The Daily LFC: 2nd January 2012 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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There are some who want the club to drop the appeal over the Suarez/Evra case more…
(NO, Don’t surrender to Fergie and the FA)

Skrtel praises Bellamy more…

The club did issue a statement on the 115 page document from the FA more…

And finally some players are being targeted by the tax man more…
(Good luck)

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  1. I have just watched this video and report, and it shows the
    FA have obviously not done their home work properly

    Copy and paste this in to your browser.
    It shows the initial incident, and from this angle it shows Suarez did not kick Evra, so Evra really has no reason to ask why he was kicked.

    Has anyone else any other similar videos reports that conflict with the FA’s report.

    If you agree that this video shows the FA have missed a vital part of this saga, then
    please repost this video in as many places as possible to
    highlight why we rightly feel Suarez is being victimsed.

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