Liverpool F.C. is not a racist club

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Obviously the Liverpool haters including the “holier-than-thou” Manchester United blog sites (who incidentally are the biggest bigots of all) are trying to portray Liverpool F.C. as a racist club following the decision not to appeal the Suarez ban.

While I am personally disappointed that the club didn’t appeal the ban I do respect the decision to take the ban and move on.

However here are some facts to remind people what Liverpool F.C. is all about.

1) The club has a diverse ethnic group of players and staff.

2) One of the owners of the club is an Afro-American, yes the same Luis Suarez tweeted a picture of him Coates and LeBron James 24 hours before the Evra incident.

3) Liverpool F.C. has a Supporters Committee which has representation encompassing the entire spectrum of our support base including ethnic minorities.

4) The ethic diversity of the Liverpool supporters is tremendous, we have supporters from almost every single country in the world and from every single ethnic type.

5) Just this summer the club opened an academy in Nairobi with legend Ian Rush taking part in several football clinics in Kenya and Nairobi. This of course wasn’t the first time that Liverpool legends paid a visit to Africa.

5) The club supports many charities including of course many in Africa and others that help children and people of ethic minorities.

6) The club has no problem in breaking the bank and signing players no matter what their skin colour is. Club records were beaten with signings of John Barnes, Stan Collymore and Emile Heskey.

As far as The United fans are concerned they just want something new to sing about in their repertoire of songs that project hatred.




  1. I agree, Liverpool FC and Luis Suarez are not racist.

    Luis used a term he thought was acceptable, the FA and the Independent Panel agreed that it wasnt. Therefore the ban is in place.

    What wound me up was that the word “negrito” was first used and then changed to “Negro” in the outcome.

    The next thing is LFC should have just accepted the ban once it was made public, LS should have said sorry (even if he didnt mean it or didnt want to say it). We can now move on.

    The one thing i would say is no player will come to us in January with our reputation tarnished. Certainly not Darren Bent!

    If anything, Glen Johnson may now be looking for a way out, £15m-£20m is a decent price. We can then bring through young Kelly who looks like Liverpools next number 2 for the next 10 years anyways.

    I dont condone what LS said by the way. I think he has a lot to prove. Its just a shame that cultural differences got in the way.

    It will be fun reading what happens to JT, surely a similar ban or even imprisonment.

    1. This article is about Liverpool not being a racist club, yet you find this ‘joke’ funny. I’m disappointed that you find such jokes acceptable.

  2. Mr Evra,
    has asked manchester counsel to put all the pidgeons in manchester to sleep, becasue every time he passes them they say look at da coon, lookat da coon

  3. Of course we are not a racist club, and neither is Suarez

    Which Evra and the FA have gone on to say..

    Fans are taking whatever they can to try and ‘get one over on us’

    The fact were just taking the ban shows were accepting even though there was no intent, it can be perceived as racism here, so we will take it and get on with it.

    Even worse is Evra is having no ban put to him, which is ridiculous and further shows they’re making an example out of Suarez and this club, don’t dare give the same treatment to United, Fergie might have a heart-attack

    If anything they have tarnished this game by showing punishment to Suarez and not Evra

    Another way they’re spoiling the game would be where a player such as Rooney can kick somebody, off the ball, just assault them and get his ban reduced to two matches, but somebody from outside of England uses his own countries language and he receives eight matches?

    Cultural differences worse than assault apparently!

  4. JT will not be found guilty bet a dime on it. FA wn,t be able to take actions because it cn’t go against the decision of the court. As simple as this. They needed someone from another country they got Suarez as simple as that

  5. The FA are the only ones who have said Saurezs is guilty, not the high courts, Luis Saurez has a case he can take to the hght courts in England, the FA Have only two mens word against the other, nothing was proven only hear say from Evra, the word Saurez used is a common day word ues in his country of birth, why were the words Evra the ref on the field not used in defence of Saurez, the words being you are only booking me because im black, this has been said on weblinks, Saurez is beiing made a scapegoat. ynwa

  6. We don’t need to show facts to prove to anyone that we are not a racist club, nor do we have racists AT the club (I hope)

    Sadly we, alongside every other club in the world, will have racists and bigots amongst our supporters and it is on these that we need to focus our efforts.

    If you read my blog post (nicely plagiarised by Henry Winter in today’s Daily Telegraph – in my opinion) you’ll see that I DO think Suarez should apologise. Even if no offence was meant, offence was taken and an apology is required. I also go on to say that Evra should be charged by the FA and HE should also apologise for abuse towards Luis.

    If there are no apologies then I fear that the enmity between the clubs, and supporters, will continue space and, eventually, someone (probably a supporter) will pay a hefty price.

  7. What i want to say s United jus digged there own grave… i am sad the club didnt go to court… Well played kk by not playin suarez yesterday n starting his ban at the right time, IF WE HAD WON YESTERDAY manure would have been on top.. Guys Plz dont think i am insane…:)

  8. I am a long time LFC supporter but I also have a lot of life experience. I don’t believe for one moment that Suarez was doing anything other than calling Evra the kind of names which were intended to wind him up.
    Suarez may not be a racist, I don’t know the man but he was trapped by his own comments into being thought a racist.
    In this situation Suarez, Dalglish and LFC had no choice but to apologise and make it believable, with no caveats. The whole thing would have been put to bed within a week.
    Unfortunately that time has now passed. Suarez is no longer the person in the dock. He just has to serve his suspension and then carry on playing. The person who now looks out of touch with the rest of the football world is Kenny Dalglish.
    I am a big fan of KD since his playing days and my admiration for him never wavered even when he was managing other clubs, because I knew where his heart was.
    However, I now feel that he has compromised himself beyond repair. He got this situation so badly wrong on so many levels that I think he should state his intention to retire at the end of the season. Only this kind of gesture will reinstate the good name of LFC in the ‘World’ of football.

  9. This article still misses the point entirely. I am from Liverpool and LFC have not represented our city well at all. I have listened to Liverpool fans of various ethnic groups (a point that you so proudly proclaim to justify your view that Liverpool FC are ‘not a racist club’) say on the radio and personally to me that they feel uneasy about the situation and about ‘supporting’ Liverpool FC anymore. A man who called BBC 5live and described himself as black said he would not support Liverpool anymore. Can you not see the bigger picture? Would it really have been so difficult for LFC to take a step back at the time and to have considered the ramifications of portraying themselves as ‘victims’ in a tactile situation such as this?

    Re your article;
    Your portrayal of ‘facts’ includes an opinion in the opening paragraph about Manchester Utd fans being ‘most bigoted’. That is a generalisation. You cannot substantiate it. You may be able to provide examples of ‘some’ Man Utd fans fitting your description but you can’t then collectively apply that to them all. I’m simply at a loss and ashamed at LFC position in all of this and how it detrimentally reflects on Liverpool people. Therefore even though many of your points are valid (although some still opinionated). And simply put LFC are not a racist club. But that doesn’t mean to say they are not wrong in this situation. It doesn’t exonerate LFC from blame in how this has been handled. Think about it. Please

    1. Andrew I am not generalising about the fans but about the blogs and yes I can generalise against them (the Man Utd blogs).

      I wouldn’t give the list out of the blogs because I don’t want to give them free publicity.


  10. However badly LFC or the player felt wronged, having turned down the chance to appeal, the decision not to apologise has been a huge own goal – and portrays the club in a terrible light.

    The hoards of Liverpool fans lining up to condemn Terry, even though he has not even had his trial, while at the same time insisting Suarez is not guilty of anything, says a lot about the mentality of football fans.

    No-one has come out of this with any credit, but one can’t help feeling that the Liverpool of old would have handled the situation with more dignity and class than the current board have.

  11. Dirty Scousers you have showed you are racist twats it showed it in twitter and yet again one off the scumbags on here are being racist also. Get a grip you bunch off losers but at least you haven’t killed anyone this time.

  12. never heard so much bollocks in my life , liverpool and suarez should appologise … arse …i wonder how many of those demanding an appology jumped down blatters throat when he suggested an appology would suffice , all your doing is repeating what you’ve heard on talk sport or 5 live , that prick adrian durham was bangin out the same shite today and goin on about suarez being an unreliable witness and how his testimony wouldn’t have been accepted in court ……this whole thing would never have got as far as a courtroom , hearsay is not acceptable as evidence in court yet the f.a and the media had surez hung drawn and quartered long before any hearing ….and as for kenny stepping down at the end of the season … one mate …..the man has been through so much with our club over the years he doesn’t desreve comments like that from some prick who thinks he’s being clever ….if you people don’t like the way our club does it’s business then go support some cockney shite

    1. When there is an argument with some credibility on both sides there is no shame in defending your position.
      However, when everyone holds the opposite view to yours, you have to think that maybe they have a point, especially if your argument is as poor as Suarez’ on this occasion.
      My concern is that a lot of our supporters are blindly following the Suarez defence, regardless of how poor it is because our manager has pinned his colours to the Suarez mast.
      It can only get worse. If there is a credible defence lets hear it, not the rubbish thats been put forward and discredited to date.

  13. we should buy more blacks(maybe 20) to eliminate this ulcer of thinking kops are racists. most of us blacks laugh it off because it doesnt change who u r. unless it is said in an offencive o volatile manner thats where we get the problem.

  14. It always makes me laugh when any one come out with the statement…..i can’t be racist i have black friends.
    Which is what statements 1 to 6 are stating above.

    Luis Suarez is a racist,to make those remarks to Evra and not being man enough to say sorry to him says all i need to know about the man.

  15. Nowadays i watch Liverpool games only to see Stevie G play.. Others are turning racist i think, Sure about Suarez. I dont know how come with his alien face have guts to insult others LOL

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