Manchester City vs Liverpool (lineups)

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Liverpool Starting XI :
Reina; Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique; Downing, Henderson, Adam, Spearing, Kuyt, Carroll

Doni, Gerrard, Maxi, Carragher, Shelvey, Kelly, Bellamy.

Manchester City Starting XI:
Hart, Richards, Kompany, K.Toure, Clichy, Barry, Y.Toure, Milner; Silva, Aguero, Dzeko



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  1. LFC made a good judgement call with not appealing the Suarez case as it might have ended worse (given our lack of political power within the FA).
    This means El Pistolero will be available for the Man Utd game at Old Trafford and also for the derby with Everton, not to mention the game at Anfield against Arsenal immediately after that!
    LFC went for damage limitation and in my book it was a very wise decision!

  2. as i bosnian i support dzeko (only him not city)and i wish him everything best but not against us .come on migthy reds

  3. if bellamy and gerrard are fit enough to be on the bench they should play, negative team selection to play for a 0-0 draw or 1-0 win (although where a goal will come from is a the big Q)

  4. Players on form deserve bench…… hell with liverpool management politics anyway it will man 4-0 Lfc with that selection

  5. By accepting the Suarez ban, Liverpool is condoning and accepting racism. After all, they employed Suarez. Suarez should leave because he cannot and should not play for a racist club.

    The reasons I say the above is below…

    NEGRO is not a racist word. The United States Census Bureau announced that “Negro” would be included on the 2010 United States Census alongside “Black” and “African-American” – does that mean the US government promotes and condones racism?

    The trouble here is the judgement has been made by 3 individuals who probably have never experienced a second of true racism in their lives. They are a joke and disgrace to the United Kingdom.


  6. Not dar off McEglon. We had nobodyin starting line-up with more than a goal to their name this year…maybe adam had 2? Maxi and Bellamy only scoring hopes were on their asses. Love kuyt but with no speed and he is to help Carroll who was on his own?! We were set up to fail and that we did. Wingers couldn’t get past first player? What a frustrating game but we started off on the wrong foot. Will never understand KD’s reasoning

  7. Can you all PLEASE get into your heads that no matter what selection KD fielded, the Reds were NEVER going to get anything out of this game! The dominance LFC enjoyed 20 years ago no longer exists. The club and its fans became nothing more than wishful Premier League hopefuls, top 4 strugglers and is now on par with Spurs, Stoke, Newcastle and Everton. The future only promises a permanent mid table position with the occasional good run in one of the domestic Cups. Yes, reality hurts BUT, the sooner the truth is accepted the less hurtful it will be. Remember when Nottingham Forest won TWO European Cups in succession? That was only a few years before the LFC domination came to an end. Where are Forest these days?

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