The Daily LFC: 27th December 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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And we dropped another two points at home yesterday more…
(Gutted, we really need to get our act together)

Kenny was frustrated with the draw more…
(So is everyone)

Kenny backs Andy more…

Kenny also doesn’t understand why refs have it out against Craig Bellamy more…
(Yep they do)

Houghton believes that we need to score more goals to make top four more…

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  1. so tired of this now we just cant do it against the shit teams where never gonna make top 4 not a chance in hell …………..ynwa

  2. and the people will say ‘This is a works in progress’ which is true, only to remain bewildered at why we continue to drop points, at home, to much lesser opposition!
    We are making a ‘Gigi Buffon’ of all the keepers we play against! Thank God we did not hit the woodwork yesterday as we would have imprecated against that as well!
    Wasteful, wasteful Liverpool!

  3. we could have reached top 4 but poor form of Downing,Carrol & lack of goals aren’t making it happen.Plssssssss Kenny sign A.Johnson & L.Podolski or else wait until next season hoping,that season might be better.

    1. The players you mention will come ONLY if other top teams that are doing better than us do not ask for them. We are becoming second choice to many top players….that’s the reality of things at the moment. We were after both Ashley Young and Phil Jones and they chose Utd over us. Can you really blame them from a neutral and objective standpoint?

  4. Home games with Sunderland, Norwich, Swansea and Blackburn, apart from the high level performances with Man Utd and City, has fruited a total of 6 points. Had we not dropped those 12 points, which apart from a horrid second half with Swansea and a low quality second period with Sunderland, we would be third and biting at the heels of Man Utd!
    We seem to be doing everything right across the board EXCEPT SCORING GOALS!

    1. I think we should stay with Carrol and Suarez up front. Stevie is back to provide the drive we have been missing in midfield.
      Im just hopeing its all gonna click in. To be averaging just above a goal a game is not good enough for top 4.

  5. I’ve been a LFC fans for almost 20 years and the performances v BLACKBURN yesterday reminded me that LFC has not change one bit since the day MAN UTD overtooked our crown in 1992…… it’s only a matter of time before we turn into a side like PLYMOUTH… How can MAN UTD never have a problem that we do… you can blame LUCK all you want…. Kenny, don’t you realise that we’re slowly slipping down the pecking order… it use to be us v MAN U but now we’re only comparing ourselves to whoever lies on the 4th, 5th OR 6th… and soon it’s going to be even further down !!!!! get a grip of yourself…. don’t just blame the decline of our club to fault appointments… KENNY what you do now is no different to what RAFA, GERARD, ROY, GRAEME has done ONLY that these people doesn’t have the backing you do… It’s hurting to feel sorry watching LFC plays….

  6. We are already 20 years behind… KENNY, if you really care about LFC and the supporters… We can no longer be patience… STEVIE G only has 1-2 years MAX on him… I can endured many more tortures comes what may…. I’ll still be supporting LFC for the rest of my life.. so does million others…. but to not being able to see STEVIE G lifting the PREMIERLEAGUE TROPHY would break the heart of all of the LFC fans…. it’s just too much to take

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