipedia and you will get contrasting views on whether its a racist term or not. My parents are Jamaican and use the term to refer to someone young. It tends to be directed towards a young black person causing trouble, which describes Evra perfectly.

    All I can say is JT should be very worried because we all know what he said and that was plain racism.

  24. Enough about this nasty piece of work Suarez. In way to many corners I hear comments about Suarez as if he were some innocent. Is this not the same fella that received a 3 month ban in Holland for biting an opponent? But in his defense, I think biting people in Uruguay is considered normal! Suarez used the word Negrito 10 times during the course of one game. In the course of battle; pushing, kicking, elbowing, an all out war, as United and Pool games go, he used the word Negrito 10 times.And you want right thinking people to believe he did so as a term of endearment. Are you F’in kidding me?

    1. @ richard thank u Manchester United/Alex Ferguson servant boy. Nobody asked for your opinion about Suarez. In Holland he was charged for biting and not racist so keep ur bias advice to yourself, and let me remind u that this is Liverpool forum and not Man U. U said he said the word ten times when there was no prove about him using the word 10times. If u were to be in his show u will be more racist. Since the FA have not help u guys so much this season to lift up the premiership like they have always, u guys are looking for who to blame.

    2. @ richard u are a racist*** u would have been worst if u were to be in a better position than where u are. We understand that u are Manchester United/Alex Ferguson servant ball boy but plzzzzzzzzz stay off this forum, it’s for the Reds and not red devils. Suarez was charged for biting in Holland and not being a racist. FA is a disgrace and will always remain a failure unless the English football association do sometime. As u said “Enough about this nasty piece of work Suarez” U richard are u innocent? people like u are quick to point fingers on others when u are the worst. My candid advice to u is go discuss with your fellow man u supporters and stop poking ur nose in someone else business.

  25. When evra got booked, why did he say to the ref you are only booking me because im black or coloured, and why did the FA not look into this comment, surly evra is guilty of being racist himself, also when he spoke to saurez in spanish he made more comments, the statements he made to the press and tv must shine the light on him as the guilty party.
    Saurez you will never walk alone

  26. Sam I lost interest as soon as you said ” but because God chose to make me that way, especially living here under a harsh tropical sun “. That’s called evolution you fool, wake up. Do you think the world is only 6000 odd years old?

  27. wow, this makes me mad…. there is only one context here… what does negrito mean and is it racist? the word does not exist in english therefore the translation is everything, not the fact that it sounds like negro which is considered racist, what is the translation? literally it means little black man, but what does it mean in Spanish? I live in Spain and have asked this question to at least a hundred people and not one, i repeat NOT ONE! said it was racist, Spanish is very literal, so if you are white you are white or blanco in spanish, if you are little you add ito to the noun, thats the language and it’s not derogatory. They use it for everything, dog means perro, puppy perrito, cat means gato, kitten gatito. etc….etc… the term is simply not racist, it was belittling, just like saying little man in English….not a crime? the fact is that what he said…little man with a description of black added is true is it not? it doesn’t make it racist! I get really annoyed with this, i am called little, because i am, i don’t take offence and why, errrrr… because i am… EVRA IS BLACK…this isn’t offensive because you know what …errr…. he is…. i am white…. thats true…i am small , thats true too, racism is discrimination because of skin colour, and this is not racism but it was not about race! people need to get real, i have black friends and you know what i don’t know what to say, how do i describe them??? black coloured, dark skinnned, i just don’t know and every time i try to describe them i feel racist, but i’m not …all i want to say is that they have darker skin, they are tall, they are good looking…or ugly , they are funny or intelligent they are sexy or dull… its a description…..full stop!!!!

  28. Luis Suarez is not a racist. Both Evra and FA acknowledged that. FA are hypocrites. FA should remember that we are in a Global Village and should not disregard culture. I am from Africa. I ‘m proud to be called by my skin colour. Why do you want to question God on your colour? We know most countries in Africa were colonised by the British who have left some trails of racism in Africa. Liverpool FC is global brand and you can’t destroy it. Suarez you are not going to walk alone. You have our support from Africa and the rest of the world. YNWA

  29. Sam, the first commenter, we elect you to be our spokesman to theEnglang FA. You can summarised all our points. If the FA doenst want to meet up with you, then is “Puki Mak” to the FA or better still “kunkit”. Im Malaysian it just means “negro”.

  30. Sam, the first commentor, we all elect you to be the spokesperson to the England FA. Just summarse our point and meet up with the FA. If the FA refused to meet up with you then it is “Puki Mak” and “Kunkit” to them which means “negro” and “negrito” in Malaysian.

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