Lucas Leiva called Skrtel The Terminator here is why

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In case you missed it (which 99% of you didn’t) or want to see it again (which 100% of you do) here is the now famous Skrtel off the line clearance which denied Ba and Newcastle from leveling the score last night. Lucas referred to Skrtel as the Terminator after that and no wonder his clearance sure terminated Newcastle.

Thanks to @leighadnett for submitting the video.


  1. As I thought while watching the game, it was the best goalline save I have seen for a long time and it also changed the course of the game. 2:2 and who knows how the match could be finished. Skrtel is the MOTM for me because what he did is more than scoring a goal.

  2. i remember Skrtel being mentioned either last year or preseason this year as “just not good enough”. Same was said of Lucas. And I know some heads were turned when we got the old man Bellamy. Seems maybe KK was able to get more out of them than many thought possible.

  3. Martin Skrtel has been immense this season, without Carragher shouting down his ear every minute he has been able to concentrate and do his own thing.
    I bet he says to Agger every match “don’t get injured” it’s easier and quieter playing with you than Carragher.
    I’m sure he has learned a lot from Carragher over the years and it’s all paying off now.
    Yet another astute buy from Rafa, costing about the same as we paid for Lucas.

  4. A world class clearance, 100% committed.
    He has been in great form all season, although I never heard his name being shouted by the crowd last night afterwards, or was it?

  5. The man has been Liverpools hero this season with goals and great tackling…as you were saying about doughters brent Carrol has an awful lot of them and the man was outstanding on friday and with Gerrard and suarez along side him for City Game which he should definetly start we shud play a 4-3-3 And with gerrard Carrol and suarez we must be able 2 score a few goals on an off form city team

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